India scientists dismiss Einstein theories

Scientists in India have hit out at speakers at a major conference for making irrational claims, including that ancient Hindus invented stem cell research.

Some academics at the annual Indian Science Congress dismissed the findings of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Hindu mythology and religion-based theories have increasingly become part of the Indian Science Congress agenda.

But experts said remarks at this year's summit were especially ludicrous.

The 106th Indian Science Congress, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, runs from 3-7 January.

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Einstein was wrong, he said shitting in front of his audience.


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That is an incredibly sad thing to say about the theories Einstein stole from others.

It seems like a rising trend in the up-and-coming 3rd world. First I heard about this kind of ridiculous shit was in South Africa but I see it's spreading.
Honestly I don't get how you can get to the point where you're actually scientifically educated and still hold on to this shit. Do Indian universities have "diversity" quotas for retards or something?

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BASED Indians, amirite Zig Forums? FUCK EINSTEIN HE'S A JEW HACK. India based and redpilled superpower by 2020

And who's funding those universities, who keeps scientists locked up behind nondisclosure agreements, which military power calls dips on any and all scientific research material?

to be fair the kike was a plagiarist

Its not just a third world phenomenon.
Here in Europe people spout all sorts of pseudoscience about 'gender' and biology. And dont forget climate change.

It depends on what kind of research material. Military research? No shit. You have to be specific here, if you mean things like exoskeletons nobody's actually forbidden from researching that(most governments do not possess the legal power to prevent research into any given field, and those that do are usually 3rd world backwaters) and in fact plenty of civilian research exists into these. Hell the first operational exoskeletal suits were developed in Japan by less than a handful of people for an upstart medical firm.

The US military, in particular, can fund and support specific projects but it can't tell people "you're not allowed to research this anymore". It's usually that those projects are massively expensive and as such very few other institutions possess the finances as well as the will to support such projects.

By and large? A combination of government budgeting and tuition payments. There's always private investors and those are usually a shit show to work through.

I suppose it depends on the country but I thought that was a given. I meant specifically this phenomenon of…let's call it "academic backsliding" where they're trying to first combine and then completely discount science in favor of hoodoo magic and pseudo traditionalist nonsense.

It's happening, what's causing it is a matter of debate but saying it's not happening is ridiculous.

They aren't Einstein's ideas OP. Do some fucking research.

All of "Einstein's theories" existed years-decades before he magically came up with them with 0 formal education, 0 training, while working as a patent clerk.

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While Einstein wasn't original, he at least did some work to put together ideas from a few different scientists, which is more than you can say about most scientists, and he understood physics well enough to carry on discussions and arguments with the other leading scientists of the time like Bohr.

wtf i love India now unironically

Obviously the climate will change over time.
I was referring to the pseudoscience that they use to con people in to giving money to already very rich people because they think they are saving the world. Thats 'cult behavior' not science.

You mean he didn't go to university?
Training in what? Welding work? That's not how science works, retard.
You act like nobody's ever worked a job they didn't become famous for. Tesla's education was in Orthodox priesthood but that's never a contentious issue because he's "muh huite" right?
Your only issue with Einstein is that he was Jewish and you know it and you can't bare to live in a world where all Jews aren't exclusively evil.

So you're saying you aren't from Zig Forums and sympathetic to NatSoc? Really? Not everyone user, just you.

You don't have to cowtow to them, user.

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Einstein was a fraud(him being a kike what do you expect?)
Tesla and Newton are the best scientists of all time. Coincidentally, they focused on their work and didn't marry any roasties–and kike media don't like that.

When that Indian politician dressed up as Hitler jews all over the world didn't start shalom kvetching.

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pretty interesting how this jew's response to "Einstein stole theories from others" is not that the idea is wrong, but that the idea is anti-semitic

The theory of relativity is fucked, it thinks atoms can be both a particule and a wave at the same time, making Newton's theory on gravity useless on the microcosmic level, shatteri g at the same time all hopes of unifying the universe under one single law of physic using maths.
tl;dr we thought we had found the holy grail for 150 years, turned out to be shit, yet the idea that sciences are always right because of Newton's determinism stayed..
The method is bad, maths become statistics with quantum mechanic which is shameful and laughable.

Thats why i rarely leave pol.

I'm not saying any physical model is some unassailable gospel, but it generally requires some sort of mathematical theory or physical experimentation to overturn. Trying to pass off an interpretation of Vedic scripture as science is the definition of 'full retard'.

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