Authorities seize record-setting 1.7 tons of meth worth $1.29 billion at Los Angeles port

A joint drug bust between Australian and U.S. authorities in mid-January resulted in a record 1.7 tons of methamphetamine being seized at Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport.

Customs and Border Protection announced the seizure of the three containers on Thursday, which were intended to be shipped to Australia before being searched on Jan. 11. The containers were filled with speakers "artfully" stuffed with the drugs.

In addition to the 3,810 pounds of meth, the shipment also contained 55.9 pounds of cocaine and 11.5 pounds of heroin. Australian officials said the total street value of the haul was $1.29 billion.

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That wall would have kept this out

no, it's a seaport.
however it's true that a wall would force most incoming contraband/smuggled products to be redirected toward ports/airports, making control far easier and thorough.

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Aparently it was Mexican gangs

A wall would also keep out those who are doing the smuggling
this was done by Mexican Cartels


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Alright I over embellished. It was only .75kg but I am working on it as we speak.

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Could you imagine if some jackass stole their haul and just threw it into the ocean so they could complain about the billion dollars they lost?

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Have I been here too long?

Did the meth and that is about $15.50 per beginner dose. I don't think this is right. But I guess a lot of these people are horribly poor for a reason.

100-200mg of amphetamine is a party level. Meth is probably a third of that.

It was brought in by cartels and the cartwls were arrested before being paid. Who benefits?

Interesting kike math they are using to arrive at that $1.2 billion figure. Just doing some onion market research you can find meth going for about $25-30 per gram in 3.5 gram allotments. $50 to 70 for singles. $10 for large quantities.

Even at $100/g which is the absolute best case price a street dealer would get, 3810 pounds still only adds up to $170 million. 11 lbs of heroin and 56 lbs of coke are still not gonna make up the next $1.03 billion in imaginary value these zogbots are patting themselves on the back about.

And anyone purchasing this sort of quantity is sure as fuck not paying anywhere near tor market retail, much less street.

This is a small time $30-40m wholesale price bust at best. $200-300 million in revenue if it all made it to market uncut. Maybe $500-600 million after getting stepped on to 50% purity.

The only way their figures make sense is getting top street dollar for 10% purity product. Welcome to kike math.

correction ICE seized 1.7 tons of Isopropylbenzylamine.

zips go for 200 bucks here……so you do the math

In other news, authorities find 3 ounces of cocaine valued at 3 trillion dollars

Props to the cops.
The People Thank You!

There are ways using sound to figure out if anyone is going under the wall.

street value cut down to $20 bags bullshit

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They always say it worth way more then it is but I'm glad it's off the street. Its poison

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