‘McJesus’ sculpture sparks outrage among Israel’s Christians

An art exhibit in Israel featuring a crucified Ronald McDonald has sparked protests by the country’s Arab Christian minority.

Hundreds of Christians calling for the removal of the sculpture, entitled “McJesus,” demonstrated at the museum in the northern city of Haifa last week. Israeli police say rioters hurled a firebomb at the museum and threw stones that wounded three police officers. Authorities dispersed the crowds with tear gas and stun grenades.


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Check out our new 3for1 religious blasphemy menu…less sense with each bite.

What is the art supposed to convey? Fast food is unjustly persecuted?

Santa Christ and Jesus Bunny are outraged

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time to hit israel with some McNukes

We could use some Christians like that here.

Nothing goes hand-in-hand like Jews and degenerate (((art)))

Israel is a location, Arab is an ethnicity and Christianity is a religion. There used to be many Arab Christians before the sandnigger cult even came to be.

Corporatism is the new Jesus Christ i presume

jesus teaches a message of love and tolerance and when you see something you don't like you fire bomb the fuck out of it. i think you missed the point your so called messiah was trying to teach you.

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They "hurled a firebomb" in the same sense that Palestine "bombed Israel." Which is to say not at all.

Yeah but that's not what Ronald McDonald taught me.

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The Levant used to be a giant melting pot of Christians, Jews, zoroastrians, coptics, and other pagan religions. It wasnt until the Muslim conquests that it became dominated by the cult of Muhammed Still, Christian's still exist.

But it didn't stop israel responding with airstrikes against children


Except for black people, and gays, and people with other religions, and women who don't stay in the kitchen.

(((Citation Needed)))

see: the real life actions of people who claim to be christians

So, are you claiming that Christians are literally Jesus Christ, or.. what exactly?

Christian, here. Given the absence of Jesus in the display, it appears more like a slight at Ronald McDonald.

Jewish contempt for Christians, Christianity, and Christ.

that bastard (jesus) deserves it.

and every Christian nation, especially the white ones.

and while we're at it, the rest of the semites, aka all of the middle east

You ever notice when "art" is critical of a religion it's always Christianity?

America is being crucified. McMutt is the epitomy of your country success. They are making an example of you.

why does any amerimutt "christian" support these kikes again?

criticizing any other religion is (((hate speech)))

Christ insanity was unfortunately made into a monopoly religion of the white man in the west thanks to the scheming of the Jew in collaboration with the race traitor Charlemagne.

After the Jew was able to supplant our authentic racial pagan European religion with the slave religion of Christ insanity the Jew was then able to mentally control the entire white race and steer our natural military might as a collective to his world conquest goals.

The Christ cult largely works ie keeps its membership base through its persecution complex meaning the more its Jewish masters make fun of it and slander it the more dumbass Christ tarded whites and muds who have fallen into the cult’s grip will cling to it falsely believing Buy Bull prophecy is being fulfilled since after all Jewsus did say Christ tards would suffer persecution for his namesake.

Thus the Christ cult is nothing more than a clever Jew psyop that obtains its power and longevity from cheap parlor tricks and mind games not to mention again its monopoly status in the west whereas religious minded lazy morons don’t believe they have anything else viable to turn to in order to get that much needed dose of invisible sky daddy heroin.

Remind me again why we are supposed to hate muslims?
Israelis spit in christians faces and they don't seem to mind.

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Ultimately I'd say the enemy of my (((enemy))) is my friend.

t. LARPagan

"Jesus Christ" is a fictional character though. The more you dig for good evidence of an historical Jesus- the less you will find. The more you search for pious fraud - the more you will find.

It is sad, because millions of Jews have been murdered for the cause of a "killed" invented person.

Catholics did a hell of a job inventing this thing.

You don't have to hate Muslims, but you should understand they have a need to kill, subjugate, or convert the nonbelievers (non-Muslims) of the world.

There's been 34,000+ deadly Jihad attacks since 9/11/2001. This only makes sense to the Muslim, who believes their god is real.

The fact you don't understand this is due to CAIR and other watchdog organizations have removed terror attacks in countries besides Europe and the U.S. from your news feed. They have tried to remove the view of Islam as a threat from your eyes.

The Qur'an says Jews are the spawn of apes and pigs. The charter of Hamas, who was democratically elected into power, is a genocidal document specifically against the Jews.

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Shias are more likely to tolerate Christians, which makes them targets of Sunnis.

