Nolte: Microsoft’s NewsGuard Blacklist Admits ‘Credible’ Outlets Spread Fake News

NewsGuard admitted Monday that many of the news outlets it labels as “credible” are guilty of spreading fake news.

NewsGuard is Microsoft’s blacklisting tool, a browser plug-in that tells readers which news outlets are “credible” and which are fake news. Naturally, NewsGuard has awarded every establishment media on the planet with its “credible” rating, including those that regularly and deliberately spread fake news, such as NBC News, the Washington Post, CNN, Buzzfeed, etc.

And naturally, the sites included on NewsGuard’s blacklist are anti-establishment: Breitbart, WikiLeaks, Judicial Watch, Drudge, Gateway Pundit…

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69 confirms.

Microsoft has no business being involved in what news people digest. What went through their heads when they thought that they should start censoring news-sites? Fuck off, you totalitarian cunts.

You tell 'em!
I'm sure they're listening.

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This is true.

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Truth is in the art.

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Sure thing rabbi

Let's be honest here
Both sides are wrong and the Holocaust was a lie HH

They put buzzfeed on the credible side.

Also the daily mail as fake news because it covers stories the mainstream media is scared of. For instance all those muslim rape gang stories here in the UK were first broken by the daily mail.

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Every user of Windows should immediately remove this spyware which prohibits browsing freedom and targeting users with adds and popups.

Windows users should also check out P2P networks (such as Tribler or Soulseek) and find an ISO of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and have a backup to avoid Microsoft's new Windows 10 botnet which is loaded to the brim with third party bloatware and telemetry spying.

This is one reason I have backups of older operating systems and software. I don't trust these corporations at all. You can find some awesome free linux OS systems @ DistroWatch or find older ripped Windows systems on almost any P2P or bit torrent network these days. Highly recommended!

I even have a "pen drive" bootable Windows XP that can be booted directly from thumb drives. If anyone wants it, I can mirror it up with a serial.

How To Uninstall Windows 10 Apps Like Maps, Edge, Mail, Candy Crush


The Business LTSC build of Windows 10 comes without a lot of the crap that normal 10 has, and there's some other software to disable (or at least feel like its disabling) other telemetry related settings.
It's probably a big thing to do for some people but buying a separate HDD and dual booting between Linux and Windows 10 for certain programs isn't a bad idea at all. It's a lot better than keeping your files and doing important shit that Microsoft will spy on in 10, or any version of Windows really.

Fake news. Breitbart is not a credible news source. Have you seen it's newsguard rating?

Unironically selling censorship as a SERVICE or a goddamn app. Wew lads, 2019.

Sure. Post it. Of course the serial will only work for one device, but do it! You have no keygen or cracked version?
Also, fuck every old OS! The new hardware won't abide, nor should it have to. If you care about privacy and don't want to use a Live solution like TAILS, or a virtual solution like Whonix, then use a REAL & Modern distro like Trisquel 8.0. Try it in a virtual environment. You might like it enough to install it! I did! I liked it a lot better than PureOS, which I really wanted to like.
If you're a Windoze user you can slide on over to Linux Mint 19.1 with no problems whatsoever. Fuck Windoze forever. Just bought a new laptop for my daughter's 18th birthday. First thing I did was break out gParted and VeraCrypt to completely wipe, encrypt and partition the hard drive, blowing Windoze 10 right the fuck out, then I installed Linux Mint 19.1 with some of my favorite programs, and with several browsers hardened the way I like them (fuck your outdated, un-updated, vulnerable old excuses for browsers, Killcen!) My daughter has never been happier. I got my 83 yr old mother and 82 yr old dad to switch to Linux Mint a year ago. Most of my friends are switching over now too. Friends don't let friends do Windoze.
Enjoy this day!

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Fuck dual-booting.
I can't even tell you all the reasons why that is a bad idea. Look it up.
Just make the break once and for all.
Go Linux all the way. Run Windoze on a virtual machine like VirtualBox if you must. Fuck Wine! But don't, for the love of Goddess, dual-boot!


Here is a "pen drive" boot for Windows XP.

Here is a "pen drive" boot for Windows 7

And Windows 8

You could easily install a free linux OS if you want, check out Distro Watch.

Also, you could be a legit copy of an older Windows for cheap at Ebay if you are paranoid.


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Thx. I'll check 'em out..

aBrowser, or Abrowser, whatever it's called that comes with Trisquel is pretty comfy:
They have an Android app too:
I have not tried the Liink cross-platform bookmarks thing put out by them, but may later today or this weekend and will report back. Synching bookmatks between all browsers on all devices has always been a pain in the ass. We'll see if they can do it better.

Simply follow the "Read Me" instructions and its very simple. You can make them bootable via a USB stick.

Only thing I DON'T like about most popular linux platforms is they don't have the audio or video codecs installed by default. You have to manually install them from online sources which I think sucks ass. Is Trisquel the same way?

Nope. I had no troubles. Works out of the box, as it were. Finally in 19.1 Tessa, Linux Mint also got around to making codecs friendly – certainly better than windos and all the proprietary bullshit they shove on everyone.

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The REAL question is:
Which Will Come First?
Trump's Wall?
Trisquel 9.0 Etonia?
can we have both right NAO?
and why would anything be based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?
will probably stick with 8.0 Flidas for awhile.

Jim, why do you hate me?

What did I do thats so wrong?

It's not about (You)..

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Reminder that this form of censorship is tame compared to what is really going on out there.

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