Gilets jaunes: France to ban masks at protests amid unrest

France's National Assembly has approved a law banning the wearing of masks at protests, and another to ban specific people from taking part in rallies.

Wearing a mask could now result in a one-year prison sentence and a €15,000 (£13,000; $17,000) fine.

France has seen weekly protests by the "gilets jaunes" (yellow vest) movement - with isolated pockets of violence.

But police are also under scrutiny for allegedly causing severe injury to peaceful protesters.

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Will the "police" also stop wearing masks?

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It true. No one cared who they were until they put on the masks.

Wear fucking burkhas. Lets see them ban that

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it's gonna be easier to aim for the eyes

How about they pass a law forbidding the police to wear masks.

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I SECKX Identify as a Muslim.
My Mask is now a Burka.

Take that Society!

they have those beady little dark jew eyes, they look evil

Because that's definitely going to
A) be respected, and
B) help the situation

Its "take your popo wife to riot control day"

Burkhas are already outlawed on France afaik

Retarded argument


Why not a law demanding them wearing uniform (pic related)?

did the EU army roll our alrady?

Yeah right. Paris would/ve be burned down already in the jihad if that happened.

This is absurd on even the most naive political system

fucking AWESOME idea !!! :)

Only for car drivers, because the driver must be recognizable, but no cop would mess with mudslimes anyway, they are untouchable.