Indian man to sue his parents for giving birth to him ‘without his consent’, wants to be paid for hi

A 27-year-old Indian man is going viral after he announced an intent to sue his parents, claiming he didn’t give his explicit consent to bring him into the world.

Raphael Samuel, donning a fake beard and sunglasses, said in a YouTube video posted on Tuesday that he is suing his parents because he was conceived without his consent and therefore his parents should pay for his life.

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This is what Hitler fought to prevent.

Making anyone roll the dice for:
All of this should be criminal to do to another human being.

I’d be mad too

Prove it, kike.

The only surprising thing is that this didn't happen in commiefornia first.

Shoot him in the head then?

We're so sorry. Here.

I understand why. India is overpopulated third country and the parent is wrong to give birth in this situation.

let's invent a cell phone app for baby souls to say when they are ready to be conceived into this world and into a fleshy body. oh wait no, that would be TOTALLY FUCKING INSANE.

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Not fucking news.
Also, I'm rather curious as to what the subhumans here would say if he were white.

Now if you think you hit the jackpot on the luck dice roll you too may be able to do this.
might be his secret though

wew lad

so it finally has begun
even normies are now into antinatalism

my condolences ranjeep
but you could have been born in nigeria. that would be worse

Average IQ for Ashkenazi is 112 so it could be

f he really wanted to fix the problem then he could simply take some cyanide and be done with it, brown retard probably want to take the shekels from his bhramin family so he can waste them on cuckime memorabilia and keep living like a disgusting neet.

Life must be shitty for poor Ramdeep.

Each day I stray further and further from god

Prehaps one day when you can design your offspring however you want through cloning or the super baby method, it could be considered negligence to simply have children naturally, not giving them the advantages that designed children have


I can only imagine the ways nature will punish us for playing God with our genetics

You're a special one user.

Nature won't punish us, but humanity will. It's already happening with the hypergamy and obesity and opioid epidemics.

There were no warnings about genetics on the scriptures so he probably predicted that we would reach this point either sooner or later and intended for us to fully explore the basic makings of our material carcasses.

Super baby method?

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Sounds like he's an actor making up a fake story to get views.

Parents should sue to be able to abort him now. Makes about as much sense.

Even for people who live blessed lives in wealth and comfort in a developed, rich nation, life is always going to be composed of more pain than pleasure. That's just the human condition: to always want but rarely have. Even if you aren't plagued by disease or disability; even if you have all your "needs" met; even if you have friends and a lover and a sturdy roof over your head; even if you never have to deal with living in a warzone or being persecuted for being a minority; even in this case, you still spend more time unhappy than happy. You are uncomfortable more often than comfortable; hungry more often than full; sad or angry or depressed or bored more often than happy or even content; and if you by some miracle manage to accomplish everything you ever wanted, even if you become a billionaire playboy, you STILL will not be content. You CAN'T be content. You will always want more, and if you're rich enough, all that happens is you find out (to your misfortune) that there is no more. Why do you think so many celebrities die of taking bizarre cocktails of drugs? Because there is nothing left for them to gain in life but they are still not happy. They can't be happy but for a few moments at a time. Even when asleep there is still nightmares.

Having a child is the ultimate act of selfishness that a person can commit. It's being the direct cause of a life to be created, a life that is guaranteed to be mostly pain… and for what? For vanity? For security? For your country? For the complete fucking joke that is a "genetic legacy"? Having a child is no different from holding someone against their will and mentally and physically torturing them for ~70 years. A crime of unimaginable cruelty and insanity. Yet we think of this action as "normal", because we have grown to assume that life SHOULD exist, despite it being objectively horrible.

I commute to work through a semi-rural area bordered by farms and mountains. Almost every day at night when I return home, I see rabbits run across the road. Rabbits are pretty stupid, so they have a tendency to run TOWARD danger rather than away from it — meaning instead of darting into the bushes away from the incoming car, they run across the street right in front of it. I can never see them until they jump into the headlights, by which point it's too late to even take my foot off the gas, much less try the brake. Swerving would only put myself in danger, so of course I don't. Most of the time by virtue of mathematics (large road, small tires) the rabbit survives. But sometimes it does not. Sometimes I feel a slight bump as the rabbit gets run over and dies instantly.

And I have to think: what an incredible kindness I have just perpetrated. Think of the life of a wild rabbit. A few years of constant hunger and fear, days eating nonstop just to gain enough nutrition to survive, nights running away from owls and coyotes (and sometimes cars) in a desperate attempt to avoid a terrible death (and a car is MUCH faster than getting eaten alive, of course), and why? For the small chance that they might survive long enough to grab another member of their species, fuck, and make some more rabbits who will also live the exact same life of pain and suffering. Compare this to the coyote who also lives a struggle, also running from cars, and dogs, and hunters with guns; they don't spend all their time in fear of being eaten, but compared to the rabbit (who is surrounded by plants to eat) they have to struggle to find food to eat; they spend most of their time constantly battling starvation; and like the rabbit they also live only a few years, and if they are "lucky" manage to successfully fuck and make some coyote pups to perpetrate the cycle. And for what? Is the pleasure gained by the coyote that eats the rabbit in any way equal to the pain suffered by the rabbit being eaten alive? Of course not. Imagine the best meal you've ever eaten, and then imagine what happened to the characters in Jurassic Park as they were eviscerated by raptors. No, it's not even close. Life is composed of VASTLY more pain than pleasure.

