Massive Starfish Die-Off Is Tied To Global Warming

The skin lesions are the first sign that something is wrong. Then limbs fall off and the body disintegrates, collapsing in on itself as it liquefies. In the end, what was once a sea star is only a puddle on the ocean floor.

Since 2013, sea star wasting disease has killed so many starfish along the Pacific Coast that scientists say it's the largest disease epidemic ever observed in wild marine animals. Where there used to be dozens of stars, scuba divers now report seeing none.

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I'd be willing to bet that if the scientists would stop acting so much like religionists and get up off their laurels long enough to actually do some real research, they would find that pollutants account for far more marine-life species population deterioration than any effects caused by "global warming" (which is just a belief system, like Mohommedanism is a belief system).
tl;dr muh glow-ball war-ming!

Global warming is a scam.

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I’m sure it has nothing to do with this:

Massive star die-off

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This. They spoke too early and didn't rule out other potential causes.

Oh noes! How ever will we cope without massive starfish?

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Why (You) no help to spread da fear, user?

Easy fix. Take the remaining starfish and cut them into pieces. The pieces will all regenerate into new starfish faster than you can say "Wolverine."

Conservative logic, folks.

I could believe it's tired to high temperatures

However I'm not convinced geo engineering didn't cause those higher temperatures

I thought this was going to be a women hate thread tbh

your gender studies degree failed you

I knew I read an article on this a few years ago.

Explain that chart for a mongoloid plz.

I know a fucking religion when I see one. Faith, original sin, tithing, etc.

nice strawman

maybe this time it isnt, everything cant be caused by single event

Global warming = polar vortex.

This, I might take climate change seriously if they didn't blame fucking everything on it.

That's because all OPs throughout the imageboards released all their collective anal-semen (that's semen that stays in the colon to fester and rot) into the ocean.

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It's the Noo-Left. They don't actually want to genuinely fix real problems because then the shekel train would end and they couldn't endlessly virtual signal about how much they care~.

Global Warming is a hoax

what we think and what we feel isn't science. neither is it news. shut the fuck up

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It's Fukushima…

Notice how all of the News articles are NY New York. 10:46 eastern time.
Everybody Fails to see the importance of Why We should attack Venezuela.
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We need to take control.

that what the globalists pay them to do

Listen to Your end
This is what Jews try to stop people from thinking about.

US citizens burn more fossile fuel more than most people on earth. Canada, australia, saudi arabia, and the united arab emirates are all also terrible. The chinese polute slitely less than average. China however has an insanely large population so the country uses more fossil fuels than the united states.

When you see a scientist say a mild summer is from global warming and you immediately feel its indicative of all of science, or that it has no merit because of meme logic…that feeling…you know thats the way all of the “liberals” feel about the paranoia Zig Forums type alt right racists who support Trump right? “We arent all autist racists incels just because some are”. You get that right? Only your people attended Trump University Online while the rest of us live real lives.

An asexually reproducing organism is susceptible to disease? This happens all the time in nature. Turns out shuffling your genetic code makes it harder for pathogens to hijack your DNA to reproduce, and that doesn't happen when you can make a new you by ripping your arm off.

global warming is just the modern flat earth conspiracy theory

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spoilers: its not global warming



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I was waiting for some tapeworm to post about this.

It's like talking to an abbo when trying to rationally discuss the effects of radiation with 'Fukushima Apocalypse' theorists.

1. The Pacific ocean is VAST. The radiation increase in the ocean would be far, far less than dumping a single banana i.e. Banana Equivalent Dose in an olympic swimming pool.
2. Water is also a very effective radiation insulator.
3. Starfish are low on the foodchain so even if the dieoff were because of bioaccumulated radiation particles it would show in larger predators like seals or orca long before.

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It's closer to the 80's child abuse panic. Some of it is real but more often then not stories are entirely fabricated or overblown to increase ratings.

