Cannabis cookies given to boy, 4, for temper tantrums

A California doctor is fighting for his licence after he prescribed cannabis cookies to a four-year-old boy.

Dr William Eidelman, a natural medicine physician, said small doses of marijuana would help control the child's temper tantrums.

The doctor misdiagnosed the child as having bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

The Medical Board of California ruled to revoke the doctor's licence but he has launched an appeal.

The board did not seek to revoke the licence because the doctor had prescribed cannabis to a child, but because he was "negligent in his care and treatment" and had failed to consult a psychiatrist in the case.

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Not a bad idea tbh

give him discipline, not weed cookies

much better than giving them meth, but if the doc prescribed more than 5 mg a day he should have his license taken.

What he needs is to get his ass beat.

Yeah… If instead of weed he had prescribed legal hard drugs three times a day and some vaccines, he would have no problem for this is what any usual doctor does every day…
The real problem here is space-cookies are not sold by Big Pharma ©.

Slimy anglo fucks, why the fuck did you even began regulating drugs if you where going to be one the first to cave in? where you expecting to curb stomp the revenue that comes from the drug trade for other countries all the while you get rich by legally selling weed to fucking kids? kill yourself hypocrites, let us sell meth and heroin then you fucking faggots.

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So they're rewarding shitty behavior with a sweet treat. Fucking morons.

In the short term he'll calm down, sure. But in the long term he'll surely realize they're lacing the cookies with drugs, and he'll crave for more. So whenever this kid is sober, he's going to be having a fucking shitfit because he wants to be high.

They're pissed because kid wasn't given big pharma drugs. Instead he got some chillout weed in cookies.

You realize that weed fucks up brain development in kids, right?

out of all the people I know who got beaten a lot as a child I am the only one who fought back, and guess what, all the others say that same "talk shit, get hit", "beatings make u a man" retarded SHIT. fucking victims trying to spread ur weak shit to others coz your parents were too dumb to speak to you.

What a kike.
so not only is he mad but he got his lawyers involved. If this doesnt illustrate the problem in our society, what does?

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Well that's not the point. The point is weed is basically free and can't be patented and all that shit. They can't make big money and turn the kid into a cash cow, and milk him for decades while fucking him up good.

did you know that it's not the weed? It is the behavior of the child while growing up. Children that smoke weed become much less "trained" of an individual than children who don't, which is labeled as having a tighter knit reward system in our society.

Who the fuck said anything about beatings Jesus it only takes 1 spanking to get them to stop doing stupid shit.

great idea tbh

Just touch his ass!


better than SSRIs.

still, not a good idea. maybe if mom wasn't a fucking careerist feminazi cunt she could stay home and make sure the kid was properly taken care of.

You misunderstood completely. A doctor who isn't a psychiatrist cannot legally diagnose someone with a mental disorder, and therefore cannot prescribe a medication to treat said disorder. If he'd been prescribed the weed to treat pain or inflammation, it would have been okay.

It would be like a car mechanic recommending a specific type of weld to fix airplane wings. Yeah they're KINDA related, but he's still not an expert in that field, so it's not okay.

The doctor in question

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