Graduate refuses job after comparing CEO's interview technique to an 'abusive ex'

A female graduate turned down a job after she compared the CEO's interview technique to that of an "abusive ex".

Olivia Bland, 22, hit out at the CEO of a tech company in Manchester after he allegedy criticised her Spotify account and tore apart her personality.

She went on to say she was baffled to be offered a job after the experience, and turned it down.

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This is how you take a hard earned degree and turn it into used toilette paper. Maybe she has a future in porn.


gas all woman when

Men dont do that anymore either.

I honestly dont see the problem. She isnt a dumb slut, and the guy is obviously a #MeToo waiting to happen, but woops, he tried the shit on a woman who wasnt a fucking retard

Nice bait. It's not illegal to be an asshole, and she is a retard because her social media info is public.

she is beautiful and I am glad she stood up against the CEO faggot
they are metastases of banking cancer anyways

She just made a Black Mirror reference on her Twitter. She's reveling in this, she's not a victim. She deserves being shat on

The company dodged a bullet.

So? Revelling in not taking a job where you dnt like the people? And? Id be mad if she took the job and then got butthurt. She didnt want to deal with the douchenozzle…and so she didnt.

So she proceeded to show that she's just as much of a "douchenozzle". She's not the better in this situation, she's probably worse. The CEO didn't go to the fucking news about how much she sucks. She's being an ass and has proven she's not the victim here

I'm not seeing it. Even if she wasn't a self obsessed cunt. I don't suppose we can check a transcript of the meeting? It'd be nice to have something other than her word to judge the case on.

Here's what probably happened
That's it probably. And just look at her face. She screams jerk

Sounds like the CEO dodged a bullet there.

How? She gave a warning to people that the CEO was fucking ridiculous.

This. She's probably a complete cunt of a person. And calling them out like this is extremely unprofessional. It's practically career suicide in conservative areas. She'll still probably get a job somewhere, though. Some company will want to use hiring her as virtue signaling. But they'll end up firing her after years of litigation, because she is truly a trouble making cunt.

- t. Ignoramous

You'd know if you had any real professional experience.


Enjoy being poor.

This is the future we live in.

Real men do, not Gillette faggots like yourself.

Being poor is better than dealing with cunts all day every day.

I don't care who's in the wrong here. All I know is that it would be fucking hell to work for a boss that was not only invasive but possibly a cunt as well. I'd take a lower paying job with stability and independence over a high paying job that would make me want to chew someone's head off and give me an ulcer at the thought of going to work.

So in this case, I agree with the lass. I had an one job in my history that was absolutely hell due to a boss being an absolute fuckhead. It's something I now almost consider a prime aspect to investigate first.

It really just depends on your job. I'm a programmer, so I mainly just interact with other programmers and analysts. I rarely have to deal with the end users. It's a pretty enjoyable job.

The people I least like interacting with are the "stakeholders" of projects. They can be insufferable sometimes.


Wait so why is this news? Is it all that unusual for an interviewee to change their mind and refuse a job?

I mean, maybe I get it. Only a certain percentage of applicants get interviewed, and then only one person gets hired. But it's astonishing that not accepting a boss who comes across as an asshole would be given this much attention, nonetheless.

My last job was programmer, and there was a gaggle of managers interrupting me endlessly (each wanting to talk about *their* project), and also sneaking up behind me to yack with the dude in the cubicle behind mine. It was stressful, and the place had an insane turnover rate. Oh yeah, and working weekends sucked. I'd go home and stare at my screen and try to play video games and couldn't even get into it. I was just fucking mentally wasted. Now I know why people become alcoholics. I ended up fapping to lolis instead.

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I wouldnt work for an asshole either. I applied to a job once and when i called back to make sure they got the application/resume okay, the crazy bitch started yelling at me. It was nuts. Never work with women or liberal fags.

Life is a game of chess and you are willing to play such a stupid move? You would club someone over the head for making fun of the music you like? You belong here.

Its hard to take a pedophile seriously, I assume you are just lying to fit in.

you made the right choice my dude.

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She's complaining that she got called out for being publicly and openly pathetic.


It would be good if she took the job because it sounds like they deserve each other.

Every boss is a douche, he has to be, it doesn't need to be borderline retarded though, like this CEO probably was. Still, maybe he wears that attitude to explicitly get rid of people like her, because he know people like her will be offended and will start to sperg out and once that happens, he knows what to do.

Still, this girl is a cunt. You can't take to twitter or media to complain about your boss, this shows her immaturity. She should have went to HR and file a complaint about that guy's behavior if she felt like being harassed. She is just getting revenge and trying to get him fired.
It is not hard for me to believe that, at this point, since she hinted in twitter that this douche is known around "certain circles", that she is a plant that took a chance at this job just to get his sorry ass fired. It smells really bad.