They're all man-made of course, but tolerance of faith-based religion (and other bad ideas such as socialism/communism) is the cause of much discontent and misery in the world.

Christians are certain about the dogma of their religion when uncertainty makes more sense.

Children are collateral damage of course, and Israel does everything it can to prevent killing children. However, Muslims use children as human shields all the time and couldn't operate without them.

Muslims fire their rockets from schools, mosques and hospitals regularly, and rest their rifles on the shoulders of their children, because they know Israelis won't shoot at them when they do it.

If the reverse happened, it would produce a macabre monty python skit, because the stated goal is to kill as many Israelis as possible.

fuck off out of here with your hasbara, zogbot fag. I think you are on the wrong website

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Christ is real

"Murder is the deliberate killing of a *human being* by another human being. So, you see, no Jew has ever been murdered, and such a thing is impossible. a Jew can be "killed" but not "murdered"

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Oy vey

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They've been killing each other since Islam split. Having a religion that says to kill apostates also ups the blood shed


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Burn any witches lately or have the godless on the run?

Ahhh yes I see.

Christ fag LARPer is thee.

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Spot on. The New Testament stories are the personification of a deity born out of the bastardisation of Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew/Canaanite religious doctrine. Despite being a deluded utopian activist, Peter Joseph's first section of Zeitgeist on religion was mostly correct:
"The Bible is nothing more than an astrotheological literary fold hybrid, just like
nearly all religious myths before it."
“…the Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a
man whom they call Christ, in place of the sun, and pay him the same adoration
which was originally paid to the sun…”
"The reality is, Jesus was the solar deity of the Gnostic Christian sect, and like all
other Pagan gods, he was a mythical figure."

Jesus Christ means:

Jesus = Iésous = Hail Zeus (or) Hail *our* *god*
or, depending on which side of the Mediterranean you are on,
Jesus = Joshua = Yeshua = Yehoshua = "to rescue", "to deliver" with a theophoric element standing for the name of God being Yeho/Yaho which is Yahweh (god), whilst is a shua noun meaning "a cry for help", "a saving cry", that is to say, a shout given when in need of rescue.

Christ or Christus simply means "the anointed" and is a title for the saviour and redeemer who would bring salvation to the whole House of Israel.

Jesus is an imaginary character in a mythical story. Muhammad probably was a real person, son of a wealthy arab, still a dick.

There is a LOT of very scholarly writing and research on this. The Jesus narrative is no longer supportable with facts and evidence. It's true only in the imaginations of people that push it.

so, the 20 or so major historical pogroms that are well documented and proven, doesn't show the world is ready and willing to genocide the Jews?

On what planet did you come?


"Tolerance"? Christians, Socialists, Muslims cannot "tolerate" anything that doesn't fully support their narratives without question.

The thing I like about Jews, is that they're not a missionary religion. They'll never be door to door, never trying to gather more "converts" and won't kill you or condemn you to hell for not being Jewish. You can be a Jew and not even take the creation myth or the Egyptian slave myth seriously. It's not altogether terrible.

Jews wouldn't kill anyone, given the opportunity.

Indeed. Despite the Jesus narrative being a narrative and not history it is still sound in terms of the spiritual, moral and psychological themes inherent. I mean this collection of books has been around for two thousand years. Must be pretty important. I'm quite interested in modern discussions and research regarding analysis of the biblical stories and their relation to and integration with paganism, specifically the Mediterranean and Europe. Whatever you think of Jordan Peterson his biblical lectures are quite revealing. Here's an example: youtube.com/watch?v=v52DkzGWlrQ

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Some things never change

Not true friend.

They are the literal embodiement of the weasely weak kid who gets his bigger stronger friends to do his dirty work for him.

As Dr. Pierce once explained this is exactly why the Jews have been so ferociously historically hated ie because they get others to do their dirty work for them.

Make no mistake though when they get the power fully and openly as they had under their system Communism in the Soviet Union they themselves gleefully went around killing white people.

The Jewish NKVD rounded up countless millions of whites and engaged in "wet work" taking them to small buildings or large fields where they'd deposit a bullet in the back of the poor "goyim's" head.

It got the name "wet work" due to the small buildings Jews would often kill white Russian citizens in, the small building enclosure would usually have a drain in the middle of the floor to collect all the spilled blood from the recently murdered white.

