To Catch A Vigilante: Is Media More Concerned With Pedohunters Than Rampant Online Grooming?

The internet is a veritable playground for predators. According to recent statistics, one in five children are solicited for sex online. WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other sites and apps become the hunting ground for predators in seek of young children to groom, blackmail and sometimes even facilitate meetups for sex.

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Nature. Some girls want sexual play with older men, some men want sexual play with younger girls

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That's what I call your father not beating you enough


They're also more concerned with individual low level offenders ("statutory", i.e. not rape) than they are with child trafficking and the modern slave trade. It's all part of the power structure.

WTF, why isn't anyone trying to catch female teacher pedos and put them in jail?

It's not going anywhere anytime soon. Girls want to be desired. Girls could easily say no, but they continue talking with older men. I'm in my 30s and have many young girls I work with and their friends chase me. I'm an average guy, 5'7", overweight and receding hairline. Only things I have going for me is a decent face and I'm strong. Girls just seem to like me and my attitude. I'm very stoic and never speak unless spoken to or I must tell someone something. Youngest girls I've been with are 18. I've had a few girls who were 17 and I wasn't exactly sure how legal they were, so I ignored them and was only a friend. When they became 18, I was their birthday present. This was all their doing. I never chase women because I thought I had no chance with them. When it first started, I thought she was only after something like attention or money and had no interest in me. Some would even stalk me to find out where I live and come over unannounced. Others would ask to ride along with me at work when I'm on my break going to pickup food. All the younger numale guys at work secretly hate me and older managers have given me talks at work about it saying it's not appropriate in the workplace and asking if I was taking advantage of these poor girls. One of them is a boss over me and goes out of his way to make me do needless chores so he can flirt with the girls himself. We all quit recently to find better jobs…but here they are, still texting me wanting to go out for food and come over and drink. It's fucking weird and I have no idea what I'm doing? The other thing is all these girls had never met one another before until they started working together, now they are all friends and they all know I've fucked them and I've even caught them talking about it and they don't even seem to care? Some of them even admit to being bi and I think there is something going on between a few of them. I really do think that if the age of consent was lowered, girls would just being doing this anyways. I used to be a white knight, but this past year has convinced me that all girls really are whores and I've been reading anything I can get my hands on to better elaborate on this.

Because the only thing they really care about is continuing to push the narrative that homosexuals and pedophiles are synonymous. Any straight pedophiles that come along just get in the way (especially if the rapist is a female, because as well all know literally preteen boys are Hot For Teacher) of that.

Honestly, vigilante pedohunters are a problem because they interfere with actual legitimate investigations which can possibly get a molester off scot free.

girls, having sex is bad
men, having sex is bad.

White men: do not reproduce until her vagina is roast beef and you can only hope to produce autistic shits, after she spit out a couple of mixxed raced healthy iq90 Jamals earlier in life.

Remember teen pussy is not desirable if your a proper goyim.

Oh you think homosexual pedophillia is a joke
Also fuck off THAT is not how society works, societies narrative is that guys don't get raped
How ignorant you are of actual trauma makes me fucking want you dead cunt

Your ridiculous and poorly-structured screeching makes it completely impossible for me to determine if you agree or disagree with what I said.

I watched friends become groomed into sex slaves as they tried to break me.

Eh PTSD from when I was raped as a child
seriously though fuck off if you think men don't get raped or don't think that society thinks that men getting raped is a non issue

anything that shifts the blame to straight white men.

I was only lightly molested. But godamn I was fucking emotionally raped for 3 years.

I would not fucking submit to the fucking pedophiles. I would not submit to higher society. I fucking Refused and they tortured me for my refusal. emotionally physically i was lost.

well I think we both misunderstood each others initial post, since you too have been homosexually abused


I got that i was just sharing my own story with you. I still fucking love them because of fucking STOCKHOLME SYNDROME. I fucking was hugging my abuser each sunday. Pretending everything was fine.

eh I was raped by a neighbour, not the church but yeah fuck the christian degenerates, wish we were still Pagan or someother religion where we cared about our own people not to rape them

I remember being fucking told by him what a good leader i was because i took the abuse for another friend and focused it on me I even hugged him.

He gave me a great speech about how fucked up the world was and how lucky i was to be here in this church that i was going to be saved from satan.

The pastor just let it fucking happen. he didn't give two shits about me except i was not submitting to sex.

He beat me, and my sister, and my mother. I was routinely subjected to military-style torture techniques, money was stolen, our house was "broken into" several times for the insurance money, his stuff was never stolen or vandalized. He didnt get beaten enough.

That has nothing to do with the simple fact that young girls are indeed attractive. No law can deny that.