The proper move would be the HR department. She will be probably e-thoting very soon, I'm sure she doesn't even have aspirations after doing something like that.

Most tech executives are man children anyway

I despise Spotify and anyone who has a Spotify acount
Also, the CEO has a roastdar

You gay son? Also, sage negated



Look a pedophile

The bitch is nuts, clearly, ==but wtf has this thread become?==

Some creeps posting cartoon kids and saying they aren't pedophiles

imho the CEO is on a power trip and it's just really dumb to behave in this way regularly

When you treat someone that wants to work for your company like this you've essentially created a potential life long boycott, and if they tell anyone else, and they believe it… well there's more boycott.

IF any part of this story is real, the CEO is a fucking weirdo straight up.

I forgot too, if she ever gets into a position where shes in charge of purchasing or contracts this CEO could have just fucked his company, and for what ?

You're so new I don't know whether to laugh at you or express sheer disappointment toward you

file a report to the fbi then, bitch.

No matter how much loli you post, itll never be accepted as normal you dirty child fucker

Im not trying to fit in with literal homosexuals and pedophiles you stupid bitch. Congratulations, you can seamlessly fit in with degenerates, looks like you are one. Pitiful fuck

Honestly this is a smart move to avoid HR fucking up your company with SJWs.

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Pffft! Everyone knows CEOs are addicted to head patting.

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And suddenly victim culture has its newest victim, a student with problematic glasses turning down a job because she didn't have her butt kissed the entire time.

Potentially a transtrender with all the attention whoring.

yeah let me just completely overwhelm you with a response to your private music listening account and reach my arm 100 miles into that shit, yeah, not even your mom knows about, and which is extremely crossing the line that not even a ex boyfriend would comment or give 2 shits about but let me go ahead and get redfaced over your private account, and inwhich no one normally would criticize a person over, oh let me make you feel bad over it too, etc etc etc, u still want the job? you would be a masocist to want to work for me, this is to check to make sure we only hire masocists, is the employer based or was the potential employee just not tough enough to take shit on personal private internet user accounts that not even a boyfriend would give 2 shits about? whatever.

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Cunt you've never had a job. Your a fat, unemployed man living at your mums house

She doesn't mention anything specific; basically she was criticized and didn't like it. She is projecting; she is the abusive ex in this scenario.

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It's not like programming is especially difficult these days. If a pajeet or SJW can do it, any white man can. Anyway being fatties (skinny or big boned, take your pick) has nothing whatsoever to do with anything, lots of programmers are out of shape. A lot of them also aren't chads and don't get any pussy, but teh lolis will always be there for them.

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She should do porn meatholes.

The conversation begins and ends with 1. he problem glasses and 2. her carefully posed "victim face." The biggest tragedy of this whole mess is that the guy made the mistake of apologizing to her after the screaming started.



and this.
I really don't think the company lost anything from her refusing the job.

Cunt refuses job after she didn't like the interview!!
Next up: Cunt leaves some food on plate after not enjoying meal!!!!!!
Soon to come: Cunt changes the channel on television after not wanting to watch the channel she was watching!!!!
Breaking news tomorrow: Cunt thinks that her personal choices and behaviour problems are somehow international news and that she deserves attention.
Uhoh, "attention", unlocked the secret to the entire thing.

Negress divorcee writes on prostitute's food telling them how good they are.

Put like that, I kind of wish that guy had just stabbed her.

Darkle is so fucking foul. I'd be a lot angrier with Harry for marrying her if I didn't know that he's Diana's bastard with a Texan and that he was ordered to marry her by the Rothchilds.

I think im on a pedophile infested internet hangout

Oh look, another pedophile

You wanna play a game with me, user?

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I know this is in Yurop but if the CEO really did ask about her personal tastes during an interview that is extremely unprofessional. It's fine if he comments on it afterwards or maybe asks her about a certain comment she made awhile back ago that may raise questions on her work ethic/willingness to work in the company. If anything it seems the CEO knew he fucked up and offered her the job to avoid backlash but her reaction is kinda retarded as well. Then again it's not like HR would do much against a CEO.

Im not into 30+ year old sexual predators

It's clear 3D can't compete!

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She was a plant. It’s really too bad she even was offered a job. My guess is the CEO didn’t want to hire her but others in the process wanted to.

For one who is un interested in lolis you are spending a great deal of time baiting out more of them to be posted. Are you sure this is not just a very cute kawaii ugu way in which you are requesting lolis?

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Does it make you mad that women like her can easily find work and yet you are still at home, in love with cartoons?




why i bet she is so important that they will psyops her for years on end to try to get her to join the company and be the perfect worker bee.

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