Robert De Niro has public meltdown after divorce court

Robert De Niro showed he can still be a “Raging Bull” Thursday as he had a meltdown outside a Manhattan courthouse, screaming at his driver for not showing up at the right place.

The “Goodfellas” actor went nuts while frantically searching for his missing driver after spending the entire morning in court in his divorce case with estranged wife Grace Hightower.

“You’re not in front! You’re not where you dropped us off!” De Niro squawked into his black LG flip phone outside 60 Centre St., as he shielded his face with the paper.

The driver appeared to respond on the phone, but De Niro — who was flanked by shutterbugs — wasn’t having it.

“On Worth Street! Then you’d see all the photographers here! You’re not where you dropped us off!” he continued railing.

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"Interracial Couples May Make Taller, Smarter Children Due To Greater Genetic Diversity: Study"

"Greater genetic diversity is linked to an increase in height and enhanced cognitive function, a new study finds. The research, involving more than 350,000 people worldwide, also revealed information about the apparent lack of a genetic link related to certain health problems."

"Mixed-race relationships are making us taller and smarter: Children born to genetically diverse parents are more intelligent than their ancestors"

"Shriver's work has uncovered something else that is very interesting. He finds that mixed-race people are more symmetrical than the rest of us, and being more symmetrical translates into being more attractive, having less infection, being less stressed, and having greater genetic diversity."

Diverse parental genes lead to taller, smarter children, finds extensive study

The children of parents who are more distantly related tend to be taller and smarter than their peers, according to one of the largest studies to date into genetic diversity.

BBC: Is It Better To Be Mixed Race? YES

"Farmers have known and used hybridization in plants and animals for centuries in order to produce improved and stronger plants. The resulting hybrids are often more resistant to environmental factors and diseases. Could this be the case in mixed-race individuals as well? Dr Aarathi Prasad investigates in this programme if there are advantages to have parents from two different races."

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