Brussels orders Britain to pay £39bn Brexit bill even if there is no deal

Britain must pay the £39 billion Brexit bill even if it leaves the EU without a deal, the European Commission has warned.

Britain agreed to pay the financial settlement to the EU, which include EU Budget payments up to 2020, to cover its liabilities to the bloc and unlock talks over the future relationship.

As it released a new set of no deal Brexit plans in Brussels on Wednesday, the commission said, "all commitments taken by the 28 Member States should be honoured by the 28 Member States."

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If there was no deal they cant really order Britain to do anything.
Particularly when you think about how much of their economy relies on selling things to Britain.

Get fucked EU cunts, you want our money? Come and get it. We've got your money on the end of a trident missile we'' shove up your arse.

Come on, there's no need to be that blunt. I'm sure we can deliver £39 billion worth of ordnance to EU Commissioners/MEPs/Presidents/Chancellors/and their families homes. Using, say, Brimstone missiles as opposed to the nukes would keep the cost down and limit the damage done to the actual people in these countries as well (who aren't our enemies here); and I think we can all agree that would be a good thing. : ^ )

I like your way of thinking.

No, May agreed to pay that because she sucks as a negotiator and/or she's working for the EU.

Still, there is a solution. All the remoaners need to dig deep into their own pockets and cough up the money their masters have demanded. Because the rest of us have no intention of paying.

Stupid goy, we do what we want with your money.

I don't see why this is so hard.

How are you going to force them to do that? After you force them who are you going to trade with?

Literally anyone else. I don't want anything to do with the authoritarian nightmare that the EU already is, its bad enough over here as it is without them making it worse.

Haven't you caught up with the latest Remoaner talking points?

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muh will of the people that was within 5% points. obviously it means we can ignore literally half the country

Mmmm, keep it coming lad.

America here.
Don't yield an inch, Britain. Give them all the shit we gave you.

It's more like jewexit

What would the EU do if Britain refused?

They'd send a letter to the UK, explaining how very angry they were! The parliament here won't refuse though, they've made it very clear which side they're on.

better than the US presidential electoral process, which can ignore the will of 74% of the voters is the right 26% vote the other way.
I fucking hate the electoral college system, but at least it kept hot-war-with-Russia Hillary out of office.

Fuck off, you jack off to cartoons and contribute nothing

You should really do a little research into the electoral college and why it was put into place. No I'm not going to spoonfeed it to you. LOOK IT UP, IT'S IN A BOOK, IT'S READING FUCKING RAINBOW

is this another case of admin tampering ? interesting dubs for a shit post

The supposed reason often touted is to protect the minority from disenfranchisement by the tyranny of the majority. Unfortunately, the system supports disenfranchisement of the majority by a well-distributed minority. And this is when they aren't completely ignoring the will of the people, which is something else they are empowered to do.

Of course the actual reason was to enable an overall consensus vote to include representation for people who couldn't make it to a poll. The problem is that 100% of a state's vote goes to a candidate who gets 51% of a popular vote. Were they to divvy up the state's electoral votes based on relative numbers I'd find it much less objectionable

We call those trips here boy.

I wish i could get stiff to cartoons, but only thots do it for me you EU cunt now shut up coz you ain't getting nuffin' but dakka up your bum.

Far cheaper to declare war on the eu government, could be done and dusted in less than half a hour

Well then them continuing to contribute nothing is literally a case of not losing anything. Therefore the 39 billion price tag is entirely unwarranted. Hell, you'd figure you'd be happy to be free of the layabouts and just let them get on their merry way.

But that would require it to be true to make sense. I hope it is a no deal, and I hope they do straight up tell you globalist stooges to fuck off. There's plenty of EU states that would still happily deal with Britain in an emergent new economy post Brexit. Hell I'm willing to bet several other states would be willing to drop EU membership just to do it too. The dominos are in place, keep fighting to avoid the sequential knock down all you like.

The electoral office is actually one of the best defenses ever conceived to protect against the excesses of democracy. If you oppose the electoral college you clearly do not understand what it is and its function, nor do you understand precisely why the US was set up as a republic and not a democracy. You can understand that choice by either seriously reading the answers the founding fathers gave when questioned about their choice, or you can read the actual source material for their decision in Plato's The Republic. The cliff note version is this: pure democracies are tyrannies of the majority and inevitably turn murderous as they feel their majority control over the definition of legality also means they define morality. The book was written in the style of Socrates in part as a tribute to Plato's mentor, Socrates, who was effectively voted to death (he dutifully followed their edict too, stoically showing them their own corruption by way of that action more than any words he could have said) by democratic majority for his dissenting opinions.

It's a very important work in defining the West and the attempts to separate the West from that heritage by ignorance are terrifying not because of the simple subversion of history, but because the work becomes strangely prophetic in the absence of it. It's almost as though the Ancient world has a lot to teach us, like their really is nothing new under the sun with regards to human nature. We fall into the same patterns precisely because we are the same animal.

Our traitorous politicians have something up their sleeve to fuck over the British people for voting Brexit.

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Found the Cali/New York Jew. Sorry schlomo, you can't pack your state with NPCs and then claim your disenfranchisement when you can't just vote someone in with your state's majority.

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nuke the sprouts tbh

Saved as copy / pasta. Don't be surprised if you see it again sometime soon.
There is nothing new under the sun, after all.