There are none whatsoever. FBI and Interpol going after cp on the web was a staged event to weaponize pedophilia as a censorship weapon so that their jewish masters can get a monopoly on intellectual property. The core group responsible for distributing cp content across the globe (operating out of Ukraine) was never touched by any investigators and has been nearly undisturbed for over two decades. The amount of cp content available on the clear net today is bigger and more widespread than ever before, and the only cases that make it to the courts are low key individuals that can be easily abused as targets for the public. Child abuse in 2019, on global scale, is completely out of control and endorsed, financed and secured by the jewish organized crime cartel.

Legalize cocaine, the criminal element is removed, the Mexican issues are reduced, society becomes better as the substance is controlled. Similarly remove sex laws rooted in religion and you have more transparent healthy activity that can be monitored. Less victims and more owners, less predation and more normalizing.

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jews sacrificed Christians to kill Muslims so that they could get their hands on the poppy fields in Afghanistan…do you think they would give that up easily?

Found the faggot

17 doesn't make you pedo. We're talking about actual children.

Wait, is this pasta or something?

Guess I should start raping kids

All religions rape children. It's not a religious problem. More darkly it might actually be a very normal part of human behavior. That is to say; it's entirely possible we are prone to predatory behavior upon one another on a psychological level.

"They're also more concerned with individual low level offenders ("statutory", i.e. not rape) than they are with child trafficking and the modern slave trade. It's all part of the power structure."

Can't agree more, the average pedo only actually wants to suck a boy's dick and buy him things. Can't be too mad, the kid was gonna find someone to suck it

Stupid White men are internet "pedohunters" what real children are being raped across Europe by muslim maniacs.

You were correct

Who cares? Let the kids gets fucked in the ass. People won't let me have sex with horses and cows, so I really don't care if people's kids get fucked. I wouldn't care if they got raped and killed fuck the trash. Fuck them.

[insert obligatory post about naming killcen's cat here]

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All pedo threads are psyop threads

I have been intimately preyed upon. In my most vulnerable period of my life i was ambushed countered and pushed around at every stage. I wanted to fucking escape being preyed upon.

Modern society is terrifying.

This is the same retard in the the Zig Forums thread on the subject of another (hot) female teacher caught fucking her student. Me thinks this actor and it's blaitant emotional over reaction is attempting to push a narrative. Quite possibly exactly what it's talking about.

Ah, you touch upon the core of the issue itself that in fact for the first 10,000 years most of our ancestors were very much either predator or prey. When we, as in we the species, took the evolutionary side step of creating societies and the legalism that followed did we start to impose rules on ourselves which were in direct contradiction with the evolutionary stressors which got us to this point in the first place.

But I digress, I am not unsympathetic to the prey that we all are to varying degrees, But the meek shall inherit nothing. The children are the only future any of us can ever know. Fucked up shit happens, i know it as well as anyone whos been abused. But whats important, i feel, is what we (the children) learn from it.

That which does not kill us only makes us stranger.
- Trevor Goodchild

armchair crusaders to comfortable to pick up a weapon and distribute some righteous justice.

Pitiable men who allow a hole in their life to consume them. And so they’ve come to feel going on a moral crusade shall fill that hole. But it won’t. It doesn’t matter how many hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of views their videos get. They will always go after replaceable low-tier grunts at best, despite believing sleeping with any underage minor is one of the Ultimate Evils in the world. They will never go after high-tier black market organizations, or the corrupt politicians allowing those markets to exist, because they do not want to be slaughtered in their sleep.

Acceptance for pedos will become normal, very slowly. But “acceptance” is a very tall order, when not even acceptance of consensual sex between two adults is a stable thing anymore due to feminism. Therefore, indifference to pedos will become normal, very slowly, is a more accurate phrase. I suppose some people may point out cases of manufactured hysteria as an example of “playing both sides,” and therefore indifference cannot happen because people will walk around the arguments in circles forever. But I believe human nature ultimately winning, if also by just a hair, is the inevitable outcome. And that human nature is how men of many different age brackets find young female teens and girls on the cusp of puberty to be sexually attractive, and how those men want to date them.

And if indifference does give an increase into depraved beliefs about sexuality, then it shall take away as many beliefs as it puts in. By that I mean indifference would be an extremely effective weapon against feminism, because feminism relies on forcing men into older dating pools so that men have less dating choices and become more likely to try and tolerate sad, sad, future cat ladies. And opening up those dating pools with a significant drop in age of consent laws would utterly crush a core pillar of feminism’s operations.

he's right.
youtube has a ton of soft cp.
motherless has better HC.
darkweebs has everything.