Extremely low IQ post

Starfish are dying here in Wyoming too and it's not even hot here.


first of all, technically posting all your examples of extreme events actually IS proof of global warming, because it's the rapid warming of the earth that is throwing off what was a steady equilibrium in climate. second of all, you are a denier, and by definition refuse to believe overwhelming evidence. you may as well be calling the earth flat, you're that stupid.

china has 1.4 billion people, US about 330million. So even though China has 4x as many people, they only pollute less than 2x what US does. AND they've overtaken the US in the past couple years as the largest economy in renewable energy (just one more sector that China will be whipping US in, making and selling renewable energy in an industry that employs millions, while Trump tries to personally save 100 jobs at one of the 50% of coal plants that are unprofitable)
you ignored the right side of the graph that shows "per capita" pollution. And that's from 2013. China has improved its emissions and/or kept them the same, even though their economy has boomed since then. another argument against those that say you can't make money by being environmentally friendly

Global warming hoax cult was invented by Hitler for depopulation and control of wealth aka as looting.
Climate cultists are satanists.
Though some are just ignorant low IQ scum.

Yawning while tossing more wood into the fireplace.

Fuck China!

This propaganda just reminded me of some slash piles out back I need to burn today, maybe Denny Crane can help.

Go back to reddit, you retarded faggot. Shame and calling you dumb works on you, because you're an I/O robot. Here's a hint for improving your search tree: if it were real, you'd have answers to doubt.

I hear mass nigger die offs in Chicago is also related to global warming.

If they did that then they'd find out that countries such as China and India produce most of the world's pollutants and that would be racist

CIA propagandists can stay in China if it's so wonderful but I'm burning wood and fossil fuels and liking it.

I burn my trash complete with all that plastic stuff so how do you like me now?

Can't see across the street in Chinkland yet somehow it is used as an example to follow.
Fucking hilarious propaganda.
npr & News+ is real news.
Fucking Starfish up the ass and killing them does not constitute a global warming crisis.

ALL the answers to doubt have already been answered. It's just that idiot deniers like you don't want to hear about them because it blows apart the conspiracy theories you love to cling to.
it's full of actual scientists discussing the results in comments and coming to conclusions (that you don't want to hear)

just to make that snide remark, it's obvious you don't have children, or you're one of those trailer park trash types who doesn't care about their kids and lets them play with their guns, make homemade bombs and fuck their dogs.

hello hick. how's that sheep vagina?

You're lured so easily into defending your fake news propaganda.
Real news needs no defense.
You have gone total kamikaze propaganda so far from reality you have blown your cover so badly at this point it is beyond salvation.
You might try some anger management class's, sounds like your breaking down.

It's funny that any time someone is told to go to, they NEVER come back with any refutation of the facts given there. Because there simply isn't any. It's the biggest source of info, full of scientists in the comments debating the actual SCIENCE and inevitably coming to the conclusions that are posted on the site. You can't deny facts. Sure you can "support" "doubts" but on closer inspection they always fall apart once you have to bring actual scientific evalution into it.



Temperature variations don't create viruses. Cross species infection causes viral mutations that do create new viruses. Now, here's the truth:

Leftist Environmentalists

example of the retardation of language. The word "extinction" is too complicated.
welcome to idiocracy

how about you make a valid, scientific argument instead of an insult that has no basis in reality?

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With the younger Rothschilds all driving the global warming hoax, expect bad things to just "happen". These people are just evil.

I see you had no reply to

I win.

two nukes weren't enough lol


And you believe the facts and figures from a communist bugman regime that colludes with North Korea?

god wills it

Oh, you mean like the fact that a stark minority of meteorologists actually believe the CLIMATE HOLOCAUST soccer-mom panic?

Get some real fucking arguments and stop wasting our time. It's embarrassing to watch

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Oh, and by the way, the Marlboro Man died of lung cancer from smoking. Just FYI.

