Restoration of voting rights by felons marks shift in Florida

More than 1 million Floridians with felony convictions regained the right to vote on Tuesday, setting in motion a process that carries the potential to reshape elections in the country’s largest and most unpredictable battleground state.

The mass re-enfranchisement of felons who have completed their sentences is the result of Amendment 4, a ballot initiative approved by nearly 65 percent of Florida voters in November that ends a longtime policy requiring felons to petition the state clemency board for their voting rights to be restored.

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Trump is fucked

When the slaves chained to capitalism are not enough and you go for the caged ones instead.

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Disallowing voting rights is a communist habit which enables abuses of a free and independent country by use of the justice system as a weapon.

A free market is not a free people.

Felony disenfranchisement is the means to reduce competition by enabling hostile takeover of the means of production. This is what makes "christian communists", are those people who do no wrong but constantly legislate to create more wrongs on the backs of others.

Yea, na.

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That really depends on what the felony is for. If it was a felony to drink beer then that felony would have been legislated as a conspiracy against our rights. Felons should have a say in how this country is run because if they did not have any say then nobody would know what's wrong. This is how countries run by dictators keep their people stupid, by disallowing the free means to compare and contrast ideas. There is no learning only stagnation and corruption in a felony state.

You can't know Right without hearing wrong, and that's what makes felonies under-handed.

The difference is that US laws were legislated by a democratically elected government yet some retards decided to break their own laws anyway.
Regardless people who broke the law should be allowed to vote again if they can remain law abiding citizens for five years after their sentence is served.
This way those that made a minor felony will be forgiven while gangbangers and jihadis will be rightfully punished.

A democratically elected government who deliberately Left some people out. That's not a democratic election. There's a left wing, there's a right wing, and then there's those people who sit beneath the white house.

A felony conviction should be reserved for those people who use their freedoms to infringe on the freedoms of others. Using a weapon in an armed robbery or mugging is one if those infringements. Buying up land around another persons home to box them in is entrapment which is also an infringement on a a citizens right of way.

Felons should still be heard just so we know what their intentions are. A person smoking weed or having sex with animals is not infringing on anyone's rights and should not be subject to losing their own rights otherwise this would be enabling those people who do infringe on people's rights to have free run of the country.

If you don't want felons running the country, don't let the felons without a felony conviction run it either.

Too many people following the letter of the law while disrespecting the spirit of the law. If people are disrespecting the intended purpose of the felony, then the felony is a crime on itself.

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american people have a long history of voting against their self interest. why would felons be any different?

The difference is then everyone would be voting against their self interest, which is something that has not been tried before. I have a feeling that if everybody does it, there is nobody left to contrast it and that would not be in the interest of the wrong decisions.

have you paid attention to the past century of america existing, let alone the past 2 years?

When felons get out of prison, they find themselves with a skewed set of rights, but most prominent is that they found themseleves no longer subject to the constitutional right to no taxation without representation. So the government is quite happy to levy the usual set of taxes against ex-cons who can't vote but this is unconstitutional.
So yes, I support the restoration of voting rights to tax-paying ex-cons

Why? Trump just signed a Justice Reform bill…

Yes I have. There are people who vote, people who choose not to vote, and people who are not allowed to vote. As long as the people who vote have a reason to increase the number of people who are not allowed to vote, then the people who vote will continue to vote against their own self interest. They are misappropriating their resources.

My bad. I mean misappropriating public resources, which is much more serious than misappropriating their own resources.

I hope you get caught in a snowstorm.

8 Ways We Regularly Commit Felonies Without Realizing It

Voting rights in the usa is not a human right but is a privilege of US citizens. This means voting rights is stronger than equivalent to property rights, and removing a citizens rights to vote should be considered a crime more serious than grand larceny if it cannot be proven the person intends to abuse their voting rights to infringe on the rights of others.

First remove all if not not most Dual Citizans from congress and all Positions.
Start with this and the Patriots will roll into Your open hand.
There is more, If You really need it.
Russia will back those words up if You Ask.
Communism can never Hapten ever again.

Isn't that basically anyone who votes for anyone?

fucked trump

What did they mean by this?

Politically this is a dumb move by DeSantis, South Florida is steadily becoming more Blue. If you add the black and hispanic felons it would offset the more conservative North Florida.

I guess he's proving himself to be a Rhino.

Won't work, they woulds still have ties to another country just not in paper. Being born also wouldn't work, lots of American Jews have emotional, filial and religious ties to Israel.
The only way is to create a strong enough true American culture that incentivizes people to identify more as an American than as different nationality.

If you think that you don't know FL.

Pedos in FL are treated as persona non grata, having to live in their own colonies and can't find employment. They're essentially become exiled from society.

Depends on which felony, tbh

Hence my post, but watch as felons(pedos) start using their new voting rights.

What the fuck is up with Zig Forums?!! We’re not allowed to say nigger anymore?!

This was a statewide vote to end a humiliating unamerican situation. Anyone who thinks someone who break the law should not have the right to vote should examine why we arent a colony.

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Except this will lead to felons corrupting the law even further. Good job Florida. You deserve what happens after.

Don't you have some boots to lick? I assume you want a small minority outlawing everything that doesn't match your exact lifestyle while everyone else has no say because they are all felons? We got ourselves a real Benedict Arnold right hear.

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I suppose America is technically a continent and not an island so I'll give you that.

Trump spends a lot of time in Florida so he will protect you

wew lad

Yes because the felony exists. If the felony didn't exist nobody would vote to use it to their advantage and people would vote better.

Well not many people have sex with animals (literally animals like dogs horses and cows) so it does more good for a free american society to allow it than restrict it. Sex is constitutional.

The worst thing that can happen is them voting in Democrats. And that happened already in Miami without them. So the best we can hope for is them thanking the president and voting in a Republican eventually.