THREE OF THE Senate’s biggest privacy advocates are sending letters to Facebook, Google, and Apple executives Thursday, following a recent TechCrunch report that Facebook used an iOS and Android app to monitor the phones of users as young as 13 years old. The app, called Research and sometimes referred to as Project Atlas, gave Facebook complete visibility into users' app activity, web searches, encrypted data, and even private messages.

Now, senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut), Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts), and Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) want more information from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Google’s senior vice president of platforms, Hiroshi Lockheimer, about the origins of the app and the information it collected, particularly from minors.

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Government privacy advocates… yeah right! I'm not buying any of this bullshit. First dismante the NSA, CIA, and their front ends like google, amazone, facebook, cuckflare, etc. and then maybe we'll talk about privacy.

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Not even Rand Paul is in this group. Its obviously these dudes just trying to score points with their constituents to then go on and do nothing about the issue.

(((Blumenthal))) (((zuckerberg)))
Jews "grill" jews nothing will come of it

Modern politics is just goyim pacifying

The same government that allowed ISPs to spy on, collect and sell their customers data wants to tell us they care about citizens privacy. LOL.

You know, I've about had it with these fuckers. They're the same ones who try to prosecute regular folk under copyright law for merely sharing copies of original works. How about we all start copyrighting our own lives and all of our own metadata, then charging them with copyright infringement merely for storing a copy of our metadata on their servers!
Dunno about effectiveness, but..
It would at least prove a point.

Is there anything as ridiculous as the faith of statists?

they got grilled and nothing changed. Virtue signalling, vote for me goy I blamed them, you live in a democracy, yada yada yada. Don't get your hopes up. Ever. Freedom is measured by personal worth period.


Yah, and even though they invade our privacy, those cucks won't do a THING about it. Watch. They'll just complain and act like they fixed the problem when they really just let it continue.

They're using a weapon to steal people's information and force them to post crap online. Data collection wasn't enough.

Here are some new CENSORED headlines that won't be allowed on the front page, thanks a lot Jim!!!

Jeff Bezos Protests Invasion of His Privacy, Ironically Shills Sprawling Surveillance State for Ever
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Google Colludes With Russian Government To Delete Links, Censor Russian Activists

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Control narratives much, Jim!?

“We could pass a law bob”
“No Sam, my Jewish overlords wouldnt like that. Lets just yell at them a bit.”

Let's get out the actual grill.

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Why grill when you can put them in an oven?

Fucking nothing news.

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Dude, facebook is gathering ALL of this information from CHILDREN. Don't they know kids are reserved for priests and senators? This is a serious problem and facebook needs to turn over all their nude selfies ASAP.

to make this claim seriously you would have to document a loss of profit, that is, you would have to prove that YOU can make a profit off of selling your personal data. Ironically, THEY want your data because they know it is valuable, but in a court case involving IP you would have to prove that it has value for you. Good luck.


Perhaps if we ALL stop letting (((them))) STEAL our metadata, and SELL it to (((them))) instead, it will have value to us.