Children risk falling behind by age four because nursery teachers are poorly educated

Children risk falling behind by the age of four because nursery teachers are poorly educated, a new report suggests.

A quarter of early years practitioners - which includes child-minders as well as nursery teachers and assistants - have no qualifications beyond GCSEs, according to the Education Policy Institute (EPI).

Meanwhile A-levels are their highest qualification for just over a third (36 per cent) of those working with toddlers, the report found.

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ALL teachers are poorly educated

and can you believe it, the parents are even worse

Finally the world is catching on…

I had a piece of shit grade teacher for 5 Years who got the job by bribery and nepotism (no joke) even though she flunked her Magistrate, and she treated everybody in class like shit, especially me.

Mostly because my Honour Student mother was supposed to be the one to get the job, but she didn't win "the competition".

Honestly, I hope these lazy dumb-arse teachers get fucked in the end. I don't care what it is or how, I just want them to get educated themselves on why being responsible for flunking 85% of the class (I was luckily in the 15%) is a sin on society.

Publicly subsidized day care and re-education camp teachers are retards? Shocker

Falling behind by age 4? What the fuck do kids need to know at 4 years old? No wonder children and teens nowadays are more stressed than ever before, from the day you're born you're expected to perform well in school.

I remember one time there was this mentally challenged girl in our class who got nothing but [insert lowest grade in your country here] in our class.

The teacher verbally abused her at least once a week, and the whole class needed to hear how pathetic she was.

Outside of the class, she was just an ass like the rest of them. And she did her best to be the biggest ass out of all of us because of her environment.

Goes to show you that schools are like prisons, only difference is you actually have a future after you get out on "good terms".


sage negated

Devil's advocate: why would I earn a PhD and six figures of debt, just to babysit toddlers?

If what we know now isn't valuable, how do we expect future generations to learn anything valuable as well?

women control education, but they're idiots.

The only decent teachers are male. The women are absolutely unhinged sadistic pieces of shit. I love to see them fail and bitch and complain. Ever see a teacher who took any opinions right of Marx as legitimate? Me neither. Other than maybe a guy or 2 in high school.

This, tbh. They're fucking toddlers. Give them a juice, some blocks and a nap and they're all set. If children are "slipping through the cracks at this stage there is either something horribly wrong with the system or those kids aren't going to make it.

It's more than that. There are kids who are barely even able to speak complete sentences not getting the guidance they need. And kids who don't even know their colors. That's where the issue is.

My 5th grade teacher let the female students help her grade work. I honest can't remember any female teacher that wasn't a bitch that took out her personal issues on her male students. All of them were awful and had it been a man he wouldn't have a job.

This. The greatest teachers in my life were all male. They were no nonsense yet actually gave a shit. The women were either young and stupid/flirtatious or were old assholes

children ARE falling behind by age 4 because they spend too much time indoors, without eating dirt, without falling from the bike, without socializing, with sensory deprivation by tv and games and even books. Spongebob alone is responsible for drops of a dozen IQ points on average. Prove me wrong, protip you can't.

The inherent fatal flaw of nurseries is age segregation. Unsocialized children are all put together and mostly left to learn it from each other - the blind leading the blind - rather than socializing with older relatives first. Young children should be reared by their families, especially their mothers, at home, full time.

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wake up, they're in control of every-fucking-thing

Yellow Vest Protest, anyone?

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I actually had a teacher that said tuna comes from Dolphins.

That's why they're teachers.

Well, since it's primarily niggers teaching niggers what does it really matter? Let them fall behind in the public system. Thankfully, private schools hold educators to a higher standard so they can give White kids a better education.

that is because in drag net fishing operations, they catch all kinds of fish besides what their target is. that is how the term "drag net" came to be used in other context, such as surveillance. it's not that they hunt dolphin and call it tuna, but that notion of dolphin being in canned tuna is based on actual fishing practice, it is based on fact. not all fishing is done by drag net, but because of fukushima and other pollution of the waters, whether river or ocean, I dont even eat fish anymore. I do miss tuna sandwiches, but stopped because of contamination by radioactive and industrial waste, not because it may have some dolphin in it.

inb4: muh chinese super smart!!!!
yeah as an abacus in rare cases, not the whole

If you went to a private school, I'm fucking Santa Clause.

Montessori got this one right

Children are falling behind because the state has intruded too far into the private domain of the family; which has also been relentlessly undermined behind the facade of human rights. Destabilizing the home by manufacturing the conditions in which it is more favorable, if not essential, to work instead of properly raising one's child means the foundation of society is weak.

