Russia Moves to Decriminalize 'Unavoidable' Bribes, Following Putin's Proposal

Russia’s Justice Ministry has proposed to stop punishing officials implicated in bribery or other acts of corruption under “exceptional circumstances” in new draft legislation, following a plan set by Russian President Vladimir Putin last year.

Putin proposed the measure in an anti-corruption plan signed in June 2018 that called for legislation that would allow officials to escape prosecution for corruption under “exceptional circumstances.” Russia ranks among the world’s most corrupt countries, with Transparency International’s annual corruption perceptions index ranking it in 138th place this year out of 180 countries.

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Russia will always remain a backwater.

Is anyone surprised?

Explain this, Putin ass-kissers

Explain alphabets having slush fund

They are preparing for Trumps defection

Imagine being so retarded you take supposed >>collusion and think it qualifies as an >>Unavoidable Bribes

In other news, people who are run off the road by other drives will be charged with bank robbery because 222570 doesn't know how to connect the dots properly…

The mindset of its people keep it that way.

Journalism never changes

Just call it lobbying. We all know what is really going on anyway.

unavoidable bribes…
corruption is frowned upon unless its exceptional. lol wutt? fake news. so how much is someone supposed to hold out for? how much cash is exceptional?

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This is what the FBI and Deep State actually believe.

Fucking hell who are they kidding?!?

t. Angry cuck

Wasted trips

Hence why it rivals the US as a world power, amirite?

This what the fuck man.

Russia doesn’t rival the US as a world power and never did. The USSR was a temporary situation created by the anglosphere to destroy a real rival Germany.

This is actually a genius move.

The only way people who have been pushed into the have-shit-on-each-other-or-gtfo-game to 'leave it' is now possible with this law.

The ones who still want to do 'ebil' deeds and keep on shitting on everyone, including themselves, will continue doing this.

It's basically a get-out-of-jail card given for free. But you now only have one.

Everyone who've gotten to a position will now be able to hold it morally and cut ties to anyone who can't stop sucking cock to get others to suck theirs.


Now it's possible for the righteous minded people to hold their ground with others who go to the forefront with their story. It takes time to gain trust with others and sometimes people have been pushed into corrupt schemes just to keep afloat.

I didn't know Russia had such a initiative ready so fast. I guess that's just a proof of how a national based economy can make progress against world Jewry.

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lol it's not 1964 anymore, grandpa.

Most of Russia's former satellites are now a part of NATO. Esonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Georgians, and I think Armenia IIRC all fucking hate you for holding them hostage for 50 years.

Russia's government's prime goal in life is to avoid a Russian version of the Velvet/Silent/Orange revolution.

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Disappointed but not surprised.

Georgia was once an extremely corrupt country and now it is super clean. But first we need to kill Putin

Probably China rival the US, my country is essentially a gas station

Don't be ridiculous. Russia is basically Brazil Except With Nukes. They're a shitty third-world-level country that tries to hide how weak they are by building some nice touristy cities while the majority of its population is starving out in rural areas.


That vague clause isn't going to do anything but give officials an excuse to have said cocksuckers excused for their cocksucking if it benefits the powers-that-be. You're wearing some seriously rosy glasses there "user."

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