Also you should read about the crimes of the Jewish red army who raped every white girl from ages 8 to 80 during WWII and often tortured them before hand by cutting off one of their breasts if not both, no amount of begging or crying stopped the sadistic Jew psychopaths from doing this.

You can't nail a 400lbs Amerilard to a cross so you nail the icon of their disgusting obsession to one instead.

Ha hah! Your Jew loving President will sit by while they continue to mock you.

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US victimisation complexes?

The Holocaust wasn't real you Russian kike

This is bait right, this has to be since if you've been even at all been following the situation in the middle east since Israel's founding you know how retarded that statement is

Mfw, Joseph is a cuck
Mfw, God is a pedophile rapist

that's laughable. it had arguments like "son and SUN do you get it?!?" as if two english words were somehow equivalent in ancient languages. atheists can't wrap their minds around a god, so they come up with ridiculous denials, even though the history is well-recorded.

You must have a lot of faith to believe that film.

It fits their worldview so they believe it. Even thought they are supposed to be skeptics.

My reading of the image, is the idea that Christianity is like the fast food of religion. You sinned? Pray up some forgiveness. Fucked your neighbors wife with a guilty conscious? Tell it to the local priest. For every sin there is a simple, ready made solution - depending on your particular flavor of Christianity - that may not even require any formalities.

It's the entire appeal of Christianity to an individual who feels that they need to be punished or redeemed for actions they've committed with a guilty conscious.

Sins against another person: 3rd party forgiveness is acceptable for entry into paradise in Christianity. Don't bother with trying to get forgiveness from the other person if you're a Christian, because really only "Jesus" or a priest can forgive sins - regardless of the type.

You have to get forgiveness from the Muslim you sinned against to get into paradise. It is impossible to sin against a non-Muslim of course, because non-Muslims are a sin.

Sins against "Allah" can be forgiven by asking forgiveness from "Allah"

And there you have it folks!

Facts are uncomfortable eh?

Make me leave.

If it was their intent or desire, they could kill everyone in Palestine tomorrow, but we know that is not their intent, because they haven't done it yet.

How do we know what the intent of Palestinian Muslims are? Ask them and they'll tell you. They would kill not only all the Jews in Israel, they'd kill them around the world. They don't make their intent a secret. Their holy book tells them they must kill all the Jews, and they have television programs extolling the virtues of martyrdom and killing Jews.

Why can't western liberals believe the worst about a group that declares the worst about itself?

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So, you join the rest of the antisemites? Hugo Chavez was an antisemite too, democratically elected, and convinced gullible Venezuelans communism/socialism takes better care of people.

Hamas was democratically elected by the majority of Palestinians, but their actions result in the deaths of their countrymen.

Is democracy good? a person can't use evidence to support that statement.

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Jews, given the opportunity, would build up their high tech sector.

They don't have anything in their "holy" books demanding they kill Muslims (unlike Islamic scriptures that tell them to genocide the Jews)

Jews would get along with their neighbors given the opportunity. Islam would burn the earth to ciders if it would put a stop to blasphemy.

This is a message for all western liberals that are "pro-Palestinian" and those that think Jews are a problem

Nice video about Palestinian shit bags

First of all, it most certainly has NOT. The Bible wasn't "complete" until the middle ages, and the Bible as YOU know it did not exist until the King James version in 1600. Unless you're a scholar of ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic and have access to the Dead Sea Scrolls and other apocrypha (and have the chemistry acumen to be able to accurately date them) you have literally no way of knowing any of that shit is legit at all; you just have to take their word for it.

Second, there are plenty of stories that have survived that long or far longer. I don't see anyone trying to base the morality of their life on the Epic of Gilgamesh. Though it would be INTERESTING, to say the least.

Nice lie. How much did your Rabbi pay you to tell it?

jesus killed by jews
christians somehow think jews are friends
christians send jews billions of dollars a year in aid
believe that muslims are the great evil
endless jew propaganda

Considering the earliest forms of the Bible were actually the Jewish Bible, and what I was talking about were the first collected European translations… I'm not sure if you want to imply what you're trying to imply!

But that's wrong, you judaized retard. It's called pearls to swines.

A Christian mustn't be good against his own interests, only amidst other believers who won't backstab him. An unrepentant bastard does not deserve the treatment of someone who made a mistake and realized.

The old testament is the ugliest mythology in the world and contains nothing of value for Christians. We're based off the word of Jesus as emerged in Platonism society.

All the old testament ever says is jewish supremacism. It belongs in the cesspool of history.