Irish Medical Journal Warns Against Shooting Up Semen For Science

Don't intravenously inject your own semen in your body! It's not the kind of thing you expect to have to explain to someone, but you have to realize everytime you read a disclaimer warning that the flea and tick remover is for external use only or other obvious instructions, that likely at least one person made that stupid mistake before the admonition was added to the package.

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makes sense, it will be clinicly developed within a decade.
the idea is using germ cells for tissue repair.
op is sure to have the healthiest mouth of the thread

Have you had semen injected into you Phil?

Diana must have gotten fired.

Sperm are not germ cells. You're an idiot. He tried this "treatment" for years and it didn't do a damn thing for him.

HEY! That's not true…he did have protein levels consistent with taking a supplement.

Amazing. I hate that I share a planet with humans like this.

Have seamen injected into you Phil!?

new performance enhancing technique banned in the Olympics:self injecting semen into arteries. injecting semen into anus still okay.

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What if I'm afraid of needles? Can I take it oraly?

Im sorry your shots gave you autism

Injecting is nigger tier, snort it.

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Shooting up semen and drinking piss, the based diet.

Of course it's Ireland.

choose life

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Tou know nothing about Thermo-dynamics…

Are you actually so fucking new that you've never seen troll science images?

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Cure yourself with semen needle injections? Please, for my enjoyment, explain how that works.