I'll be honest with you. Sex is not predation. Nothing is being taken away when somebody has sex, unless you're talking about the semen being taken from the man. In the actual common sense of predation, only a male can be sexually preyed upon.
Predation is equivalent to stealing, the way a lion kills an animal to steal it's flesh.

This is why I believe people should be raped, murdered, and have their hands cut off this way they should learn the difference between sex and sexual predation otherwise known as true rape.

You know what, this just really dawned on me this second.
Statutory rape.
With this single idea all sex with all persons below AoC become illegal.
But should it be?
Minors "sue" for self-independance, commit crimes and are charged as adults.
Should fucking a 3 month old and 17.11 month old be the same crime?

No it shouldn't be. I'm not into underage I just want people's kids to get their assholes torn open and the media sent to their parents to mock them. Despite the laws I wouldn't feel sorry if their parents got murdered and the kids got sold into sex slavery.

People won't let me have sex with farm animals, they want to take my freedom away if i do it. I don't care if people lose their lives and freedoms I hope all the white trash get fucked by illegal immigrants and stolen across the border.

whites aren't your enemies friend.

This is a non sequitur. The interaction between preditor and prey have psychological consequences for both parties. Even 10000 years before humans had developed the cortex the limbic system would still provide the emotional stimulation which drove future actions (learning).

I am not arguing what you say is invalid. But I don't follow you on the killing and hands cutting off thing, perhaps it's a cultural difference. Besides, is not the well of male fertility never ending? Can you steal the rain and say that it is yours alone? And what of the egg which resides in the female? This too can be stolen. And that egg basket is finite.

They aee afraid for 2 reasons. 1 some of them either know groomers on a pesonal level or are groomers. 2 vigilante justice, if it becomes a norm would target corrupt media eventually in much more direct ways. The media likes its cushy position at the top and fears falling from that position as its a very long fall.

I am white. I guess other white people are too busy sucking up to care about my need huh?

Ah so you mean calling somebody a predator for having sex does not factually make them a predator?

Thats not what I'm say at all. Does it help you if i replace the word predator with perpetrator and prey with victim?

Eggs drop on their own and sperm replenishes. This is why there is no such thing as sexual predation while having sex. Sexual predation is more like castrating men and surgically harvesting eggs from women. It's more like a predator to neuter and spay animals because all these actions are taking something that cannot be brought back.

Some people say their inbocence is lost the first time they have sex, but that's also only semantic and based on delusional beliefs. No facts. These people they use their semantic loss of childhood and innocence to prey upon other people, committing theft by deception. Anyone who does this must have lost their factual innocence long before the first time they fucked.
I still say they should have their hands cut off as stigma for being deceptive theives.

No. Prey is a type of victim and they can't actually be a victim of sex unless the sex was intended to be used as a weapon. I have no feelings whatsoever for people who offend the act of sex by misconstruing it or using it intentionally as a weapon.

Then our misunderstand is one of semantics. May I ask what country you hail from?

I also feel no remorse for people who spent years of their life baiting people and putting all their money into denonizing sex. I certainly hope these people commit suicide after they, their kids and whatever got fucked in the ass and they got nothing out of it.


are your views on this common in the USA?

Not sure what you mean by common, but as far as I've seen people are pretty schizophrenic about sex. They won't let us have sex with animals because they're too emotionally unstable to think about it, but they have no problem eating animals for food and destroying people's lives for having sex and not hurting nobody. If everything is ok and nothing is happening it's like they just start creating problems.
You can't really figure these people out I was born here grew up here and I can't tell if these people are trying to help or hurt people and animals. They seem like they want to help they're very nice one moment but when you least expect it they change and decide to butcher everything instead.
I mean people could have sex with animals but I guess that gets in the way of their disembowlment havits.
Have to save the children from sex but when those children grow up those same people are beating the shit out of them, putting them in prison, and quartering them like they do the animals. What was the point of saving the kids from sexbif they going to destroy their lives anyways?

This is common yes.

And it's not even like they are "unpredictable." We know what they're going to do we just don't know when they are going to do it. Like zombies. Let's say they're like people infected with a zombie virus you know they're going to change you just don't know when.

Show me a pedohunter and I'll show you a fapper with a guilty conscious
Doesn't necessarily have to be a pedo, just fapped to an image

You are not wrong in your statement, both with the sex and the treatment of children. Sex with animals is a hygiene thing though, there are a lot of disease humans get but animals done and vice versa. If people start coupling with animals the risk for these diseases become cross species increases by an order of magnitude due to mutations occurring during replication and that one in a million chance of the animal disease getting a receptor that binds to a human cell. But when a virus mutates billions of times this happening enters the realm of probability.

As for the children, In my eyes they are the future and the only reason to have a child is to make a better person then the parents were. Sadly this is not how the rest of the world sees it anymore and we have this schizophrenic opinions about children.

