UK headed for Brexit delay and second referendum - Farage

Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said on Wednesday he thought Britain was heading for a delay to its scheduled March 29 exit from the European Union and probably would hold a fresh referendum on the country’s membership of the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a resounding defeat on her Brexit plan in parliament on Tuesday.

“I think and I fear that we are headed on a path towards delay and probably, yes, a second vote,” Farage, who pushed for the Brexit referendum of 2016 as leader of the UK Independence Party, told Sky News television.

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Whatever your opinions, this is your chance to make it clear to them what it is really you want…

Don’t just jump on the bandwagon without looking into it a bit. If they’re really holding a Second Referendum, you better at least make sure you’re 102% sure of your decision and that you are heard of profoundly this time.

Be proud you will be at least able to say: “The people have spoken for the second, and last, time…”

Brit peoples vote doesn't matter.

The pound actually grew after the result
The bankers are plotting something

If he pushes for it to be held again it’s not going to pass. He’s kind of a dumbass

What's the point of the first vote if they just demand you vote their way eventually. The EU is a cancerous growth

There never was a vote. It's an orchestrated event to play for time.

At this moment, I don't think they would demand anything in this clutter besides a few trade agreements to dodge a few raised tariffs.

Besides, if you had the chance to vote again just to make your point the clearest, would you?

At this point, I'm willing to give the government one last chance if they give a second one in favour of the "this is what we want more than anything 1000% sure" opinion.

It's not like anything's lost at this point, other than a horrible deal and a dumb prime minister.

If you think that the voices calling for a second referendum have honest intentions then you're too fucking stupid to help.

Yeah no. The people have already spoken and you lost.

Lol delays and (((voting))) until the masses refuse or they just cheat the polls too look like they refused the brexit.
This is so clear, even a 10 year old would notice. Guess all those African and arab doctors and engineers didnt raise the IQ as expected?

I never said that, I only said that their intentions are more clear at this point than a parliament that can't make up it's mind.

If you have better solutions other than a "vote once, no take-backs" mindset, I'm all ears.

But, if that's, by your standards, the only viable solution to this little membership dilemma, then let's agree to disagree.

agreed if he really said this it's the language of a sellout

You mean democracy? If the decision to leave the EU wasn't valid because ……. [insert usual bullshit mantras of the remoaner] then the referendum that took Britain into the EU wasn't valid, and no government on the planet has ever had a mandate. We know that the EU is anti-democracy (if you're thinking of arguing this then fuck off and do the reading first) so it makes sense that those who support it would be as anti-democracy as the institution they support.

I can't stop you disagreeing with me, but if by 'let's agree to disagree' you're asking me to validate your position then I can't do that until you explicitly come out as anti-democracy, anti-nation, collectivist, and in favour of a government structurally designed to ensure that you have no say in how it's run or what it does.

There are many fundamental, intractable issues with democracy. This wasn't supposed to be one of them.

Why don't they just keep voting every year and throwing out the result. That way they can delay for time but pretend they really care.

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Isn't it an EU policy to keep asking until you give the right answer, or just ignore the answer all together? I recall an infographic showing this…

It is not the votes that matter, but who counts the votes. Next time, Soros and his gang will be on hand to ensure the votes go the anti Brexit way. Very little chance of Brexit going through in another referendum. Sad days for Britain.

This. Also any lefty behaves in similar way.


if it goes down that path, you britcucks better start behaving like the french.

It's strange that we now live at the one point in history where that wouldn't be too bad an idea.

Jesus TWO FUCKING YEARS and still nothing.

Trump has at least erected some steel slats.

This is the very example of inefficient and evil government.

fuck off shill, the 2nd vote will be rigged "Stay" and the EU will hold it as a permanent decision in favor of the EJew

Seems to me that Western countries are splitting into two distinct groups. Those that want big government and all the pros / cons that come with that, i.e. the European Union, and those who want a very limited government, i.e. foundational United States and those pros / cons.
It would be grand if there were different countries still available so we could self segregate and settle these problems, but as most Western countries seem to be signing up for the former, where are the new countries to be found? Africa?

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