Feminists Condemn Use of Promotional Models at Agriculture Show

A model has had to defend her role as a promoter at an agriculture show after puritanical progressives branded it as “wrong” and a “backward step” for women.

A debate over women’s choice to do what jobs they wanted was sparked on social media after agriculture firm Agrifac tweeted out an invitation for attendees at the Lamma show in Birmingham to have their pictures taken with their hired promoters on Tuesday.

One social media user said this form of promotion “isn’t acceptable any more” while others said it disincentivised “female agriculturalists.”

Others described it as “embarrassing” and “wrong” and “disappointing.”

Chairman of a Young Farmers club in Devon Karen said of the pictures she saw, “It is 2019 — it is frustrating we are still having these conversations.

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Fuck off!! As a farmer I hoped this shit would not reach me.

Indeed. (((Progressives))) should have been gassed long ago.

That's what everyone said/thought. "Oh this is just a problem with ivory tower leftists it'll never affect me".

But the truth is that if you don't fight them "over there" they always grow in strength and number until you find yourself fighting a losing battle at your door step.

I agree with the feminists–fire all these cunts.

Let me guess, none of the people bitching have actually worked a farm. Or any labor job in their life for that matter.

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I don't lose battles on my front door, I don't lose battles afar, I don't lose battles in Ivory Towers, I don't lose battles in Swamps, Deserts, Jungles, Forests. I'm Uncle Sam that's who I am.

It is as if feminists had a backwards Midas touch, turning everything to shit. Problem is that they are not immune to it like Midas was.

It's the current year, lads. Time to embrace Marxism.

What is this world coming to?

Back to the kitchen, bitches

These people won't even let me have sex with farm animals. I guess it comes as no surprise they would punish women from promoting agriculture.

This angers feminists for obvious reasons.

Feminists deserve uterine cancer


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Getting women fired is extremely progressive.

explain to me again how feminism isn't about man hatred and hating normal healthy male sexuality, and femininity.

What part of that isn't clear to you user?

Feminism is more about feminists are always correct and perfect in everything they do and if you're not a feminist you are wrong and not strong.

That picture would've been perfect if they had used cut outs of cute anime girls with signs. Those roasties spoil the picture with their 3d ugliness.

The hypocricy is if they used male models the feminists would basically be sexually harrasingvthe models to down right assaulting them.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
-Martin Niemöller



user thinks they'll stop at him? why, because they will have made enough money? LOL!

it's like Civil War is inevitable now.

feminism is just ugly women unhappy with their circumstances

My chastity belt rattles with glee every time this quote gets posted. Fuck the white god capitalism comrade!

America is literally broken (and currently shutdown).
Political solutions are impossible, this is the Titantic, this is late Rome.

With one side consisting of neck beards I think it’ll be pretty one sided for you user


Fuck off Ivan. Capitalism is not the problem jews are. If communism succeeds your communist elites are going to kill ya ass first–you think they'll share a piece of the pie with you? You're a convenient fool.

femenists hate attractive women. doesnt matter if those women have an attractive appearance or personality. they call cute acting girls annoying/perky/bitchy/stupid and call attractive ones whores. are femenists incels?

Who's 'they'?

First they came for the socialists and i said "good"
then they came for the trade unionists and i said "good"
then they came for the jews and i just laughed
then there was nobody to come for me, so what's the problem again?

what's even the issue here? aren't feminists going on thotwalks all the time screaming my body, my sexuality, my rules?
so if some chicks that actually look good want to get paid for promoting a company or product by simply standing around, why shouldn't they allowed to. isn't that sexist?

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Why didn't they step in and tell the models that?

You're a slave to it, and it is your god.

Makes me wonder how the communist elites will be selected, don't you? Who does the selecting?

Will they be selected via cross-sectionality victim status?

the rich, vicious, and unscrupulous.

maybe throw in a dose of nancy pelosi's dunning kruger stupidity not knowing enough to know better.

your dunning kruger comment is a bit ass-backwards. it's not so much about ignorance as it is someone thinking they know more than they do. Trump is the ultimate example, as someone who routinely ignores the advice and evidence presented to him and thinks he knows better. Like when he ignores his own intelligence agencies, environmental scientists, advisors and aides.

Is this a copy/paste?
I keep seeing this exact same line.
Then again, maybe you guys are just repeating whatever you hear on tv.

what exact line? I typed it myself as you see it.

Not exactly what I'd call news.