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He's coming buckos

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And? Who gives a shit? This is a place for leftist thought, discourse, debate, and discussion

Not anymore. Go to >>>Zig Forums if you want that.

Whether it works or not, it wouldn't be immediately evident either way.

But this is always just a matter of what the focus is. Zig Forums was never a place with absolutely free discussion, it was a place where discussion outside of some vague "left" perspective was mostly banned.

I think this is a major problem, most websites are deliberately designed to get people addicted and behaving in an ADHD manner. Fast-moving, shitpost-oriented imageboards are an extremely unhealthy example of this. However, some imageboards put an emphasis on quality instead.

I don't see a problem with this, and actually I'd like it if someone just went ahead and started cloning Zig Forums OPs right now. It would get rid of the monopoly Zig Forums has on those posts, which is one of the many things I really hate about 8ch's halfassed design.

What works for fascists often won't work for communists.

Marx told the BO that the only way to establish communism is to kill the board.

leftpol is shit because it's a mirror image of this board
here you have raging tanks screeching about imperialism
there you have raging anarshits screeching about ☭TANKIE☭ conspiracies
same shit different color

what is this deluded trash? I hate to burst your bubble this way, but Zig Forums and Zig Forums are not diametrically opposed political and economic systems, they are boards on the same website. There is no magical commie shield to protect the board from the fate of every place which undergoes endless purity spirals and autistic shill hunts. Pic related, multiple places which either totally died or completely changed for the worse because of these policies.

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Enjoy your month long break.


have anything to say about the actual content of the post?

Pic related. He probably defended us on the basis of the board being one of the final places on Zig Forums with some semblance of open discussion. Kek, guess that's out of the window now.

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It's not delusional to suggest that what works for fascists (rampant shitposting, lies, MSPaint pictures, hypocrisy, shapeshifting, mysticism, idealism, endless HAPPENING threads, etc) is counterproductive to the goals of socialists.

Why bring this up? I've already made it clear that I accept responsibility for losses in the user count. The counterpoint is obviously that 4chan is worse than ever with 50% of it being phoneposters and /r/TheDonald. Many imageboards really just have a limited amount of time they'll put out quality content. If they get too big and inclusive, they turn into a shitfest. If they get too small and exclusive, or simply too old and lose their novelty, people stop caring.

Isn't this exactly what you're promoting with the infographic thread? You don't think anything coming out of that thread will wind up different from Zig Forums's shitty infographs, do you? Remember, the infographs we used to make fun of?

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who "us"?
BO and his band of runaway mental asylum patients?

kek, what? That's not what Naziposter was talking about, he was referring to the fact that the endless shill hunts of Zig Forums are what transformed the site into what it is today, as many of the original quality posters left for good and only faggots were left to replace them. It's deluded trash indeed, to believe that this is some kind of super SPECIAL purity spiral which can only end well because of magic leftism.

Besides, what you are saying would hold water if the bans were in any way designed to curtail this. You are outright encouraging people to make shitty "propaganda", and hypocrisy? Don't make me laugh, you practically run the board on it. "Left wing shitposting and trolling is allowed, but only if I agree with it". Pics related. There are many more cases of this.

Holy shit, are you inebriated or intentionally missing the point? Aside from 4chan, which, I agree, lost its novelty and grew too big for its boots, the rest of these sites and boards were drastically changed and even killed from their increasingly closed nature alienating great swathes of their users. I do not see how this purity spiral is any different.

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Why wouldn't socialists be better at creating informative content than fascists?

I don't think so, and your whole post comes across as off the mark.


Because we're all autists posting on imageboards. If you want to make infographics you can share with your parents on Facebook, then go right ahead, but you should probably look for grunts outside of Zig Forums. You seem to have some serious misconceptions about the userbase of your board.


Where did this post go?
Censoring criticism are we now?

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wew, almost "socialism gives you special powers" tier
you definitely have a severe case of "imageboards is a serious business" disease

And saved

I don't even know where you are coming from with this. Marxism is a solid theory based in history and material reality, it is clearly far superior to fascist dreck.

