School children strike over 'lack of climate change action'

School children across the country have swapped the classroom for the picket line today, as they strike over the government's perceived lack of action on climate change.

Eco-conscious youngsters are taking part in more than 50 planned Youth Strike 4 Climate protests in the UK.

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Ask them how the destruction that mass migration will do to the European nature (and people) fits in with the knowledge that the same people who are pushing the climate change lie on them, are also pushing the globalist migration invasion agenda. This should get their brains jogging and their communist slavers into a hissy fit.

Why is it always white people that cares about the environment? It seems unfair that non-white people do not put much effort in the pro-environment activities much as the white people do. Earth is our only homeland.

This. Ask them why China, India, and Vietnam get a free pass when they are advancing fast enough to have clean technology and practices yet choose to use them

It's scummy for teachers to ask their students to support their cause, then make the whole thing look like the students stated it.

poor little brainwashed fools crying because they don't have a boot firmly pressed against their faces while looting their pockets after a hard days work

Heinlein had the right idea in Starship Troopers: public flogging.

It's over. The government can't meme.

wow, that'll really have an effect.

The school administrators organized it. Not the students.

All the teachers are missing out on their rape

Only a retard would give a single fuck what school children think.

Even though the US left the Paris Climate Accord, the US is the only country that is following the standards set by the PCA. None of the countries who signed it are within the margins.

Say that again in ten years when these school children start voting

Every time I think I've hit the bottom I find that I've only scratched the surface of this frozen ocean of filth. I used to wonder why God rekt the world once, now I wonder why He doesn't do it now.

Ten years of growing up might give them a much better perspective.
Although on the other hand ten years of indoctrination might reduce them to jibbering wrecks.

Ask them who is polluting the ocean with plastic.
Show them pictures if they get it wrong.

This is a flanking manuever to push for the P in LGTPQ+



They wont be schoolchildren in 10 years time…

every time

Yes, protesting is a direct threat to democracy.

Only a retard would give a single fuck what ANYONE ELSE thinks.


it's a myth but people tell us it's real so let's ruin civilization.

Because school children won't find any reason to not go to school.

Teacher: "Hey kids…wanna few days off school?"
Students: "What do we need to do?"

this 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 percent.

Because their faggot teachers keep pushing that shit.

This. No doubt some kids genuinely do care as , but most are doing it to get out of school. Case in point, there was a middle school that protested some faggot's kissing being separated and "muh homophobia", but the vast majority had no idea what the protest was even about.

If I was one of those students, I would say to you:
“China does not get a free pass. They now live in a land where one needs a mask just to go outside. I ask you, do you want to live in a shit hole?”

yes, forcing children to go to government brainwashing camps where you shove right think and diversity down their throats for 8 hours a day and then telling them your going to do a protest today in a government effort to influence public opinion towards right think is a threat towards democracy

democracy is a lie


Totally organic grass roots movement, definitely not pushed top down by elites who love imposing higher carbon taxes at home while sending manufacturing to shitholes overseas. These kids are useful idiots and it is sad. Not like UK has a future to worry about anyway, maybe they want to leave a nice corpse of a country behind for their replacements. Sad.

Agreed. Children's opinions on such matters are irrelevant. Because their beliefs are as malleable as play-dough.

even if the fucking green party took complete control nothing substantial would happen because non white countries like China, Russia, India and the USA don't give a shit

and remember the policies they implement make the environment worse

Yup. And if my old memories of a red necktie and going through planned stupid motions tell anything, it's that right now there's a great demand for jokes about Al Gore and other warmists among the kids. Don't leave them disappointed ;}