Future of coffee in doubt as 60 per cent of plants now at risk of extinction

Coffee drinking is in danger after a new study found that 60 per cent of plants are now at risk of extinction, including the variety which produces most of the world’s beans.

Researchers at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, have found that 75 of the world's 124 wild coffee species are under threat from the loss of forests, climate change and the worsening problem of fungal disease and pests.


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Fake news. The kikes are trying to push their agenda via coffee.

If only coffee would truly die.

Well maybe if agricultural science stopped making everything clones we wouldn't have this issue.


Coffee is poor man's tea

One of the biggest contributions to allowing such workaholic conditions is coffee. Once that is gone many people are going to break down and just up and quit.

Dont drink coffee or any other sugary jew substance! Drink water and only water, you’ll feel much better mentally and your skin/body will be healthier.

Goodbye Black Double Espresso, I used thy well.

Thank you for keeping me awake for an entire 3 Hours when I need it the most…


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Tea is gay man's coffee

The fuck is wrong with you? Drink black coffee that you brew in a French press with freshly ground beans, you philistine.

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Coffee is a beaner faggot's tea.

Dried leaves boiled in water? No thanks.

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and there's the narrative payload

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Just double the prices until the coffee plants make a rebound.

This. The real threat is 0 biodiversity. But who cares about mass famin when you can make a few fast bucks?

It's certainly being used to push an agenda, but not entirely fake. The article is just misleading and fails to mention deforestation, which is the actual cause. I guess that probably does count as fake news. I retract my earlier statement.

Why the fuck is Zig Forums so god damn fucking censored?!?!?

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Kratom is going to take its place in the states.

Id be so happy if coffee AND tobacco went extinct, its too abused making people think and act like idiots all day at work

kratom is degenerate as fuck

What makes it degenerate? Is any inebriant degenerate or does it depend on how its used?

So is anime but you still jack off to it.

If you have land and live in zone 9b you should invest in kratom, now. Its becoming huge in the US and the only real way to get it right now is to buy from asia. Ive been growing it for over a year and both my trees are as tall as I am
In a few more years, once the coffee shops that sell kava and kratom really boom, theyll want a US based source. One tree can make three kilos a year. I have two trees right now but am going to be making clones in march.

Grow organic US based kratom. Its a gold mine.


Coffee beans aren't beans, they're fruit

Soybeans are also fruit.

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Climate change is real but is caused by non white countries like China, Russia and the US

Soybeans are pulses you boong

Reminder that coffee has MUCH bigger chances to give you Alzeimer disease than cigarettes have chances to give you cancer.

Is that true? I'm 28, what if I stopped now?

do your own research instead of trusting people here

What a relief. I had a feeling that I should have taken the other guy's post with a grain of salt but my second great grandmother had Alzheimers and my mom would tell me stories about what it was like to take care of her like when she would wipe her bottom for her and the old woman would scream "WHO ARE YOU!" all the while. So, I'm really afraid of it, as you would understand.


Kratom is a fucking meme. Like salvia a few years ago. This time in 2020 literally nobody will be talking about it anymore.

Alzheimer's is indeed very hard for the families of these people. I wish there was a cure for this or something.
I'd commit euthanasia if I ever would get to such a stage.

There's still plenty of tea

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Agreed. I am absolutely terrified by the thought of having my very consciousness fall to pieces to such an extent that I can't even comprehend that it is happening.

Spot on. But not only that. Desertification is a big problem that also lowers biodiversity. It's alright to remove the trees, but if you don't replace it with a healthy grassland environment, it quickly turns to desert.

Desertification. Fossil fuels are just the icing on the cake. A cake that has been baking since humans first used fire for agriculture. Notice how every civilization/empire in a brittle climate has died out, whilst non-brittle climate societies have perpetually existed, only evolving in culture and practices; eg hunter-gatherer to transhumance, pagan to monotheism, yet they never truly fail or die out.

Honestly I think people who need coffee every day all day and act like it's normal are far more degenerate than people who take kratom a few times a week. Kratom addicts exist, but they're far rarer (even per capita of users) than caffeine addicts. If you take kratom too much, not only do you rapidly build a tolerance, but it makes you constipated and sick.