Man accused of raping three children in a week was released on bail twice by same judge

A New Mexico man accused of raping three children in a week and sexually assaulting his own 13-year-old daughter was released on bail twice by the same judge before being arrested a third time on Monday after a statewide manhunt.

Raymond Hernandez, 29, was first taken into custody on January 15 after allegedly raping a teenage girl and beating her friend. Judge Ernest Ortega released him on a $10,000 bond.

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possible that they didn't have enough evidence

Even if you don't have evidence, what happened to the credibility of victims? How is that you don't have evidence when someone got beat and another got raped? Also why don't you put the guy on the county jail for some days until things get cold? Smells bad.

That judge doesn’t even have a law degree:

Affirmative action is one hell of a drug.

>(((possible that they didn't have enough evidence)))
t. bootlicker

You… Can become a judge without a law degree?? The fuck

Is a 13 year old really a child these days?

Yup, in certain states judges are put into the position by election, not by appointment.

Passing the BAR doesn't require you to have spent so much as a day in law school

where have we seen this before?

more proof america needs to remove all non-whites from its population.

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what a total mockery of justice America is today

Imagine my shock.

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Spics gonna spic I guess

a hanging is fine too

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Sombody should post this story once a week.

Judge Ortega came to his position through unlikely avenues. He did not go to law school, but rather studied pre-law in college and graduated to study “the making of law” under New Mexico State Senator Jeff Bingaman.

How is this in the least bit surprising when we have a President who couldn't even pass 8th grade civics class?

Looks like a middle school computer class edit.

isn't requiring a preponderance of evidence the opposite of boot licking? It's the complete opposite of an authoritarian police state.

He is mentally ill, please dont engage

not if we don't like someone for whatever reason user
You'd think you'd get that?

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I bet he watches loli too


Three years later and still this upset.

Are you kidding? 33 year olds are children these days.

If a guy broke into your house and started kicking the shit out of you and raping your kids, would you stop getting upset just because a particular length of time had passed?

You have beaten-woman syndrome.

would you allow it if he's a muslim?

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No wonder 8fag is shite.

Remember that pedophiles look out for each other.

Are there really aborted fetuses in our food and cosmetics ?

The he wouldn't be obligated to pay a 10.000 bond

Sounds legit. Of course, the right thing to do would be to just let him go outright.

Exactly. It’s gone too far now.

I'm a stern conservative judge and I say let hang all bigot scum, starting with you

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Obama didn't only not pass his civics class….he doesn't pass as human! Good call though.

Hope you never get accused of a crime you didn't do friend. Trust me it sucks.

Since you did not answer the question, that means you concede the point. Good job, idiot.

Pic related.

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You're wrong about one thing - you're actually a gay homosexual faggot

pic related is the dumbest thing i've ever seen, congrats on being mentally impaired
this is the worst subreddit on reddit. I hope you all get AIDS

go fuck yourself

Oh baby, I'm so convinced.

I eagerly await the time when you're dragged into court because someone accused you of something, and you're judged as guilty even though there is zero evidence other than that person saying you did it.

Just remember: this is what you wanted.

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It's a good enough excuse for the "white" people, iddn't it?

tradcucks are pretty stupid.

not that one is needed when a suspected child rapist comes in for the fucking second time in a week.

Tbh he dindu nuffin…

Be safe friend. What your dad did wasnt right no matter how your body reacted. There are resources that can help, please reach out.

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10,000 dollar bond? I should've raped 60 children.

Holy shit

I have force fed like a duck syndrome. Someone help.

Nazis expose themselves as crypto-commies once again

It would be funny if the judge got cut from the corner of his mouth to his ear while he was standing in line at starbucks.

Why do beaners LOVE raping children so much?

liberals expose themselves as regular commies once again

They're perpetually horny and will fuck anything with a hole


except its not and most people on here still remember this. The three year old was traumatised and didn't kike going anywhere near blacks, they used this to give the niggers lighter sentences

Natural selection =\= artificial selection.

does not exist. This is the same communist bullshit the Me Too crowd pushes. In this country, we have a legal system where you are innocent until proven guilty. If you don’t have evidence, you can’t keep someone in a cage.

Literally Europoor mentality

Correction: this is what Dawkins believes.

This is true. You can, however, demand that they pay you millions of dollars in order to get out, and if you can't do so keep them in that cage.


Only three????

World filled with ethnostate countries, white man says, "I wouldn't mind returning to our previous ethnostate, we'll send them all back to their ethnostates."

You: "You deserve to be murdered for committing the crime of wanting an ethnostate for the extremely diverse white people."

This is why nobody likes you Jews. BTW, how is your ethnostate of Israel?

It's p. obvious. The pedo ring does it so they can drop cases like this and to further avoid investigation they also have insiders on CIA/FBI/Interpol while they also belong to the same masonic cult or whatever.

Zig Forums is beyond laughable and I sometimes think they're just being ironic but they all have very small brain and penis.

Are you replying to
If any, that would be the war crimes committed by the US. Japanese still hate the average Yank and also the entire Sinosphere.
Though you're right about jews fucking up ethnostates but that shit is being enforced by US since the Zion actually has no "state" and not even Israel itself but it is the Deepstate (they're not even entirely jews, they are the Elite bloodlines).

It's not dumb but maybe you are the one who is.
Same species can have similar offspring and the more diverse it is the better the chance of survival against genetic diseases and this diversity isn't anything random but a grand design your mind will never fathom. There is no subhuman aside from the neo nazi whiteys who fantasize about purging races aka "enjoy your genetic deformity" you homogenetic inbred scum. Natural selection at it's best is when you think you're doing humanity a favor but it's actually drawing us closer to extinction.
Just unload and take a sip of the cure called Soy Latte later :)

what's your excuse for being worthless?


See? He did nothing wrong.


Those that would engage in this type of behaviour may be executed on the spot


If they're over 12 then there's probably a cultural reason for this. I notice most if these people get caught "raping" "children" in their teens but not younger.

Children tend to endanger themselves. That's part of what it means to be a child.

This image is a lie, the original image said that you can't deny that different races have different attributes. Yet idiots deny this difference and insist that we are all the same.

I can't beleive these white males and the shit they get away with

Lol, fake news, 8/8 gr8 b8 m8

Most white people have dementia. They just create laws because it was their belief people should be punished for victimless (what they call) crimes, which serves no real purpose. It's literally just a bunch of people with mental disorders stealing and making other people work for nothing. There's really no other explaination other than those white people are not even "aware" of themselves. This is why they might have tons of money and can do whatever they want but what purpose does that serve it's just a waste of time and they die anyways.
Technically would be no rape if the victims of rape we're not expecting to get something out of it, and the rapists would not rape if they had plenty of sexual outlets.

You have to realize most white people and the equivalent colored people's of privilege are not actually living, thinking, or feeling anything it's just prewritten instruction to take over, replicate, and literally just waste everyone's time.

typical white male

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It could just be an original people culture thing that they both share.

I like this guy