But the thing is, people have a cognitive dissonance, here. They recognize that the life of a wild animal is horrible, but at the same time maintain their delusion that human lives are not! They can somehow pretend that video games and the Sistine Chapel and a young couple in love is a match for countless scores of people getting murdered and raped and dying of disease and killing themselves in existential horror. As if the comfort that some people gain from "God" is a match for the millions of newborn baby boys who have their penises mutilated, every day, in His name.

And for what purpose…? Why does humanity need to exist? Surely all the combined weight of all the world's people's pain and suffering isn't worth it when you consider that all we have accomplished is new and exciting ways to murder each other so we can (sometimes) live long enough to shit out mediocre Star Wars sequels. How unbelievably cruel and sadistic is Man to inflict life on a child, and then turn around and ask them to be thankful.

I'd be mad too

get a load of this faggot


Holy shit, aside from these artificially promoted front page posts Zig Forums is a graveyard. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself.

This shit is just sad. You newsplus reporters need to take a page from the Zig Forums playbook, maybe then you wouldn't have to game the front page to get views.

“Your parents are two people at the age of 20-25 who just wanted a good night together and then they had you,” he said.

Indian guy said nothing wrong.

They need to slide the other stuff like >>740343

meant >>>Zig Forums740343

If your plan in life sounds exactly like that of an anime villain, you have problems much worse than being a faggot, son.

When we try to do this through science it gets deemed unethical and shut down for it goes against some fictional "God" so is that really the point of life? If it is why don't virtually all humans want it? You haven't really thought of this much have you?


I found stoicism to be the best way to deal with and get through life, a curse inflicted on you be two retards.

Yeah, kinda.

this but unironically.

His parents don't need his explicit consent to remove him from the world.

Try to find some cyanide, anywhere. I'll wait.
If shotguns are illegal in your country you are shit out of luck.
Your next choices are jumping off a high building, which usually leaves you in a wheelchair, in remarkable pain, still alive only worse.
Wrist-cutting and pill overdoes have like a 9% success rate, which is why they are favored by teen goths and ageing attention whores.
You could try to die under a train, but this is getting harder as trains implement super-low cow-catchers and buffers, etc.
Nooses usually only cause brain damage.

The only assured and painless ways are shotguns and a few exotic poisons that are almost impossible for the normal person to procure.

The human body is remarkably resilient.

Not to mention shotgun suicides still have a 10% survival rate. Even if your brain is destroyed, doctors will keep your body alive.


I was just on Zig Forums and some paedos were arguing that white people who don't breed were causing white genocide. And white people who don't breed young (as in underaged instead of adults) were causing defective genes.



AoC laws didn't exist until the 20th Century. Previously it was normal in every culture around the world for pre-pubescents to marry older spouses and for pubescents to give birth. But in the early 20th Century (((feminists))) and (((labour activists))) rallied for a radical agenda to make it illegal to mate with or hire someone who wasn't a late adolescent. Their arguments were that it would stop exploitation and improve (((education))) which seemed reasonable enough.

But then (((feminists))) pushed for

>(((Birth control)))

>(((Family planning))), (((neonatalism))) and having less children.

>Females entering (((universities)))

This meant that

What will an Indian neonatalist say to that?

Of course racists and pedophiles would argue for uncontrolled continuous reproduction which is the most selfish, inconsiderate, and destructive act the world population is engaging in thoughtlessly. The sick beliefs and obsessions of racists and pedos are inherently selfish, inconsiderate, and destructive.

I guess people got wise to inceldom and mgtow so now they need a new way to convince people not to have children

You're right. Niggers should stop breeding.

you can buy apples at the marketplace you lowly brainlet.

fuck off /po/tard. If you want to increase the population take away women's rights but you are unwilling to do that because deep down you're an ally of the feminists.

The guy is fully right. you cannot reasonably deny it

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the concept of reincarnation has some problems imho

Zig Forums is pro inceldom and mgtow, fuck off newfaggot. You cant even get your insults right because you don't know this place.

If the non-white population suffers from global infertility overnight then they have increased chances being reincarnated into white people.

Go say something negative but factual about women on Zig Forums. They'll attack you because they are all manginas, simps and white knights. To them women can do no wrong. They blame men and jews for everything.

i think there are some women that post on /pol as well tbh

Wow, what a surprise. People living this long also didn't happen enough to matter until the 20th century, so risking a girl's health to start a family early was more normal since everyone living to 40 or so was the norm. That's not the case anymore and we can go about this in a more healthy way that doesn't fuck up the insides of a kid since it's not necessary to start that soon anymore. They're just using "muh old days" logic because they want to fuck someone still developing instead of someone in her 20s. Never listen to pedos.

There are women on Zig Forums.

There is no fucking way ANYONE is surviving a fall onto concrete from more than fifty or so feet. If you choose to jump off the roof of a two-story building, and end up merely breaking your legs and pelvis and back, that's your own fucking fault.

Just slit your wrist. Easy as hell.

I don't know what the Indian would say to that. But I would say that the reason this shit is going on is just another reason why this entire species needs to hurry up and go extinct.

They're wrong, anyway. There's an ideal age for women to breed to prevent defects, and it starts around age 17 or so. They have to complete physical development or else shit can go very wrong. A 13-year-old can get pregnant, sure, but the chance that she will miscarry or have birth complications that either render her infertile or dead is very high because her body isn't yet full-grown. There is no breeding justification for fucking actual little kids.