Eight years after uprising, Egyptians say freedoms have eroded

While what he describes as ‘half an imprisonment’ has disrupted his family life, career and education, Maher considers himself luckier than other activists of the 2011 uprising that ended autocratic president Hosni Mubarak’s 30 years in power.

Like many young Egyptians who camped out for days at Cairo’s Tahrir Square in 2011, the 38-year-old Nobel Peace Prize nominee expected Mubarak’s downfall to pave the way for more freedoms to allow the country to flourish.


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And then these idiots immediately voted the Muslim Brotherhood into power…what?

Check out those QuadDubs. How is this "trending" on the front page? With a single solitary saged reply. The lengths newsplus will go to make their shit seem relevant. Hawhaw.

About as legitimately as Hitler's rise to power.

How does that work? Hitler was a direct reaction to Weimar conditions imposed by jewish bankers. Nobody invaded Egypt after their uprising, so it's clearly not the same. The (((bankers))) are satisfied with who came to power after 2011.

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America is still the best democracy on earth, which ain't saying much.

Muzzies don't want freedom, they want cheaper food so they can feed their 4 wives and 16 children without having to get a full time job.

oh now I get it, he's mad that he can't fag it up in public without getting his head smashed in.

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how many freedoms have they lost?
why don't they import some freedoms, or look online for cheaper freedoms. I heard freedoms are best value when bought in packs of ten freedoms.
america could give several freedoms to the egypt, and the egypt could give them some freedoms back when they have some freedoms spare.
no one should be without at least 23 freedoms.

Nice, you discredited one obvious falsehood while spewing some /trannypol/ agenda directly afterwards.
Hitler was voted in, and his country loved him.
(((arab spring))) however was not spontaneous in the slightest, and was instead a series of soft/hard governmental replacement exercises.

Eroding freedoms… how very Islamic.

Allah knows best.

"Arab Spring" was just rhetoric for justifying US adventures in the Middle East.

Sounds like all of Utah and half of the Appalachian states.

Hitler wasn't voted into power, he was appointed chancellor which was how the (((Weismar Republic))) worked. Now, you could argue that the republic wasn't a legitimate government…

Egyptians are pretty stupid, but then again look who we elected in the 2018 Midterms.

arab spring = mossad pilpul

Checked and Hailed

That webm was short but informative. Got any more?

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Freedom ain't free

Oy vey. Time for Israel and America to invade Egypt. They need "democracy" and a private jewish central bank–plus Israel needs expanding.

Wow what a fucking surprise!

Reminder that Gaddafi's downfall paved the way for the nigger invasion of Europe.

(((Arab Spring))) was the tinderbox that led to the rapefugee crisis.

So exactly what happens every time shitskins are put in charge of anything happened. Good to know.

Golf clap for them thar pyramids, aliens.

Self-worshipping installations for your dumb religion is more important than our long-term enrichment. Kudos!

I don't think they've yet given up going after Assad, unfortunately.

why would they want just one freedom, don't be an idiot.
it clearly states they need freedoms, lots of freedoms, 12 being the minimum number of freedoms that should be available at any one time.
some freedoms are free, especially if you buy freedoms in bulk, they usually throw in a spare freedom or two in the massive crate of freedoms because you are a good customer.

gaddafi wasn't in egypt apart from on holidays and business trips.
are you in the right thread?
you're correct about (((arab spring))) though, but that was evident at the time it was happening - the CIA themselves stating in public channels that they'd been pushing through social media and were having varying success.
as for libya, they tried it out there, then it didn't work because the population liked gaddafi too much to be misled by propaganda. that's why they sent in their paid for terrorists to attack all over the place, and then claim that gaddafi was "gassing his own people", the same line they use for every leader they want out of the way.
They tried it in syria, a number of times, and didn't succeed, so they upped the levels of attack and threw more and more weapons/mercenaries/terrorists into play. The russians weren't letting it happen though.
Had the russians stepped in on libya, things would have gone a lot better.

the previous shitskin had kept the country stable.
(((they))) didn't want that, so they destabilised the country - as seen in 50 other countries around the world.

They can keep trying, but it won't work. Assad has the full backing or Russia and Iran. The US have officially pulled out, and the british and french are deploying to the region (Iraq actually) to replace the americans. But the french have their own problems at home to deal with.

their secret service tortured to death Giulio Regeni, who probably was set up as an intelligence gathering guy without realizing it. Not content, they let the body be found, and they came with a string of bullshit excuses. This might be some deviate service who wants to isolate Egypt, yet they did a fucking good job.
Il Friuli ringrazia e non dimentica.

So quite legit then

Russia has been trying harder than America to dispose of Assad by you can't Mossad him even if your Vladimir Kikenin