Anti-Gamergate Usual Suspects Up To Old Tricks Again

It's not Christmas anymore, but the Ghost Of GamerGate past is returning to haunt us. History repeats itself, they say, and Zoë Quinn, the initial catalyst for the GamerGate movement is intent on proving just that. Quinn is the Helen of Troy for that warmup game that helped lead us to the present day Culture Wars that rages on today.

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Neither the headline nor the paragraph say a GOD DAMN thing. I'm not clicking on your shitty link.

The fuck kind of thread is this

More like comic-gate. OPs article is trash. Here’s a summary to save clicks

Sounds like quite the tale of patriachy and muhsogyny.

And notice how no one cares

On the contrary. Blue checkmarks on twitter care deeply about these issues.

The Goldwater is a based and red pilled alternative to the lametream fake news media.

Neptune is a nigger

There is a way to really fuck up the lives of that who are affected. See this link here? (its down due the shut down, but wait until the shutdown gets lifted)That is a form where you can report disclosure violations. Which results in massive fines. A couple years ago you couldn't do it. Because the regulation didn't exists but it does now and you can make them pay and pay and pay. Remember you got the law on you're side. Time to start using it.

Oh, I thought she sucked cock for the review.

probably licked some yeasty pussy in this case.

it's just a symptom of a greater disease, and really why would I want to fuck up her life ? It's the agenda I want removed, it's the crazy

She was set up to be in a situation where she gets to do this crap. The government was plenty involved in "gamergate" complaining to them is just data.

OK I guess.

Its about making an example, so influencers and reviewers would think twice about review/promoting their friends. Thats how you stop nepotism, you make the risk extremely painful and not worth the trouble.

Don't really care about that. Thats just a term that cringy self rightous fedoras (from both sides I might add) milk to stay relevant. To me I see a clear violation of FTC regulation and while I don't think the reviewer is going caught up in that fine, but who ever the website is, well they be getting a expensive lesson in keeping you're employees in line.

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incels are STILL going on about that?

I think you have made a wrong turn, friend.

Zoe Quim is about as far from an incel as I can imagine.

Gamergate is a very important counter-culture movement–think of it as the equivalent of saying NO to jews trying to take away your guns, predatory women, fake journalism(all journalism-vidya and non-vidya are fake btw), zionists' New World Order, corrupt politicians demanding you give them Godlike status over you so they can rape and steal from you, etc.. It is one of the first steps to saying fuck you to the people trying to control and make you drink their cool-aid.

GG has been dead for years now

It's important that the corruption was recognized, noted, and recorded, but to react to it in an energetic manner would likely get them more publicity and a martyr for their Social Justice cause.


WORKED at Vox's "The Verge" Vertigo is DC where Zoe is writing the comic at.

I don't go in for Alinsky style tactics or weaponizing bureacracy, honestly. Fight fair even though they won't or we're no better.

Exactly, like in the article's conclusion, when the anonymous trolls (half of which will be SJW's pretending to be misogynist neonazis to reinforce the media narrative) show up in full force it will just hurt the cause more anyway.

best point made in the whole thread

2014v5 AKA "the revenge of the return of the son of CURRENT YEAR"

typical tricks, Schlomo?

Yes, I remember. Gamers are dead and gamers dont have to be the audience for video games.

i dunno, it's all pretty hideous

Oh boy!
Here we go!
Another lazy entry from "kunstkrieg" aka Philip, aka Baby Phil. Are you seriously hoping to drive traffic to The TurdWater like Jim told you to with this kind of shitty 'reporting'? You know what's coming. I don't even need to tell you..
You know I will!

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All that is required to write a 'news' article for Zig Forums is pic related..

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You know what kind.
It's a comfy thread!

Not for (You) though, Baby Phil!

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Oops! Saged instead of Spoilered!
Guess I'll have to post the next one with a spoiler on it!

Good times, Phil..

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Pleeze don't make me laugh!
Hang in here a little while longer and you'll figure that out.
Baby Phil just hasn't hung out long enough. Jim will hang him out to dry like all the rest..
Here's your (You), Baby Phil..

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JN'S GREATEST HITS from Zig Forums 1.7.2019

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I can post better Greatest Hita than that!
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JN's OLDIES BUT GOLDIES from last night

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What kind of retardation is this? Most of the central characters aint even sexy anymore. Anita Sarkeesian is now well over the wall. Same goes Leigh Alexander.

I can't read. can you tell me what this thread is about?

The You're a Faggot Store called.

They said 'lol @ you calling yourself a reporter'

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I did too.
Still am, in fact!

Sorry. Forgot proof.
Pic related..

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I wonder when you will learn to fill in your Zig Forums articles a bit more, Philip?
When you do I won't sic Neptune on you so much.
That's why I pay him more than I pay you!
These worthless lazy threads of yours don't drive any traffic to The Goldwater whatsoever, and that is the whole point of this board!
Also, I will call you whatever I damn well want, Baby Phil!

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How much do they pay you per post? Can I do it part time? Im really interested in paid shilling as an extra source of shekels.

Jim pays me mostly in Monero and DASH now. Sometimes bitcoin. I won't take fiat.
You'll have to do your own haggling with site owners. It pays bretty gud tbqh.
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Exactly, their tricks specifically. The leftists among them backstabbed the rest and killed any momentum it had, because a leftist is always closer to another than to a right winger he is allying with.
Case in point, the clique threads on reddit and /v/ who are moderated by actual trannies and ban whoever pushed for a pragmatic effort. They left the goymers useless and dead in the water, reduced essentially to 'you may talk about things but never act, or get deplatformed'.