Belgium ban on kosher and halal slaughter methods comes into effect

A ban on kosher and halal slaughter has come into effect in the Flanders region of Belgium unless the animal is stunned before it is killed.

It comes after legislation prohibiting animal slaughter without pre-stunning was passed in the nation's parliament in July 2017.

The northern region of Flanders is the first in Belgium to implement the ban, with the legislation coming into effect on New Year's Day.

Similar restrictions will be in place in the southern Wallonia region from September.

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Oh dear, Belgium. Looks like the rest of Europe will have to fight another war on your territory before you try to ban infant genital mutilation.

ever worked in a chicken slaughterhouse? those assholes know whats coming stun or no stun. you're still fucking murdering them and i laugh at americans who pretend like its a huge problem or how they pretend like adding in the caveat the animal has to be stunned is somehow going to be out of line like has been implemented other places. keep crying bitch niggas

Why would they want to ban the way that Jews mark themselves explicitly as Jews? The real problems are the doctors who prescribe it as a (((medical procedure))).

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Don't worry, most vegans starve themselves to death.

Next ban should be circumcision to piss off moshe even more.

They'll just slaughter them in backrooms. They never cared for bans lie this.

Could they stay if they couldn't get circumcised? Are they allowed to live uncircumcised?

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Sure, if you can even call that living

i didn't know people who worked in chicken slaughterhouses were so philosophical. bravo. you have earned the right to be stunned before you are slaughtered in the human meat factories of the future

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Belgium is based as fuck for standing up against kikes and muslims like this.

What is daily life like in Belgium? All I know about them is that they resist kike influence commendably.

Oy gevalt! These anti-Semites need to be shut down right now!

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On the contrary, they should be given the highest praise and awards.

then you pit animal rights activist lunatics against them.
everyone wins

The kosher factories will continue on as normal and just pretend they are importing the shit.


Honestly, it's just dumb irony motivated by open hatred for Muslims.

Keep in mind, Belgium is still one of the few countries in the world where it's still legal to shove corn down a Duck/Goose just to fatten it's liver for latter preparation.

It feels kind of contradicting…

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