New York Times finds Trump campaign aides, and Trump, too, had plenty of contact with Russians

During the 2016 presidential campaign and transition, Donald Trump and at least 17 campaign officials and advisers had contacts with Russian nationals and WikiLeaks, or their intermediaries, a New York Times analysis has found.

At least 10 other associates were told about interactions but did not have any themselves. Knowledge of these interactions is based on Times reporting, documents submitted to Congress, and court records and accusations related to the special counsel investigating foreign interference in the election.

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and so did all of the Democrat leadership whats your point?

No they didn't.

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Flynn was working for the Turks and Trump has lots of connections with Israel… but "muh Russians."

Bill Clinton rented out the Lincoln bedroom to the Chinese and gave them advanced guidance technology back in the 90s, but that's okay though.

If you're accused of murder, telling the judge that other people have also murdered is not a fucking defense!

Retroactively making it illegal to do something doesn't mean you can charge someone with that bullshit crime. The Democrats are equating contact with collusion. Trump was a private citizen and up until 2017 there was no problem doing business or knowing Russians. But now there is a problem only because the same people accusing Trump are saying there is a problem. Do you not see the issue here?

The NYT analysis was merely based on their own superstition and hearsay from several anti-Trump sources, looking to discredit his campaign in typically jew fashion.

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Next group that should learn to code

That ship sailed a long, long time ago, Jimmy Cricket.

Except conflict of interest is no longer being investigated as none was found. What's being investigated is collusion, namely Trump working with Russia to undermine the election process. Except in the court of public mob, collusion means anything they want it to mean.

Hey NYT, wanna have some evidence for a hostile foreign power with access to the White House? Look at this…

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>(((New York Times))) finds
Fake and gay.

more like respected and factual you anti-semite, oy vey

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No collusion evidence had been found. Can't call Trump on a lie when we don't know what he's lying about or if he's lying in the first place
Mueller is still around.

What reality do you live in, user?



i'll take your word for it muppet

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this thread is a waste of HDD space.

The reality is that, after 2015, Trump had no contact with Russians and prior to that time his contact was of a business nature, making large international deals worth billions of dollars but you wouldn't understand anything about wealth or its acquisition.

The truth of the matter is simple and easy for anyone to understand and that has to do with a very old tactic of the Left, which is to blame your opponent of the very things that you, yourselves, are doing.
Lenin and the Bolsheviks did this
Stalin did this with his "purges"
Hitler did it.
Pol Pot did it
Every "liberal" leftist ruler of the 20th century did this and, now, you're doing it. Why? Because you don't know how to do anything else.
Being poorly and improperly educated, you have no real or true idea whatsoever who and what it is that you're attacking or why.
But, the truth is that you're volunteering yourself to be a Useful Idiot for those who would like to seize power and keep it to themselves for their own benefit.
Perhaps you live under the delusion that, somehow, you would be part of the ruling elite if you help them? That you would be given some choice position in your imagined new government if you prove useful?
Nope, you won't. There will be two results: one, you will be imprisoned for reprogramming, probably for the rest of your life or, two, you will be put against a wall and shot if you prove to be too much of a nuisance or know too much.

So, with all of that said, it's time for you to wake up, throw off the chains your leftists masters have shackled you with and become a free individual in a still free nation before it's too late.

Trump himself may not had any contact with Russians. And if he said "yes I spoke to someone who is Russian" he would immediately have been accused even more harshly by the mob of public opinion. You know it's not a crime to talk to anyone, even Putin, but they made it a crime. Literally dammed if you do dammed if you don't, so him saying he didn't talk to Russians is the only way to go.

Comey was irrelevant and outed himself in a hearing as leaking the dossier to get Mueller appointed to start the investigation.

Sorry user but it seems you're reaching too hard. Try not to spam and get banned again, okay?

Exactly. The Russian ambassador that's been at the past few inaugurations and is friends with a lot of Democrats in Congress. And the Russian lawyer who met with Democratic within weeks before and after meeting with Trump's son. Then they turn around and go "but you can't point fingers as defense" expect yes you fucking can because you can't make something into a crime if you're already doing it!

With what, exactly?

With things completely unrelated to Trump so that means Trump is totally guilty of something.

What the Left doesn't understand is this only serves them. The independent voters who follow this aren't voting it. Neither are Republicans.


Let me make myself perfectly clear: even if Trump admitted he was a Russin sleeper agent, he would STILL be a better president than Hillary. If that evil cunt had won, we'd currently be in the second year of a war with Russia.

typical impotent american. instead of actually making change because the 2 worst human beings got trotted out as choices just votes for a russian agent and business cocksucker #2 and pretends its so much different

Typical fag



Riddle me this Batman…..If it was actually plausible that Trump colluded with Russians, wouldn't Antifa and all of the Socialist scum back him 110%?

Capone was a booze smuggler who got charged and convicted of violating prohibition and evading taxes. They didn't bust him for tax evasion because they could not prove his crimes, they did it because they wanted to nail him to the wall. An interesting distraction but not a very helpful one.

What were the men in the info-graph charged with, exactly? Is it related to Russia at all?

i dunno if you know why there's a special counsel investigating and how these charges are happening but i imagine you're pretending to be retarded

1. I'm not an American
2. You can sneer and armchair quarterback all you like, but it's a rare people who can scream "That's it for candidates?! Fuck this shit, we're burning this shit to the ground and we're starting over!" It doesn't normally work that way. People just do the best they can.

Stop nobody cares. If there was something there they'd have found it. Until they do find something ANYTHING actually tangible the media needs to shut the fuck up. Yes Russians exist and people talk to people THIS IS NOT NEWS.

well yea, the entire country is literally wage slaves. cant afford to protest