Trump on border wall: 'Choice between right and wrong'

President Trump on Tuesday argued the U.S. is facing a “growing humanitarian and security crisis” at the southern border in a primetime address designed to seize leverage over Democrats in a prolonged shutdown battle over his demand for a border wall.

In his first address to the nation from the Oval Office, Trump pressured Democrats to grant his request for $5.7 billion in wall funding by accusing the party of ignoring what he claims is an influx of drugs and criminals that can only be stopped with a wall.

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what a stable genius

This is disingenuous. He's also trying to get leverage over HIS OWN FUCKING PARTY. Bills for a budget (that would put an end to the shutdown) have been put across his table with support from all 100 senators, but he refused to sign them. The real problem is that the GOP refused to get up the balls to just go over his head and realize a veto-blocking majority to pass the fucking budget anyway.

The Republicans need to support our President.

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ITT.. what?

2 years of Republican control…Obama passed Obamacare, while this jackhole cant even get a piece of concrete funded. Concrete. What a savvy deal maker!

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but if we build a wall and have border security it will be harder for our weapons companies to sell guns to mexican meth lords for drug money.

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See how the /leftykike/ creates conspiracies to have you chase your tail, while the only problem is with their antidemocratic nature.

Trump is a Hero.
We will follow him to creation.
Trump is simply following The words that the People of this country Speak, a True President Who Serves His people Trump is.
Trump is a Once in a lifetime True Leader.

where was the good part again kid?

Wites dont want Semites around.
Whites are smart
Semites are inbred 340 niggers. What do You have to say about that?

Trump is the only thing keeping me a good American.

I hate when people use occam's razor to just say "the simplest answer is the right answer." Occam's razor is about statistics that are equal. An explanation that has multiple steps can be more likely than an explanation with one. How do these people explain evolution if the answer "God did it" is the simpler one?

Jesus fucking Christ, he does the thing that you shilling shits lambasted him on, and when he actually tries to, you complain about the most trivial shit.
There is no false dichotomy, a country having a functioning border is inherently in the best interests of said country.
As for the other shit, try to look at history and know that the retention of the house was completely unprecedented. Nobody expected the conservatives to hold majority, but nobody expected to hold so many seats in lieu of the blue wave.
But go ahead, orange man bad and all that.

This puzzles me. For weeks I have been seeing Trump pics in jewish clothes, along with him kissing the kotel and other left memes claiming he was a cuck for not building the wall. Suddenly orange man bad actually shuts down government and says, fuck you, give me my wall.

Now you guys are nay saying again and trying force meme your way saying that it is a bad move. No one cares about your opinion, because you are always dragging everything down. You can't give a point away and constantly change your angle so you never concede. Fuck you and your trash forced memes.

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congress did not obstruct trump. republicans had control. trump just couldn't get it done. and he's the one who said that a president who allows a shutdown is weak and can't get people into a room to work it out. he HAD the majority in congress and couldn't come up with a plan that even his own party liked. that is the absolute WORST leadership imaginable, when you have the majority of votes but can't get your own people to like your deal. trump's a fucking neutered idiot. and now he's shutting down government, because in his own words, he's weak. he always was. he TALKS a good game, but when it comes to getting anything done, he's a clueless idiot who thinks hollywood tropes like storming out of a meeting are what negotiation is all about. remember, he also thinks torture works like in 24 with Jack Bauer, where it gets you results. everything this man (I use the term loosely) think comes from TV. is it any wonder?

He needs two thirds, you brainless ape.

There is no 2/3 rule you retard

While I'm not arguing in favor of the president, you've created a false dichotomy and inverted the nature therein, that the utilization of false dichotomies is, in sarcasm, "unintelligent and unstable."
Yet you've presented one yourself. Funny how that works. Almost like you work for the government, using the exact same methods being fed to Trump.

In addendum, Trump is Jewish, I just needed you to know you're a pathetic little subhuman, too. At least read some books before you come compete with the big dogs.

Obamacare was just ruled illegal and thus every dollar taken under it's jurisdiction is the literal legal definition of theft.

