Bird Box fans urged by Netflix not to do #birdboxchallenge due to safety concerns

Netflix has asked fans of its popular movie Bird Box to stop a challenge in which people do things while blindfolded, over fears they could end up injured in hospital.

Bird Box has become Netflix's most popular original release with the streaming giant saying more than 45 million users watched the film in just seven days.

But the apocalyptic film has also inspired the latest internet craze: the #birdboxchallenge.

Fans of the movie have taken to social media to post images and videos of themselves blindfolded, just like lead actress Sandra Bullock has to do in order to survive.

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please, by all means, keep doing the bird box challenge until you all end up dead from it.

Whats this virtue-signalling piece of jewish hollyshit about? please include ending spoilers to drive out normalfags

cthuloid monsters that drive everyone insane when you see them so you have to blindfold yourself and that's like the second half.

This is just another ad for Birdbox. The fuck? Get out of here

Fucking Normies

This is such a perfect metaphor for the relationship normies have with The Truth, no wonder they love it.

Do enough birdbox challenge and you become like Chuck Norris. Don't give up.

there really is no point to their existence apart from to make the world a shitter place.


I haven't watched this obviously jewed bullshit but why would having blindfolds be necessary for survival?

I hope you all realize this shit is only popular because a few twitter / Facebook accounts were paid to make fake memes about it and have them go viral

There’s cosmic nigger things you can’t look at or else you go crazy

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So is this movie good or not? Can anyone here who has NEVER visited cuckchan post 2014 chime in?

Neurotypical folk still just see us as demon possessed don't they?

my girlfriend wants to watch it together but I am skeptical of all kike media so I have been resistant but tbh A Quiet Place was actually pretty solid as a film, it was apparently written and directed by the guy that was Jim Halpert on the office, no antiwhite agenda no bullshit just an actually decent film

I will try to research the birdbox film to see how it is, it seems like the concept is similar just a different sense deprived but her main argument was "everyone is talking about it" and that is exactly why I was skeptical haha

You expected an anti white agenda in a movie about deaf people? I don’t blame you

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first half is literally BLACKED

Every single one of them should combine all those challenges into one. So they can chug bleach and tide pods while riding on the hood of their moving car while blind folded.

I forgot the ice bucket. Add being covered in ice water in the middle of January to all that.

Wait, so is it faggot week or deafness week? Or specifically deaf faggot week?

you mean like in Thor Ragnarok where the jewess orders the cuck traitor to behead a white woman and begins to swing the axe but someone spills the beans?
they didn't behead her but that isn't the point, they had that scene to show everyone what they want to do irl. they wanted to kill her, they wanted to send a message that they ant whites dead. similar themes can be seen in the new black panther movie where genocidal nigs want other nigs to "rise up" and "kill whitey the oppressors"

Just choke yourself, my man.

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Don't even have to write fiction for that. Only problem is, once the whites are gone, the niggers realize they fucked up, and then they starve. The end.

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I'd urge Bird Box fans to not #birdboxchallenge due to Bird Box being an entirely average horror movie.

Bullock gets blacked but the movie didn't come off as outright hostile to white audiences, which sadly is saying something in current year+4.


Stop feeding the ad. This place desrves better than the same PR reddit shills pretending to be fellowlads.

Watched the preview last week. Ten seconds in it was clear it's just more Hollywood jews promoting race mixing. If Bullock wanted a nigger baby so bad why didn't she have one the old fashioned way?

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The term that Lovecraft used was Eldritch horror.

straight outta Bullock's bird box

am i rite?

the public's tax dollars at work

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It was written and directed by John Krasinski? I thought he was just in it.

big if true

This is Darwinism at it's finest.
Let retards kill themselves because the tv told me so.


It's the Happening with Extra Steps.

The important characters are literally *chan boards.

Bullock is R9K, who leads the incel revolution.
Chad Black Guy is Zig Forums, too pragmatic and prepared for his own good, has to die.
Virgin Black Guy is /v/, too intelligent and genre savvy, has to die.
Old White Guy is Zig Forums after swallowing the mother of all black pills.
/poyo/ is repped by Olympia, the fat white girl.

Like, fucking really? I love scifi and I've read a lot of bullshit in my lifetime and I've watched a lot of bullshit - but Birdbox is just implausible even within their own standards.

It's straight forward, the overall story doesn't need explaining but the goddamn world needs a fucking readme file because what the shit. How the fuck do blind people sustain themselves in the middle of fucking nowhere?

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Is everything "Netflix original" kiked to the max?

back to
you go, normalfag

Embrace the darkness. Only pussies fear it.

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I feel like the black guy would have been raping “girl” after a while. Years in the house with nothing to do, it would happen.

Well they ruined Bill Nye so..

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Sandra Bullock is a male to female transvestite and that's why it can never have kids

In real life the Nigger would have pimped bullocks and kids to the zombies to save his ass right, and would never take a bullet?

Going a step further, who watches or cares about anything coming out of Hollywood today. They know their jig is up and they are exposed and almost finished. Keep your children family and friends red pilled and away from these false idols.

Like dems libs and rhino republicans including our media and facefuck, twatter, jewgle, apple, jewtube, they are ALL blackmailed and compromised and Trump knows all their dirty secrets which is why they (are all chimping out!!

honestly, if the dumbfags die, i'm fine, even in civil countries, it is smartest and strongest over the weak

underrated comment

So i should have let them groom me into a sex pet when i was 7 by rich pedophiles. good to know.

the movie sucks ass and on top of being bad has a lot of liberal shoe horning like an interracial sex scene

I can never unsee this film

I give film 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 outta

4got my pix

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No it’s not saying anything actually. It’s garbage like all the rest, pure and simple

Just let natural selection do its job. Honestly, I would blame myself before anyone else if one of my kids injured themselves doing stupid shit like this.