Temperatures plunge to -23C in Greece as Athens experiences rare snowfall

ATHENS EXPERIENCED A rare snowfall today, two days after Greek officials said three people had died following stormy weather and freezing temperatures across the country.

Temperatures reached minus 23 degrees Celsius in the north of the country, and authorites confirmed that schools will remain closed on Wednesday, the town hall of northeastern Kozani told the ANA news agency.

The snowfall in Athens prompted authorities to close schools and courthouses, while many public offices and banks provided minimal services.


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Fun Fact

Deserts like Arizona, Sahara and the Middle East aren't as hot as you think.

Their Winters tend to be colder than Sweden at times.


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spoken like a 9 year old who doesn't understand how weather works.

I froze my ass off at night in the desert
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you mean every democrat?

Greece has no deserts, islands can't have deserts.

here's a few people that will tell you you are wrong

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You don't know how weather works either, which is why you buy into the whole climate change hysteria.

Ever heard of a desert island?


idiot. wild weather swings is climate change. that's how "weather" happens. Differences in temperature cause… well, everything in terms of weather. the bigger the differences and the faster the differences come about, the wilder the swings will be.


Global warming my ass

Stop with this lying bullshit story


Did another bot get loose?

Thanks for displaying your ignorance.

Idiot of course we do. We listen to Al Gore, who's a politician and not a weatherman or meteorologist by the way, and because temperatures weren't rising like we all thought, we had to change it to climate change because that's what's REALLY going on! This is all changing climate, a perfectly normal phenomenon by the way, that could have DISASTROUS effects on our atmosphere and way of life! It's like said. It just makes sense. You'd have to be a moron to not believe Al Gore, who's a politician and not a weatherman or meteorologist, and say he's wrong. Duh!

How so? The post you refer to describes how weather is all about migrating temperatures, which is true. It's basic physics.

The "had to change it to climate change" argument is often said by children, who a) don't understand global warming and b) think that scientists changed their claim that the earth is warming. They never did, fool. The evidence for global warming did not suddenly change. It only became more obvious over time. Climate change is a more apt description of the effect that global warming has.

Oh shit, Hell just froze over and the great depression 2 is happening…

This is somehow Drumpfs fault.

Are you pretending to be retarded?
You are not making any sense.
Try rereading the comment chain and see if your answers make sense based on what was said.

In the 70s there was a big concern about global cooling.
Obviously the climate changes over time. The sun is on a 22-year Babcock–Leighton solar dynamo cycle.

My grandfather had one of those. He said it was way better than a Sturmey-Archer.

Praise Winterchan

Q predicted this

The only ones not making sense are those who, like trump, think they know things, through sheer ignorance, better than scientists in their field.

this is bc the greenhouse gasses trapping in heat melting icecaps making it colder #facts

The change in weather is because the jetstream changed.


The coldest temperature ever recorded in Greece is -6.5°C. This is fake news.

that is correct. now go and research why, and then it won't be sarcastic. (I'm assuming you're being sarcastic)

They changed it to "climate change" because of the fucking retards like YOU who can't understand basic science. Global warming has always been global warming; it's just that they have to spell out shit for the toddlers in America to get the picture.

And then you don't get it anyway because you're just that dumb.

Yes, due to the effects of CFCs and other chemicals that were promptly phased out of use, at the bequest of scientists.

I think you need to check your math.


Better than the 90%+ of scientists who disagree that any change in weather is man made?
Any % who say "climate change" exists are correct as climate is following the normal ebb and flow the planet goes through. They will not say that it is human caused or fixable by humans.

That's a corruption of "deserted island".

Buddy, 97% of climate scientists agree that it's happening, and due to human activity. Even IF that figure for overall scientists were correct (and it's NOT), it's irrelevant because they're scientists in other fields so their opinion is meaningless. Would you trust a car mechanic who reads your ECG to tell you that you definitely don't have heart disease?