AMD Navi spotted in MacOS Mojave

it took a bit of seeking, but entries of AMDs next-gen Navi has surfaced in the Mojave MacOS version 14.2 as website Tonymacx86 spotted. As mentioned it took a bit of seeking, as the entries are located in actual programming code.

A file that is called AMDRadeon6000HWServiceskext has "Navi" listed in several segments of the code. Not just that, four models have been spotted: Navi 16, Navi 12, Navi 10 and Navi 9. The number could be related to the number of computeunits.

If AMD continues to use 64 shaders per compute unit in Navi, it means that the smallest discrete Navi GPU has been limited to 576 shader units in an aim to replace the Radeon RX 540, the Radeon RX 550, the Radeon RX 560 and all related mobile GPUs. Navi 16 would get 1024 Shader processors. Videocardz mentions these are likely names for different products, not the names of the GPUs. The device ID for NAVi was listed as 0x73101002.

If added to the code, logic assumes a lucnh is pending this year similar to when Apple added Vega's code to MacOS Sierra, after which Vega was launched I think it was six months later. So who knows, Navi within six months?


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It's kind of weird…

AMD makes so much innovative hardware, yet no matter what happens or what they make, they're still inferior compared to NVidia and Intel.

wonder how much corporate espionage goes into making that possible given the connection of Intel with Mossad and the CIA

not really true, what others are great at is squeezing every inch of performance and price(price hikes) out of components and out of you(always both)
they are great at actively taking advantage of people, psychological and technological manipulation included (exclusive tech access, rarely open source)
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AMD is fucking garbage. The only thing it's good at is overheating and slowing down apps. From Duron to Radeon, nothing has changed.

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Ryzen already beating the living shit out of intel in price/performance, just wait will q2. TDP of 3xxx Ryzen is going through the floor. A single engineering sample (lower, locked frequency than final silicon) just beat TWO top-end Xeon chips at cinebench running at half the wattage. Soon you'll hang, jew.

it's all wonderful but i'm waiting for a new apu that get in only 45W a decent iGPU


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As opposed to….?

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App means application, any application. Autocad is an app as much as Flappy Bird.

I'll be honest it's all neat but fuck man PCs are expensive
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Yes but in modern context app implies mobile application while program or software is the proper word to use for PC unless you're referring to games then well that one is obvious

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It's kind of weird…

AMD makes so much innovative hardware, yet no matter what happens or what they make, they're still inferior compared to NVidia and Intel.

Can't argue with the Nvidia part…yet, However Ryzen is far superior to anything Intel has currently, and even down the road, anyone who can't see that is simply an idiot or a shill. Which one are you?

In practice it hardly fucking matters. I went back and forth between both companies and not once have I had a problem with the teen tiny percentage difference that people jerk off over.
People that get off over the fastest single thread don't even play games they just like to talk about it.

They make good budget shit, and its hard to regain a market cap when youre already 20b behind your rival.


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Get a cheap 2200g rig user, its not AAA tier (maybe on low) but its budget and you can upgrade them in the future. $450 and under.

Check them numbers! AMD may be a company, though still not as dodgy as Intel.

^ TL:DR x86 is still fugged regardless until an open-source Risc-V player comes along and emulates x86.

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