Do imageboards have some kind of special status as media that prevents them from functioning as propaganda outlets? When propaganda is posted and reproduced here, it magically has no effect on people's thoughts and feelings? I don't know how anyone could seriously argue this after 2016. Again, I want no part in the propaganda that leads to millions dying, just as has happened over and over again in Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.

kek, between and>>2337804 I think we have enough evidence to show that the "CIA shill bans" are purely torture chamber motivated.

only the immortal science of Marxism can save imageboards fro boring, shitty srsposters!

Uh, considering that Zig Forums has under two thousand members at best, and an increasingly shrinking userbase now, it's practically infeasible to use for any kind of propaganda. Hell, this site is too small to begin with.
Are you referring to Trumpshit spread by Zig Forums? Not only were the democrats increasingly unpopular after Obama's "change" shit, which turned out to be Bush ++, Hillary's campaign seemed to be more of this and completely alienated a great deal of potential voters. Despite this, by grand total of votes, Trump still lost by over two million. Such a fantastic, successful propaganda campaign that was. Don't "B-BUT" me on that, either, if imageboard shitposting is such a successful propaganda vector, how come these faggots absolutely and utterly failed to replicate results anywhere else? Where are the successes of UKIP, BNP and Front Nationale, which had the backing of both Zig Forumss, and their "le rational centrist" e-celebs?

You are not going to get a tower of propaganda wizardry, you are going to end up with a dead board.

why do ☭TANKIE☭s have to ruin everything

meant for

sorry no, shilling for theocracy is not superior to anything

no registration anonymous dynamic nature of the chans
chans are for discussions and shitposting
not for organizing and propaganda work

so you want to follow in Zig Forums footsteps?
guess all that meme magic quality pol propaganda finally got to you huh

Mate I agree with you in principal but the way to solve this isn't to throw crazy accusations (cointelpro) at BO. It doesn't matter whether they are cointelpro, trying to turn this into an ML board, or going crazy from hormone treatments. What matters is that we preserve this place as one of the last great bastions for leftist discussion on the Internet. The intentions don't matter as much as the consequences

I also think a mongolian throat singing board reviled by 99% of the internet is a viable propaganda arm.

If you are organizing on chans your shit deserves to be cointelproed because the feds are watching. I don't post about commie shit i do irl because i know this place is being watched. Posting isn't warfare. If you want to change shit go outside and join an org instead of staying inside yelling about who is the real imperialist.

Let shitposter shitpost.

Did anyone get the rest of the posts made by that mod? I tried taking a screenshot of that thread, but forgot that 8chans in-built screenshot function only works like half the time.

Can you lot decide on the story you are spinning?

Is Zig Forums low-quality shitposting board, or is it non-Marxist, or is it a Last Great Bastion for leftist discussion? I'm getting more and more confused.

Nope. Khrushchevite revisionist.

I'd say they are (or better be) opposed. As a Fascist outlet, Zig Forums is about intellectual degeneration - which makes it absolutely unsuitable for any serious discussion. I'm not sure if BO's idea is correct (for me it is only DPRK against US that is non-negotiable), but your position is flat-out insane. We simply don't have the numbers to resist flood of Fascists and Liberals.

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What is this gay shit? This is what the board has done literally since its foundation, and it has only been extremely recently that BO took a hard line stance against basically everything. As a matter of fact, there was a time early on in the board's history where at least a third of the catalog was Zig Forums bait. That time has been over for more than a year, and the board was coasting peacefully until the dumb "anti shill" bans were put in place. Now that it is in, the board is dying, bleeding members and suffering the largest exodus in its history.

You are clearly very new here, and I strongly advise you go back to Reddit.

The fact that this confuses you belies your newfaggotry. Zig Forums is all of these things and none of these things. The paradoxical nature of imageboards is so obvious that anybody who takes it seriously outs themselves as someone who should never be taken seriously. Trying to pigeonhole a board into being anything other than a place for like-minded people to discuss a mildly related topic is ludicrous and kills boards 100% of the time.
I want all the Twitterposters and Redditors to leave.

So what are you arguing about then? We have a position that we should have more not like-minded people here - >>2337559

Nope. That is patently false.

Generally speaking, I'm arguing that leftists shouldn't be banned on a leftist imageboard for wrongthink. I don't know why I'm arguing with a tripfag, though, you people never fucking understand anything.

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How? Are you going to substantiate or just spew "NO U!!!" alongside your newfaggotry? For the first year or so of the board, the BO and mods didn't even clear out Zig Forums bait in the interest of open discussion. When they started doing it, shitflinging and infighting amongst socialists was still allowed and encouraged, and right wingers were encouraged to argue and participate as long as it was in good faith. It was not until well after the April Fools hack drama that imperialism bans and such started to be implemented, and it was only in the recent weeks that they started to become aggressively enforced. So going by what I said, the BO has been "anti-everything" for under a quarter of the board's history, and only a mere fraction if we're going by the aggressive approach taken now.

I do not think you are well versed in this board's history. May I, again, suggest that you return from wherever you discovered this place?

Lel, are you lying or really this new?

You retards should start substantiating things yourselves.

False. I've got ban for calling Paris Commune an attempt at AnCap long before that. That's 100% "infighting amongst socialists".

Substantiate your opinion. Ban for not being aggressively pro-refugee during late summer/early fall.

A common trait of imageboards is that posters are far outnumbered by lurkers. Back when Zig Forums last had around this many IPs, I think the facebook pages were getting tens of thousands of likes, which were then used to promote Bordigism or something. You seem confused. I'm not doing anything right now to try and turn Zig Forums into some kind of newsroom, I want to prevent it from being a vector for regime change propaganda. Again, I refuse to take part in any way in the destruction of the DPRK or Iran.

I actually did answer your inane question about Michael Brown in some other thread, I can answer again. IIRC I made a sticky, told people to post there, and banned or deleted some other threads which got people up in arms. How this would disprove your theory, I don't know, since there are screencaps floating around and it could be archived.

There are more possibilities for a board other than "shitpost central" and "organizing out in the open."

I can testify to what said, that is definetly what I have observed. There really isnt much point in saying "PROVE IT!" when we're talking about things that have taken place in front of the users eyes.

Iran and DPRK aren't going to be invaded because a few dozen posters on a taiwanese fingerpainting forum refused to acknowledge them as the last bastions of proletarian struggle you horrendous cocksocket.

I'll repeat what I said. The CIA, GCHQ, Mossad, MIT, etc. all spend millions upon millions of dollars on propaganda, twitter bots, paid-off journalists, think-tanks, pundits, and more. They spend all this money on this influence of public opinion because it's useful to them. Does the greenlight for Operation Bomb Bomb Iran depend on whether or not Zig Forums is a safe space for regime change regurgitation? No. Does it partially depend on public opinion? Yes. I am against allowing Zig Forums to play a part in that.

But whatever, you're a four.


Zig Forums users are doing a fine job as it is. if we can shout down Zig Forumss retardation we can deal with liberal horseshit. I don't think saying "Iran shouldn't be invaded but it's still a shitty place" is an unreasonable stance. There is no need for mass bans over legitimate debate.

LMAO you're the same person

I'm not sure what the argument is. I absolutely have increased the enforcement and enumeration of rules in the past several months. I don't think the ramp-up is wildly inconsistent with the original rules against Zionism, SJW shit, or Zig Forums posting.

They're not.

It is. On what grounds do you think you get to say Iran is "shitty"? That's pure BS, and it's a farce of opposition.

Can I place a formal request to have the banner I made for Zig Forums removed from rotation?

What banner would that be user?

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You have proof of this or are you going full r/socialism? Screaming imperialism at everything that hurts your feelings and then banning people isn't good moderation imo.

Iran crushes left wing dissent in favour of right wing theocracy. I don't think islamisists shooting comrades is cool.

If you hate this website, and you think your users are shitty, then why are you still here?
I'm being 100% serious.

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So it is your sincere belief that peopel who are here who support regiem change are for the most part spooks?

I just don't want my work to be used to enhance the image of this place any further. If you want to see my other banners, I recommend viewing them in the banner thread on Zig Forums.

Good, this may showcase BOs autism

You banned me for merely calling the protests a "mass" movement. (I even put it between parentheses) after I had already pointed out I didn't support them anyway. Before that you banned me for a post that merely pointed out that the protests (partially) started because of discontent about unemployment, which just so happens to be the official Iranian position.
Another time you banned me for giving feedback in this very same thread.

Some would call the lack of LGBT rights "shitty", or the fact that there exist a death penalty for "waging war against god", or a 27-40% youth unemployment rate, or inflation outstripping wage growth, or communist movements having been banned for decades now.
Now you can call it overblown, you can blame western sanctions, you can argue they're whining snowflake liberals, but they're very real concerns that affect millions of people, some of who decide to take it to the streets because of it. That these movements then get co-opted by imperialist powers is not a position anyone was denying.
Hell, I myself pointed out some really suspicious events. And yet you banned me (and others) anyway.

This so very much. If you don't like the users, if you don't like the volunteers, if you don't appreciate the culture of the board: Leave. Give the board ownership to someone else. I don't care who. One of your volunteers, fucking Space or Ismail, even Hoochie would be an improvement at this point.

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My point is that I didn't notice any significant changes. Not to the level that is being suggested.

Al-Qaeda is Sunni, Iran is Shia. I'd say Saudis have much more sympathizers.

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fuck off sock puppet

Why have 6 posts been deleted?

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BO deleted some posts. atleast one is because is a BO sock puppet

a 4 week ban also is attached to at least one of the deleted posts.

exactly, so stop being a cunt.

I don't suppose its even worth pointing out at this point that someone arguing that these protest movements may have arisen, in part, down to economic conditions, which is something even the Iranian government is acknowledging, and not just as a result of cia meddling is not support for western backed regime change.

BO, since you did the removal bans I'm going to ask. Why remove the texts? Why not include the carbon copy "(User was banned for this post)" removing shit in mass bulk will get you noticed and make people angry, so why? Why delete the messages? People will think you're hiding something, and these weren't shitposts. You're shooting yourself I need the foot, so why?

Oh yeah plz no post removal on ban.

why should someone with zero reading comprehension run a board? See the quotation marks arounds "reject"? As in, he is quoting the person he is replying to. Maybe you could read where "reject" appears in the text he is quoting to find out what "it" (see, quotation marks) refers to? Then you'll see he is saying Demconfed in Syria is irrelevant, not the tool of anti-imperialism.

or you can give out 4 week bans for posts your too monumentally retarded to understand. anyway, keep trying to ban me cucko. your volunteers are just going to reverse it. how does it feel that literally no one in your mod team stands behind you, and basically all have defected to another board? even your lackey Hoochie reverses your ill-intentioned bans.

Why was the go to leftpol thread deleted which had been pinned?

he does that sometimes too. some guy said "I critically support Iran and North Korea against imperialism, but not in any other regard" with no further arguments. he got a big red ban message. a few hours later, after he saw how bad a decision it was, he hid it by deleting their post. he does this with all the controversial posts he attaches a ban message to.

Are you guys trying to get all your posts deleted?

Nevermind it just was really far down the list

We missed you baboon-poster!

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naziposter is the intellectual heavyweight the right always needed

I hate 8ch because the board software is extremely bad and the site owners are total scum. There's no real solution to that unless a real, superior alternative to 8ch cropped up. I don't think "my users are shitty," I think some of them are. Who in the history of board moderation hasn't disliked some users?

Primarily I think they're gullible/stupid/chauvinistic. For whatever reason, I don't suspect a large number of spies and actual paid shills have posted here.

Banner interface is still broken for me.

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lurk moar, he's reactionary as fuck and advocates monarchy

Believe what you want, I keep getting this no matter how much I refresh. Otherwise I'd have removed the Roj*va stuff by now.

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I'm going to call bullshit on this. It's been over 6 months since that crash and Zig Forums has been able to do all this shit, all of Zig Forums also seems to have affectively been fixed. Complain to moderation if it's broken STILL after this long because that means their site is broken and it could affect other boards soon.

Because like most politics today, it's just an empty "brand." Most Nat-Socs today have never read Hitler, Goebels, Rosenberg, or other nat-soc ideologues. Scores of them even actively support zionists like Trump, and see absolutely no problem with this.
This is a problem with mass politics in general, and modern politics in particular. Ideas or coherent positions no longer matter, it's all about "branding" and supporting your "team". The swastika is just another hollow symbol therein, accompanying hollow words and hollow propaganda.
There is also the whole problem of assuming symbols somehow have an innate meaning.

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I think I should've swtiched mass politics with modern politics, but whatever…

So until it's fixed, Apo and this lady are going to be stuck in rotation as a big fuck you and a reminder of the days before your became an infantile brainlet liberal.

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BO people like you are the reason comunism will never work.

Incidentally, I checked out /r/socialism out of curiosity, and the mods there are allowing full-blown shilling for the riots. Look at the comments on these:
So it looks like /r/socialism is far more tolerant than I am to enemies of the "evil Iranian regime" as long as you don't trigger them by saying "stupid." So if you got banned in the Iran thread, you could give /r/socialism a try too, they are very inclusive.

Someone did complain on /sudo/. I think it could be my adblocker, but I'm not going to turn that off for shady businessman.

Oh no, I guess so.

Many of the early protests were legitimate worker protests. The Iranian government under Rouhani is neoliberal and has been removing many of Ahmadinejad's subsidies (for oil, food, etc.). Similar to Ukraine, I think the original protests (which weren't calling for the overthrow of the government) have been taken over by US-supported "protesters" who do want to overthrow the government, but, if you only saw only the first part or saw a misrepresentation in the media, you could easily be mistaken or misinformed.

I wouldn't say the people supporting it are necessarily reactionary, since if they'd been shown only the first part of the protests they could have easily been misled. I think it deserves dialogue rather than banning.

This is brain-rot, why not go to /r/socialism where the mods will agree with you.
It's an obvious liberalization plan that negatively affects workers. I'm not sure why that would be under dispute.

Being a ML has rotted your fucking brain to obvious facts apparently.

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The whole promise of Rouhani was that he would try to get the sanctions lifted with concessions and the "nuclear deal." Calling this neoliberalism is infantile, and only further confirms that "neoliberalism" is the fantasy obsession of Berniecrats and similar simpletons.

Hey BO, you dropped your trip :^)

In order to get updates on this thread, I have to have it open in a non-mod-view tab. If you post as ## Board Owner when you're not in mod-view, it shows up as a tripcode.

He has had quite a lot more room for maneuver for quite a while and he is using it on economic recipes that fuck over workers and strengthen the entrenched Iranian porkies and their future business partners like the EU because he has no desire to dootherwise. Are you really going to claim he has no alternatives?

That was never under dispute. I wasn't even disputing that the current protests demanding the government's overthrow smacked of US (and probably Israeli) interference.

"Neoliberalism" is widely used for the particular developments in capitalism since the late 70s/early 80s that proceeded from the prevalence and institutionalization of neoclassical economics. It's a useful term, and it'd odd to see it called a "fantasy obsession." Some people treat neoliberalism in particular as the source of all troubles to deflect attention from capitalism by itself. I was only using it to point to the Rouhani government effecting certain economic liberalization reforms that would be generally classified as "neoliberal."

Shouldn't Berniecrats and such be educated? Throwing a fit because new people who don't know better are bad at leftism is elitist and damages the left as a whole. If we don't try to educate newbies we are no better than the holier then thou idpol puritans we all hate.

Why the fuck was my thread reporting Iranian Communists' statement deleted…?

Let me guess, you also believe Assad's policies somehow didn't qualify as neoliberal?

^ that is probably why

Can you honestly say the quality of the board has improved over the past few months? Because it seems like you've only succeeded in pissing off everyone who doesn't share your views down to the letter. I'd happily sift through a few shitposts if it meant there was more intelligent discussion overall, and I think a lot of users would agree

And what do you think the recent changes are doing?

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this? >>2338427

Based BO
purge the idealist trash