As opposed to what we have, which is: tyranny of a tiny minority that were born into extreme wealth and have inevitably turned murderous as they feel their wealth is a sign of their inherent superiority and also means they should define morality.

That's the difference between the "elite" caste then, and now. Back then, the elites (wealthy landowners like the founding fathers) recognized that their lives were blessed. They knew that they had done little to achieve their elevated stations in life, and so felt an OBLIGATION to protect those less fortunate and in lower social castes. But the ruling elites of today are deluded by the nonsense of a false meritocracy. Rather than having any obligation, they firmly believe that they deserve to have what they have, and all those who have less are worthless lazy pieces of shit who should get nothing.

We need to nuke these Commie bastards. Air-burst over Brussels.
With the EU army being a thing soon, we have to prepare for a future war with them. They will act like rabid dogs when their corrupt system starts to fail. Lots of traitors in the UK also, that are not happy to be losing their Eurobux. Taking money from a foreign power to subvert your nation is the textbook definition of subversion if you ask me.

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As I said earlier in this thread nukes are probably going over the top. Nutting Junker and Barnier live on the news would have more or less the same effect and be much funnier with a lower collateral damage bill.

Reminds me of the Soviet Union's collapse.

Britain: just walk away and flip those sprout faggots the bird as you do so. Quit fucking around. What are they going to do, send a collection agency to Buckingham Palace?

Britain's move here is to say, "Come and get it."

This man gets it.

I honestly can't disagree with your post in and of itself, but you seem to be laboring under not only the assumption (or rather, the delusion) that tyranny of the majority would be any better than the current tyranny of the minority, but also under the assumption (and again, likely delusion) that it isn't those same "1 Percenters" you're complaining about who actively called for the abolition of the Electoral College after virtually all of rural and blue collar America flipped a big orange bird right in their faces.

The elite would love nothing more than to strip rural America of its voice, because if all it took to win elections would be to lure people into the cities and promise them gibs in return for their unbending support for their agenda, they'd have it fucking made. Sure, Shrillary won the popular vote. All that means is she won over the deep blue urban hellholes where the right to legally defend yourself (even with a FUCKING BATON) has been all but made illegal and your tax money goes to indignant, shiftless sheboons who shit out one niglet, kick the father to the curb, then find another mindless niggerdrone desperate for a fuck, get knocked up again, kick THAT poor shitstain to the curb, rinse and repeat until she's collecting $70K/yr in welfare checks, barely giving a second thought to her disgraced spawn who will desperately yet unconsciously seek out either gang culture or a renewed cycle of whoring to replace the coherent family life they never had because Democrats actively incentivized sheboons to deprive their children of their fathers in the name of gibs.

Gee user, wouldn't it be FUCKING GREAT if the entire country, even all those Americans out in flyover country whose productivity is shamelessly and thoughtlessly parasitized by niggers and shitlibs from sea to shining, godforsaken sea, were at the COMPLETE MERCY of the average Democrat stronghold.

And as a little post-script, you're also trying to equate the tyranny of the literally infinitesimal (and decidedly left-leaning-to-marx-preaching) super rich, super elite, with the barely-minority-status rural American voters who the elites are actively, tirelessly trying to disarm and disenfranchise, which is an act of intellectual dishonesty so blatant and pants-on-head retarded that I barely even considered addressing it. 1/10 for making me reply although it was honestly pretty cathartic writing all this out, so… ThanksFaggot

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You mean it supports giving a voice to 99% of the country that don't live in one of the three biggest cities? How fucking awful I'm so sorry the founding fathers thought it was a good idea to let every one have a voice rather than just New York City, L.A., and Chimpongo.

Sorry, this response really should have been for

Thanks, , brevity really is the soul of wit.

They can EU will still be their largest trading partner and they need a deal with the EU anyway.

Brexit vote was along time ago.
Still in the EU? That sucks. I wonder if you'll ever be allowed to leave.

Jews then and now are probably about the same. The difference between then and now is that jews have never had as much control of us as they do now. We used to have elites of our own nationality in our homes. We kill these jews as beasts of war or we die as slaves. Choose white man.

I live in the EU and totally support nuking the EU commission out of existence. Take out the entire Bruxelles to achieve that if needed. It is a worthy sacrifice, especially because I live elsewhere.

Check the law in some areas, It can be fucking illegal to wear stuff like body armor. Also love your post, can I add that when we had things like votes tied to say seving the country we has a few less issues, still issues mind you but less. Though now of days that being a desk jockey is considered the same as the likes of infantry.

Buying nations have all the power in a trade war. Look at the USA vs China.

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brits need to find the balls they had when they were conquering the world and tell those retarded bureaucrats to fuck right off with their school-yard bullshit

They do.
It's a tactic.
t. Law student

1. strap them all to a train in the chunnel
2. Send them through at full speed
3. blow up chunnel behind them
Literally any other non EU country. And when the EU is over in ten years or less, with the judenfrie European countries.

Why should the UK even be scared of the EU? Trump went to NATO and demanded they pay for the common defense, the european nations knuckled under like good little betas and now are happy to pay up.

The UK is in a different position to the US - subsidising the rest of NATOs defence budget gives America significantly more leverage in that sort of negotiation

The UK subsidies a significant portion of the EU budget