Trump says he'll let Justice Department make decision on Mueller report release

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he will defer to the Department of Justice about how to handle the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report but may ask the FBI to review its use-of-force policies in the wake of Roger Stone's arrest.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, the president said he had “never” spoken to acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker about the probe and that when Mueller wraps up his investigation “they’ll have to make their decision within the Justice Department” as to whether they will release the report publicly or not.

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He put a hack in the department so of course he will. Impeachment is right arou d the corner.


Imagine having so little to worry about in your life that you must constantly wish impeachment even though absolutely nothing bad has happened these past 2 years to you

Sure it is, buddy. Don't hold your breath!
On second thought…



It's wrong think to not be a gay or minority according to your Democrat masters
Bullshit, we can tell your sjw allegiance

Who is the party that crucified 15 year olds for a "face crime"? I'll wait.

200 IQ retard

cuckservatives projecting again!

Democrats are fucking retarded confirmed. If you only knew they people you support would just as quickly kill you if they had absolute power

Is this what CNN told you?

The only person that will be dragged out is you for being a libtard. Can't wait

who's the party jailing babies right now?

Republicans are fucking retarded confirmed. If you only knew they people you support would just as quickly kill you if they had absolute power

In 6 years when you're still in that same seat of yours and nothing bad happened to you, will you admit you were wrong?

Living rent free in your mind, forever and ever

What do you gain repeating this retarded shit over and over?

White babies?

Legal or illegal babies?

So then they should just jail the parents and let them kids be sold into prostitution. Sounds like something you Democrats are into.

Pick one, idiot

what do you gain from repeating your retarded shit over and over?

the party of false dichotomy everyone

Good idea let's make the kids orphans instead! Retard

So what should we do instead?

let russia govern america

l-look at those triggered libs

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This thread is awesome!
Libs super mad
Cons super mad
No wall no daca
Still have muh gunz and dude weed lol
Y so srs?

What evidence exists that Trump cares about the 1st amendment ?

I guess you could say he cares in relation to his own rights.

internet research agency

You know this is a good point, there really is none aside from a vague tweet insinuating that big tech is "being watched" a while back.

I mean he let his boy Roger Stone's media outlet get banned from pretty much everywhere with nary a peep.

What, nobody's going to check this shit?

Imagine sitting next to a ticking time-bomb, and smiling like a retard about how nothing bad has happened to you yet, so this clearly means everything will be fine forever.


hopefully it all goes forever, so that nothing ever has to happen except slowly encroaching pro-jewish police state

way to go tramp

Don, you broke my fuckin heart, buddy.

guess you have to go back to your old lover putin

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Politico news psyop is now real news?

Defer to JD?

Rated (C) for comedy.


How many Presidents has Roger Stone punked for?

Answer the question correctly and win a free MAGA hat.

This comment is SO PERFECT.

I'll just agree, drumpf is binisht and this Mueller investigation is loaded with juicy smoking guns that PROVE the election was hacked and Trump is butin now.

Zig Forums,/n+/+Zig Forums ha8chan (psyop) matrix breaking down.
Fake news illusion of "Operation White Rabbit" lacking in credibility like CNN, FOX, Politico, Goldwater, et'al etc.

Muller report was competed in November why are we still waiting for it?

remember? he was going to drop it but was wait till after the midterms but then the Republicans got a larger majority and congress

and the witch hunt continues

you're either a russian shill or fucking stupid

Lotta NewsGuard in this thread tonight.