Obamacare was a genius geopolitical plot to get the USA back into biomedical global #1, and it worked flawlessly because it was conceived by some of the most informed, most well educated people on the planet, including Obama. It's a stroke of military so genius it solidified American economic supremacy for the next 30 years, albeit we haven't seen the effects just yet.

However, that doesn't change the fact that Obamacare, be the legal precedent for theft set as "relinquishing individual property under unjustified(illegal) circumstances", stole money from hundreds of millions of people and your topical analysis is that the president, under the jurisdiction set forth by the Constitution, should be held above the law so long as he holds office, and who's mandates circumvent all premises established by our legal system.

What I'm telling you is that by pushing that angle, you're shilling for Trump. I'm calling your boss so he knows what an incompetent little shit you are. You would give Trump the same dictatorial powers as was expressed by Obamacare? Which, mind you, backfired completely to the average person and only served it's purpose from a Nationalist standpoint, ensuring American supremacy. So you're a Nationalist, too? Disgusting.

Thought the vast majority of drugs come in through airports and ships. I'm sure that what the Mexican cartels ship under the border pales in comparison.

Yes there is, you neanderthal.

2/3rds rule is if they want to over turn a veto. If only scraping by majority 51/49 a president can just veto with no backlash or pocket veto.

Bringing up conversation between right and wrong is WRONG.
This Nation falls appart if America doesnt build the Wall.

The Demacracts Voted in Favor of Slavery durring the Civil War and they are doing the same thing as You Read This.
Double check my words, what did the democrats vote Just before the Civil war?
Do not Let this hapten to You America.
Just Live Your life and defend it.
Russians are Your Friends.

Ok, so read the chain. The implication was that Democrats were holding up the budget process because the Republicans couldnt get the required “2/3” vote. To overcome a filibuster you need 60 senate votes OR you can use the nuclear option for a simple majority. 2/3 is required to overturn a veto (or pass an amendment) which is not what we were talking about being as the conversation was Trump and Republicans having power so a veto was not at all in the conversation. So indeed, as you have demonstrated, you are in fact Trumptards and dont understand the way government (or logic) works.

Human… the Horible things that go on in this world.

Oh so it is 60 votes, not 2/3.
Then why are leftists talking like the republicans can do it by themselves when they don't have 60 seats?
Are they full of shit?

Strange way to spell "Democrat politicians". I guess everybody has just forgotten about Leland Yee already.

the number of votes required doesn't matter, when your own party doesn't even support your idiot schemes, like repealing ACA with NO PLAN to deal with any repercussions. trump just wanted to get rid of obamacare and deal with the problems afterward and his own party (rightly) said "wtf is wrong with you?" and told him to basically fuck off and come back after you've actually done some reading on the subject. of course everyone knows mr. 86 IQ doesn't read anything.

Trump said a government shutdown means the President is weak. Shutdown is now the longest one ever = Trump, by his own definition, is now the weakest President ever. Just one more hyperbolic claim the orange guy can make!

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reapeal would of passed without that traitor Mccain who then huddled with the dems leader ship and it quotes and saying " let see him make America great now" laughter along with the Dem leadership

That is the plan

That is just insane to have in any country outside of wartime.

That is the dumbest thing you have said so far.
Stop making excuses dumbass.
The only reason this is being stalled is because of the wall.

Numbers are straight froward things. Its not subjective - you ARE retarded and now that we have it established please seek help.

Democrats built the wall. They also agreed to the new wall on a smaller scale in a package with migration reform (dreamers). He has had a majority. The only issue is Trump at this point.

Imagine being such a hypocrite

They have, and blindly, and look at the mess we're in.

Were you touched as a child?

its only the longest government shutdown in history, quit complaining :^)

now there's two of us
we will grow stronger
I've been attacking occams retard razor for years. it has no meaning.

democrats are the new feminists.
doesn't mattter what they want from others, they'll never be happy or admit to being wrong.
how much is soros paying you?


I mean he is just agreeing with the Democrats like Schumer and Obama.

Hes right you know, we either make the right decision and open the boarders or we make the wrong decision nad waste our money and build a wall.

or we do neither instead making a false dilemma

well yeah, they're both hard core shitlibs with the same beliefs.

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But wall=/=border so you might be accustomed to living in a world of false dichotomy, but the rest of dont. Please move to Russia.

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