They won't let me have sex with animals.
They think animals are like children because they feed and home the animals as if they were children. This says more about those people than it does about the aninals, because those people treat everything as if it was children.
They don't even have sex with the aninals but the few people who do or own let's say fifty head of cattle won't let me fuck with even just one if them because they're afraid the sex is going to make the animal disappear.
These people are plainly speaking completely fucking nuts and influenced by some sort of magical thinking. They say people can't just magically let me have sex with aninals, but it's obviously really not that dependant on magic they have to say "ok" and that's all. No rituals bo magic but these people schizophrenic as they are have to make everybody spin in circles and click their heels three times at the top of Sauromons mountaintop castle in order to understand this.

People get more diseases from people. As much as the children are concerned, the children are getting fucked from every direction anyways. Sooner or definitely later.

And actually at this point the only thing good is catching a disease from an animal because it doesn't happen quite as often as all the rest of this garbage from people.

This thread is like the degeneracy olympics.

This is where we disagree. Humans being an apex preditor, puts children apart from animals in my eyes. We don't educate animals the same way we do children nor do we depend on children to take care of us (our generation) when we are to feeble to do so.

This is not exactly true, People get the SAME disease from people. We do not get NEW diseases from people. Coupling animal and humans would eventually cause new disease for both species.

I feel this conversation has been civil and constructive.

Well you and I agree that animals are not children. We both agree that animals are horses and cows. We both agree that animals not children and animals are not Mexicans or people of assumed lesser status as the word is applied.

Personally I am not very concerned about new diseases because new things are hard to come by. We been living with domestic species for a long time it's hard to believe something new is going to spring up from the same old story.
Not even an elephant has anything new to say.

If this is true then these diseases in animals have a better chance of being transmitted by consuming the animals and working with them because consumption and the general labor of animal handling are more common than the act of sex with the animals. From contact with animals, we cannot get any diseases we do not already have and cannot create diseases that have not already been created.
If people should not have sex with animals because of the scare of diseases from them, then people should be more worried about the animal products theyre feeding their children than the sex their children are having with adults.
This leads me to believe there is no safety concern from sex, we should be more concerned about the people who are poising us with diseased animals who also punish us for having sex with them.
As I said in an earlier post these people are twisted. They only let us do things to hurt ourselves, one of which is paying to consume diseased animal meat.

Fluid transfers people. Common that one should be obvious. You cook meat which kills off a lot of the bad stuff and farmers don't swap spit with the live stock.

If you ate raw meat you run a greater risk of getting sick but fluid transfer between two living things is still gonna the highest risk factor.

There are many animal products that are not cooked and cooking does not remove everything.
I believe the reason why people disallow us from having sex with animals is not because of diseases.
I am almost certain this is the product of kind of fanatical religious or cultlike anti-sex terrorism. They won't let us have sex with the animals to catch the diseases, that would go against their beliefs however they have no problem feeding the diseased animals to us as biological warfare.

Certain forms of staph infections are heat resistant.

They say don't fuck our animals and die, but you may eat them and die. Killing two animals at once.

Vegans. What vegan farmer farms animals with diseases unless they're trying to kill animals and the people who eat them? Vegans don't believe in using animals for anything I guess unless the animals consented to it or the vegan farmer didn't slaughter them and the farmer doesn't eat them.
Now they have have laws to punish animal sex to kill off the people who have sex with animals but don't eat them.
This kills everybody except for the vegan who does not have sex.

And dead animals don't show symptoms of infection.

back to aim with you, nigger

Of course, the media goes after whatever their handlers tell them to, and as of late, pedos are the "in" thing, and pedo hunters are the inhuman Nazi ss scum. Get with the times :^)

no, I am a bisexual pedo
but i just look at pictures now

News to me, chucklefuck.

If people won't let me have sex with animals and would punish me for having sex with animals, then I don't care what the pedophiles do. I feel like another point was scored when I see in the news "child raped and dead, perpetrator unidentified"

Grooming has its own tv show. I think people are just rightly concerned about someone running around murdering people under a dubious guise of killing "pedos". If you know for certain someone molested your kid and you murder them thats understandable, but this guy is likely tok kill the wrong person or kill someone without understanding the whole picture.

Vigilantes are sometimes lonely and underappreciated and have no problems with their own lives, and that is why they make a hobby out of persuing the problems of others even when those problems are imagined by the person who has them, or by the vigilantes who made problems for themselves.
This is why they can be seen chasing their own shadow in the shadow of others.

you're mostly correct, just always remember the jews are the source of all this bullshit.

Well now you know, and knowing is half the good goy.