Muslim schoolgirls filmed by man in 'disturbing' racist video

Police are investigating a “disturbing” video that shows a man following Muslim schoolgirls and calling for them to be sterilised.

Footage circulating on social media shows the man filming as he gets off a bus in Bow, east London, while pupils including girls wearing headscarves leave a nearby school.

As he starts walking down the road amid groups of girls he is heard calling them “black c*s” who are going to “breed like f*ing rats”.

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i am very disturbed by this video. this footage should not be circulating on social media.


How is he wrong though?
They shouldn't be sterilized. They should be killed.

Eugenics was the right path and the most natural observable law that science rejects. It's only denied because it is true and would put the coward on the stand to defend his own worthiness for existence along with his entire blood line.

I'm disturbed just by the picture alone.

poor baito

Where's the lie though?

Wew. Also he's not wrong, but it's more effective to sterilize males. One male can impregnate as many females as time and biology will allow, including those not of their own race, but a female can only be pregnant once at one time and is laid up for about 9 months.

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Well, it sure disturbed my funny bone.

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You say that until its decided that YOU are not fit to reproduce, either. In fact, the people in charge have just decided to kill you off right now to prevent the likelihood that you do so anyway.

And when you cry about "m-muh rights", they simply tell you that rights are not naturally observable laws, and drop the guillotine blade.

cool story faggot, now show these cretins that this already happens in israel, not the video taping or the name calling but the sterilization.

It's way worse than that. European scientists have brought up the plan to sterilize extreme poverty into manageable numbers for many decades, just to be shut-down by governments, media and religions. That's the official version. In reality jews are gate-keeping and breeding poverty to weaponize and profiteer from it. Human trafficking, prostitution, child abuse, organ trafficking, drugs, slave labor, child soldiers, field tests for pharmaceuticals and biological epidemics etc. Then we have the motivational factor…poverty is the tool to drive humans into wars for, poverty is the motivation for all the religious rackets of compassion, poverty is the money making scheme to rob the wealthy out of donations, poverty is the legal trickery to hide tax shelters and wash dirty money, and it is poverty that gives jewish organized crime the freedom to create terrorist cells and build bases of operations securely in between all the misery.

pepe le pegman

video can be seen here

lazy /newspus/ resurters
no wonder board is dying

This is the reason poverty still exists at all. A rational world would not allow poverty stricken people to reproduce like rats, which fight each for scraps of food from the tables of kikes. The problem of poverty would solve itself if gibs required free mandatory sterilization to qualify.

A few generations later and a tendency towards laziness would largely be bred out of the population.

Funny because if Eugenics was applied you wouldn't be alive.

as long as every single brown does, including niggers, dunecoons and kikes get the snip, i'd take one for the team.
of course, they'd have to go first.
get fucked.

You might want to survey public opinion on which group should be sterilized first: 8Chumps or muslims. Just sayin' the tyranny of the majority requires a majority.

Conservatives: always the most mentally stable people around.

he said he'd take one for the team, implying the team would live you dumb negro

I think like the parents who force their child to smoke several packets of cigarettes to put them off for life, the amazing and brave heros the british police force should make this man video muslim schoolgirls for several hours a day, every day for a year. Uploading or streaming them to this site.
He would have to follow them to all their boring toilet breaks, into the changing rooms, their bedrooms and so on. That would teach him, and by publicly uploading, we could make sure he is carrying out his well deserved sentence.
To further punish him during the filming, he could be forced to interact with them, by telling them to undress, stick objects in their holes, and pissing on each other, then licking it off.
In an extended punishment to all those racist males who liked the video, they could be forced to impregnate them all, constantly, in their vaginas anuses and mouths.

They aren't poverty stricken. Those families of 8 spawn receive hundreds of thousands a year in benefits from the government. One family was up to £600,000.
Meanwhile there are hundreds of thousands of homeless Englishmen, and English families living in real poverty.

I see your video and rise you the paki immigrants that shoot photos of white girls with their cellphones. Preferably under 12.

The difference being, this guy is probably a false flag.

He should be able to film the children of invaders, local or foreign born, at his discretion. If only there were Britons willing to convert their angst into action.

Once you're dead there is no team. He's no better than a suicide bomber, and without the incentive of 72 virgins

You are nothing

it's too late, britain has fallen. people like him will go to prison while muslims will multiply like rats

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They can only delay it for so long. Population controls are essential and will only become even more essential in the future.

I don't know what a bleep is. Can someone post a real video that hasn't been censored to death?

I like how everyone seems to believe in eugenics but also jack off to anime and sit on their asses most of the day.

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While I'm a firm believer in White supremacy I don't see myself as the blueprint for the master race. I'm good but there are better. I would gladly decline reproducing if I knew the highest of standards where being upheld to further mankind.

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Which is impossible you cannot give people that kind of power to and expect honest results. Corruption is everywhere.

There isn't 1 Japanese animation in the whole thread.

Exactly this. Every time power is offered to only a small select group, the rich bend the definition until it only includes them. Every time.

Only gods should rule. Rich person: I am a god!
Only the smartest people should rule. Rich person: I am the smartest!
Only kings should rule. Rich person: good thing I made myself king, then.
Only the just should rule. Rich person: nothing says justice like fat stacks of cash.
Only those who have accomplished the most should rule. Rich person: people only get rich because of hard work, therefore I'm the best!
Only those with superior genetics should rule. Rich person: oh, wow, it just so happens by complete coincidence that my genetics are exactly those!

Guess what nigger, I've accepted that fate since I have Autism meaning children of mine would be burdened as such
The real question is when would you accept eugenics
Also nice emotional response (ie not an argument)

Its almost as if the rejects realised the world would be great if there weren't rejects

Hitler handled it fine
And honestly someone like Hitler or Goebbels is perfect for such since they do have their deficiencies so they would want something greater than themselves
This of course doesn't work if those who are deficient see themselves as superior, hence why it works with Hitler but not Bibi or Xi

Which is why poor fags who fought to the peak are what's needed

You mean the people who gained vast wealth through sheer dumb luck? Read up on survivorship bias, then come back to me.