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Global Warming is a hoax.

the "real arguments" are all on
every single one of the deniers' arguments you could possibly post in here getting BTFO by actual scientists in the comments sections. the only one wasting time is you, try to claim the earth is flat when everyone knows its round

I think the globe could use more warming, even if it's not actually warming.

I hear a lot of ad homs and not a lot of fact-based refutation.

You don't like the study I posted? Refute it. No, I'm not wasting my time going on a fucking goose chase for your argument because you're too lazy or scared to make your own. Tell me right here and now why I shouldn't see significant and, more importantly, MASSIVELY SUPPRESSED dissent from the anti-industry, anti-first-world climate change narrative as proof that anthropogenic climate change is far from a settled matter.

BTW you're super-serious little "climate scientists" already told us that we've passed the "deadline" for reversing climate change:

So now what? Our planet is officially doomed, but let's just kneecap ourselves anyway and use abhorrently inefficient green bullshit (worked great for Germany, right?), kill energy and manufacturing related jobs, rely even more on foreign production and energy, and on top of it all give fucking BILLIONS to third world shitholes for no fucking reason except that we have a functioning capitalist in reality, corporatist economy and the shitholes don't, mostly thanks to intellectual and ethical inferiority.

Refute my argument in your own fucking words and stop being a bitch. That or you can stop posting, or continue to shit out nonargument backsass and look like even more of a bitch. Either way your precious climate change religion is gaining more and more detractors and skeptics by the day, and there is nothing you can do about it.


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Omg I just came.

Fukushima is the worst disaster of our time and there's literally nothing we can do to stop it.

Tepco doesn't know where melted cores are because they have melted deep into to the earth and radioactive groundwater keeps leaking into ocean. We cannot just pour concrete over it because it will leak into ocean anyway. Radiation inside the buildings is too high even for robots and humans would collapse in seconds.

Marine life is dying in pacific, you can google "pacific die-offs".

MSM is covering it up to avoid global panic. Tokyo isn't safe for 2020 olympics either. People have radiation sickness symptoms and birth defects have gone trough roof.

Just remember my words if you don't believe me now. Fukushima will lead to major panic in the future when (((MSM))) cannot cover it up anymore.

It's much worse than chernobyl, reactor 3 had MOX-fuel made from plutonium, thats why it exploded critically, it wasn't hydrogen explosion. It has been estimated that by now Fukushima has released over hundred times more radioactive fallout into ocean than Chernobyl did into atmosphere.

America isn't safe either. Jet stream brings radioactive particles over the pacific and ocean currents will spread them around the world.

People don't realize that it will slowly kill whole globe. What happens when Japan runs out of nuclear engineers and becomes inhabitable? Who will fix it then?

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Starfish blood consists of what?


They are melting. Oddly enough the disease was invented after fukushima…

And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star a star is a nuclear reactor from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part the pacific is roughly 1/3 of the sea of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood The Ukrainian language word for "wormwood" is чорнобиль or "chornobyl" : and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter

Honestly, this is far more believable and specific than climate change.

figures that you poo-poo a site that you know you can't argue against. i don't need my own words, because they don't hold as much as an actual scientist who knows what they're talking about. go browse the site and come back here when YOU have a valid argument against something presented there.
all your talk about inefficient green bs is all bs. renewable energy has only gotten ridiculously cheaper and better over the years and beats fossil fuels like coal easily, nevermind the fact that coal is dirty as hell, people mining it die early from respiratory ailments and they don't make money at coal plants anymore.
"more and more detractors?" I guess, there are more people born every day and you can't stop the flow of stupid, so we get idiots like you who bury their heads in the sand when faced with science.

there was literally NOTHING in that post that had any evidence, just a whole lot of emotional bs from people who hate being told they're stupid.

thorium reactors would solve all the world's energy problems. much safer, a meltdown either cannot occur or would be trivial to take care of, it's more abundant than uranium. the ONLY reason countries don't make thorium reactors is because you can't turn the by-products into nuclear weapons.