Super Bowl Ad Featuring Medical Marijuana Success Stories Nixed By CBS

Baseball is supposedly the national pastime, but everybody knows that the Super Bowl is "the big game." It's not only the biggest sporting event of the year but also the number one place to get your ad shown. In fact, for the last couple of decades, Super Bowl commercials have become such a big deal, there are those who tune in for just the Halftime show and ads.

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no need to watch the super bowl i guess.

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why the fuck does anyone watch sports?

Why would any human being do that?

Brainlets are vulnerable to advertising.

Give them time. Now that (((big pharma))) has "patented" medicinal dude weed lmao the power of shekels will overcome any vestigial conservatism in the networks.

let's count the number of alcohol commercials that play.

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Every other commercial is for beer.
Post medical alcohol success stories not ending in sex as the "success" factor.

t. Brain damaged lib shit who smokes marijuana which causes brain damage

Because it's a thousand times more entertaining than watching niggers and meatheads play with a ball.

There is a Tor ban in /pol because mods are butthurt that someone does not like White Nationalism.

So since I cannot post in /pol because of that ban I'll just shitpost everywhere just like they do in /pol.

t. (you)
then why are the jews trying to ban it, genius?

You know there are other groups with power. right? Retard.

Where did I lump it in with any other drug? I didn't mention any other drug specifically or in reference.
Stop being a kike.


If mutts can sell drugs and become rich then so we can, there is no longer any kind of justification to not produce and sell hard drugs to burgerkikes, stop killing out coca fields you fucking hypocritical faggots fuck you.

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Weed is healthy if you dont abuse it. Why do you think weed is unhealthy? If you are going to talk about psychosis its not just because of weed its because of that persons genetics.

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Hey Baby Phil!
Whatchya up to?

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or stories of alcoholism and depression, you won't see that in a alcohol ad.

it treats (but doesn't cure) alzheimer's, glaucoma, epilepsy, and some types of arthritis.

chicks, a giant bottle of epic booze, and good weed. this is best in life.

if anything trump needs some good weed right now. and i mean some damn good weed.

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weed is legal because of the federal shutdown dumbasses

t. talking out of their asses


wew lad


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What other group controls the paper company though?

Anyone that understands censorship


No, in this case its tribalism through synecdoche. A person identifies with "their" sports team as an extension of themselves, usually just because they happen to live in the same city/state/region where that sports team is based. Therefore when that team performs well, it makes them feel good about themselves because it's like they are sharing in the success. Similarly, when a team they don't like does poorly, it can reflect badly on those "bad people" from the other city/state/region who support that team.