Silent, water-emitting trains fuelled by hydrogen ‘to be introduced to UK railways in two years’

Silent, water-emitting hydrogen-fuelled trains are to become reality in less than three years on some main lines across the UK, under ambitious plans to convert existing diesel rolling stock.

Polluting diesel engines are to be stripped out and replaced with hydrogen tanks on as many as 100 trains, under the preliminary terms of the deal.

The arrangement between UK rolling stock owner Eversholt and French firm Alstom will convert existing Class 321 trains, which were built in 1988 and are used on the Greater Anglican network.

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PR bullshit. Don't believe it until you see it.

Next gen train powered with gases from decomposing wog bodies

So then the trains are less noisy than the savage monkeys within? Always hated the engine sounds interrupting the screams of rape victims. Hail to the Queen.

They've had this tech for decades. It's only being developed now because diesel is becoming more expensive.

You can always make diesel engine silent if you care enough to.
Gov just wants more goy bucks for hydrogen economy


Why is it bullshit? Sure they are trying to sell the green angle, but the technology is real and has been for well over a decade. Diesel just finally got expensive enough to justify making the switch. They have already been using diesel to power generators that then power electric motors to propel the train because electric motors generate more torque. Hydrogen technology produces electricity directly and can store more energy than a battery. It makes sense to switch to hydrogen. The green shit is just so they can also get the government to subsidize them for doing something they were already planning on doing. If they truly wanted to be "green" they would install high voltage dc rails powered by solar panels, wind, and green memes.

Actually you cant make any engine silent.
The hydrogen engine in this train will not be silent.

Thats just marketting fluff for slightly quieter than diesel.

Where are they going to get the hydrogen from?
I mean cost effectively…

The most common method is to use electricity to create hydrogen from seawater.
Some nuclear power stations give off hydrogen as a byproduct.

The expensive part is storing it.

British railway companies still struggle to keep their trains even vaguely near the timetable and haven't figured out that you don't need to cancel all services every time a leaf falls on the track. If they think anyone will believe that they've done anything this radical to the trains then they forgot to read their hatemail this morning.

Leaving behind amazing infrastructure for their genetic replacements. Gotta love white people.

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the fucking air you dumbass. company i work for is converting all the forklifts to be powered by hydrogen right now and has a giant electrolyzer on site to create the hydrogen

Achmed will level King's Cross with one vest.

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that's a good joke, kiddo

Problem is that hydrogen though electrolysis is energy inefficient (requires more energy to get hydrogen from water due to entropy) and hydrogen created from nuclear processes carries an inherent risk of nuclear contamination, if I remember correctly.

There's plenty of energy efficient ways to make hydrogen without any risks.

Whoever wrote this article is a fucking retard with no understanding of basic physics. No moving object that is not inside a perfect vacuum can be silent, especially not one of such great size and mass - it's impossible.

And what powers the electrolyzer?

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how about they make hydrogen-fueled catapults, constantly flinging nogs and paks into the sea

5 Years too late.

A few countries in Europe already converted to an "All Electric" system, and The Netherlands will power all of their trains with Wind, Solar and Hydro Energy by next year.

What makes this so special?


The Class 321 is electric.
Never mind, it's fake news.

I'm going to laugh the first time one of these blows up. Also hydrogen is not environmentally friendly- industrial quantities of hydrogen are refined from natural gas.

Hybrid switcher locomotives are a thing at least and would probably run well if converted to CNG or LPG instead of diesel. The frequent stop and go activity of switchyard work means hybriding can give some serious gains in fuel economy.

Route-working locomotives need sustained power, which to date is only seen in fuel burning or grid powered locomotives. Hydrogen is a valid fuel for the job I suppose, but it has a lot of drawbacks that make it not at all cost effective.

It likes to leak out. It makes everything it touches brittle. Difficult to store more than a little bit of it. Prone to exploding over a wide range of hydrogen-air mixtures.

Lets just not. This is going to be a giant money pit with no practical use.

Pic sort of related, Strausburg #90. Although coal fired, it could use environmentally-friendly renewable firewood with very few modifications.

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And this is cheaper than trains running on electricity because…

because it's still an electric train but uses hydrogen for the reaction because you can generate it from fucking water

Using electricity. It's not an energy source, it's only an energy container.
Again, how does this extra step (converting electric energy to chemical energy) make the process cheaper?

Only have to support fueling/generation infrastructure instead of electrifying the rest of the network.

My uncle works at the fair and he can sell you some of the worlds lightest helium containers for pennies. The only question is what color would you like?

Ballard Power systems has been creating and using hydrogen fuel cells for about 15 years now.Many big city buses are running on it.You have to have a big tank to store hydrogen.That is why it is not feasible for cars.Trains already have big tanks.

I think it's a really good move from the side of the UK government. Vehicles are an inevitable thing in human life and green vehicles are a necessity now. You can read about the technology used in the hydrails here: