Government turns back on pregnant teenager as another Isis bride’s father pleads for return to UK ‘

A pregnant teenage Isis bride will be left in Syria despite pleas to allow her and other young women back to the UK.

Ben Wallace, the security minister, said he would “not put British lives at risk” to help Shamima Begum return to Britain.

And government sources told The Independent it will not contact local authorities to negotiate her passage out of a camp where almost 40,000 Isis fighters’ family members are being held.

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The government should spend as much money as necessary to figure out her exact location and then send in the drones

Nice, thank God someone in our government has a brain.

She joined a terrorist organization that murdered countless Syrian civilians

Taking those Isis recruits is not just against UK safety but is a crime against Syria, Assad has the right to catch and judge them by the country law.

They have 25,000 confirmed terrorists in England already, and those are just the ones they have on a list, named. The real answer is that the recruitment drive has been a complete success, and no further applicants are required at this time. They have their actors lined up for the next five years' worth of terror attacks, she should try again after that and they'll glady snap her and her exploding belly up.
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This is because to accept the raghag would be bad publicity.

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The only answer is a new Guy Fawkes.

We should definitely let them all back just so we can burn them all alive in a televised mass execution.


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She should head to Kurdistan-held territory and point a gun at the locals. This is a traditional greeting and she will be graced with the finest hospitality they can muster.

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Anyone got the pic of how the Iraqis treated these brides? 15 minute trials with the girls in cages, hoping to have them plead for their lives for some amusement. Death sentence to all of them. That's the proper way to deal with these cunts.

Nothing suspicious here. There's no way this is a plan to get these cunts into the country to raise their future suicide bombers.


This needs to happen more regularly, and not just for ISIS brides. Gangbanger brides too otherwise we are just raising more kids into crime.


She will eventually return the UK because she has citizenship rights. I think but she might have to contact an embassy first. They don't have to help her but they can't refuse entry, nor can they strip her citizenship.

If the country you chose failed, maybe you should apply for citizenship in a neighboring country, rather than asking Italy for citizenship because you knew an Italian guy once.

But by the law she must be send to jail, she is a criminal.

Shes not even British, clearly.


Why are women always given a pass for their bad decisions?

this isn't about women, this is about isis trying to blow up the uk

Leaves to go fight for anti-Western rebel group. Wants baby born in the West.

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