Children not only have developmental problems due to the regular absence of their mother, their minds are under utilized and engineered for the progressive agenda. The only 'values' taught are the broad, vague, politically correct concepts of 'diversity', 'tolerance' and 'equality'; relegating the traditional construction of a child's behavior to a bypassed station on the express route to cultural Marxism.

Unsurprisingly, many children are raised in a haphazard manner by their parents; who passively seek the advice of 'experts' and shun centuries of parental wisdom because it's not en vogue. Like elephants, humans need to be taught the majority of their skills required for survival and are entirely dependent on their mother for years. Where there is chaos, indiscipline and permissiveness at home, there is a child being neglected. They can be pampered with every piece of clothing, toy or material object; but if their mother (and father) aren't present, that gaping hole is filled by the state.

The irony with the child molester hysteria (because that's what it is really, not 'pedophilia') is that the majority of early childcare to teen teachers and assistants are far less scrutinized on their own mental well being, let alone their capacity to ensure the education and mental well being of their students. Female dominance in education has resulted in a greater number of students, both boys and girls but predominantly boys, failing to be taught beyond what is required for the workforce, if that. Surprise, surprise, they lack basic attributes at every age their predecessors possessed.

Moral relativism and the politically correct bubble that most in our institutions of so called learning reside in can only effectively produce similarly ignorant, useless and morally void individuals; the empty vessels desired for ultimate control of the population. Nobody can resist and counter this assault on our children, our future, than parents themselves. With so many foreign, defective and maladjusted children being in the education system, one must take matters into their own hands with education. Inaction is neglect and the essence of child abuse.

I love that no parent ever is held to account in an overly simplistic and optimistic system.

I'd say a third of my teachers were good, but were restricted from actually teaching due to the constraints of the (((curriculum))) handed down to them from the teaching standards body. Another third were mediocre and another third were in the wrong profession and should have been workplace trainers or something else. Overall the whole system is fucked and it's no longer seen as an honourable and respectable profession which is really sad.

The only way out is more red-pilled people or masculine men going into teaching or teaching regulation, but that is unlikely as it is tightly (((controlled))) for the most part.

My female history teacher was pretty woke. But she rarely revealed her PL because she knew it wasn't PC.

any child educated solely by public school has no chance in the modern job market.

Basically they are saying, Nationalism is winning the hearts minds and stomachs of Children.
Somehow Nationalism is winning against all odds.

And who is going to pay for that education and those nurseries.

Typical Progressive bullshit: they are going to force nursery teachers to be better educated, making them demand better pay (to pay off those education debts) and making the nurseries demand higher prices (so they can pay those higher wages). The poor children that this policy was intended to benefit now will just not go to these nurseries, harming them even more than if there had been no policy. And the Progressives can declare this a new emergency.

The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.


I think you're missing something very important. What you just described is capitalism. That's what we have right no.

theyre the same thing jew thats why national socialism is the only option

To solve the problem is to ban women from working. We gave them too many rights to the point that they are self entitled selfish feminists.

Children belong with their mothers. ADHD or whatever the initials are sounds exactly like the symptoms of PTSD. Think of it - a baby looking into the eyes of strangers when the only eyes a baby should be looking into are the eyes of their loving mothers. Our children are lost. Directionless. Invalidated. Like little adults, they are forced to comprehend behavior coming from the lowest income bracket and enough abuse has occurred that I’d say child care facilities are a magnet to hateful people with anger issues. Whole generations are being lost to war, drugs, bad parenting and given the status of victim-of-circumstance. Every mammal on earth stays by the side of their young until they are self sufficient. Constant and simple proximity is all that is required to keep the children from being beaten, raped or emotionally abused by an insensitive bully whose job happens to be around children.

Homeschool the kids. Schools are battle grounds and white kids are getting their asses kicked. Prisons are another place where the white population is feeling the brunt of our mirage called reality where hate toward the white race is bleeding rivers of tears.

It is difficult to learn when your head is filled with confusing behavior and fear of being subjected to ridicule, indifference or abuse. You can bet psychologists know this. Two parents working = double the taxes paid and access to your pride and joy.

Covert war has never been so evident. There are people in our countries whose mission is to throw a wrench into the works, they are paid to do it.

Middle class was not supposed to happen. Peasants are the preferred status. Globalization is the elimination of the middle class and what better way to do it than to ensure the children are so fucked up, they can do nothing more than sit and ponder the insanity we have allowed to form around us.

This is why I thought the free public education need to be defunded and make the parents pay for the education.


Raise your own damn kids.

Or don’t have children if they are unable to raise their children.