Ad code 'slows down' browsing speeds

Ads are responsible for making webpages slow to a crawl, suggests analysis of the most popular one million websites.

The research by developer Patrick Hulce looked at which chunks of code take longest to load.

About 60% of the total loading time of a page was caused by scripts that place adverts or analyse what users do, he found.

But using ad-blockers may not be the best way to avoid delays and speed up the loading of webpages, he said.

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Lynx doesn't need ad-blockers, and wasn't made by SJW company.

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are there people dumb enough to do this?

He is somewhat right. Adblock helps, NoScript handles matters it does not. Use both and you will deal with a lot less of the internet's bullshit.

Isn't this obvious to anyone that uses a computer?

there are billions of them

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Zoomers and uneducated children unfortunately do. It's our mission to introduce them slowly but surely into using content blockers such as uBlock origin on the regular.

I always thought that first and foremost modifying the hosts file was the method to prioritize before the others.

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>>>Zig Forums743610

This is the kind of material that needs to come here to newsplus!

Of course they needed to put this shit in

My father had a rule growing up. If you're in a room with 100 people, 10 of them have a brain and 1 of those 10 are actually smart. I find he was right about most things he told me.

Bro I think the point went over your head. You have to use ad-blocks in conjunction with a script blocker. It's like building a wall AND having boarder patrol at the same time. Crazy idea, I know.


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NoScript stops scripts from calling other scripts, which makes the page load without taking forever.

No script you mean the addon who tried to deliver malware ads on its update page?

Yes. The plugin creators didn't start going full Ad kike until AdBlock+ decided to finally deal with NoScript's workaround against it. NoScript does exactly what it claims to though, the non-Kike alternative is Ublock + Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey so anything NoScript does you can extend to those including making pages load faster by disabling scripts.
I also use Request Policy so surprise malware ads end up failing anyways if it somehow got through.


Brand new amazing cutting edge research has found that it might actually be possible that having infinite loops and memory leaks might actually potentially perhaps slow down software, scientists say.
Also discovered is that using a pen on paper might actually mark it. This could also mean that pencils do too, although more testing and studies will be needed.

Sadly, newer tampermonkey is not open source

His statement was actually

So he was more talking about that adblockers might make an ad-warfare situation where blockers and ads get more bloated in order to deal with eachother, but he DIDN'T say turn off your ad-blocker, he was misrepresented by BBC intentionally.

So he was saying that long term blockers MIGHT be bad because arms race, which would fuck up the internet. However that'd actually be good because ad companies would be sued if it went that far, since they're shitters and more focused on marketing then any sort of programming, hell they likely outsource to programmers, and knowing most programmers some turn right around after a job and operate through a proxy to counter their own work, paid by both sides is the operative phrase, which would necessitate them being called back on to update.

Ultimately, the only thing you can take from this is to BLOCK EVERY FUCKING AD POSSIBLE.

If it pisses the BBC, well, fuck em. They need competition. Media companies have banded together far too much to trust or to consider them quality services.

Since they misrepresented someone to put this out, that's everyone's cue to get everyone around them into adblockers.

Fuck these fucking hacks.

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Ultimately your web browser is in your computer space and you do not need to dedicate any computing power to loading ads. If content providers do not wish to provide content under these conditions then they are free to leave the internet; someone else will publish their content regardless. If the fight between ad providers and ad blockers gets bad enough then specialized browsers that scrape webpages for text and completely bypass any kind of script interaction will be a thing.

My ad blocker blocked 298 ads sent by UTube today when I watched Fox News for 2 hours. Stats said 10% of data was ads. Yup. slows down computers.

Your Dad made sense. and use both ad blockers n software that detects n deletes.
"Search N Destroy" has been a fav of mine for years.

One of my favorite related thought games is this:
Imagine an average person. Average in every way. Picture this average person in your mind. Now realize that 50% of the population are stupid than the person you are imagining.


Moving through some text-based browsers myself right now, trying them out. Any suggestions besides Lynx? Any pointers, things to look for in my research and dicking around in elinks, links, lynx, netrik, retawq, w3m, or the eww browser in emacs?

That's not how averages work.

This is true, but you were not smart enough to explain why to the dummy.
The reason why is because if there was a group separated by a fence and 50% were on one side and 50% were on the other, the 'average' motherfucker sitting atop the fence would neither belong to the 50% of the group that was smarter, nor would he belong to the 50% of the group that was dumber. He'd be right on the frickin' line – dumber than dumb, yet smarter than smart – in short, 'average'.

But can you actually post a thread on 8ch/n/ using Lynx?
FUCK /jewspus/ !
Also, I would like to hear your thoughts on what this user asked you…

how to sell/shill adblockers to goyim?

stupider people cant use dumberer

or something, never watched the prequel or sequel

wat? i was referenceing tehpwnerer with the double ers, ima millennial sry dad

No, you stupid Redditor, what you said isn't even any different from what the first guy implied. You still have gotten nowhere near how averages work. An average is either a mean or a median in most cases; there are some other ways of calculating statistical average, but these are the easiest and most common. For any given variable y of population x, for a mean your calculation will be the total value or frequency of said variable divided amongst the population size. y / x = the mean. Let's assume a randomly generated class of ten students and their test scores, bounded between 50 and 100 - from, our scores are 87, 67, 73, 51, 91, 70, 78, 51, 62, 63.

According to you, the average of 50 and 100 is 75 because it's in the center. Adding up our scores and dividing by the class size to get the average (mean), we get: 693 / 10 = 69.3. The average is not 75, it's 69. On average, calculating for mean, the class failed. 5 students or 50% of the class failed, with their scores all being below the mean (which would not necessarily remain true if there was a larger disparity allowed between scores, or a larger sample size allowing scores clustered closer together), but an 'average' student would literally be above the 50th percentile in this example. This proves that the average when using mean =/= the halfway point.

Now let's work out a median, with a second set of ten randomly generated scores: 64, 86, 53, 83, 57, 60, 95, 69, 59, 80. The median is the middle value in an ordered set, so we should sort these scores out then use math to find the middle - if the median arrives between two data points, you split the difference.

53, 57, 59, 60, 64, 69, 80, 83, 86, 95. Our middle two scores are 64 and 69, meaning that the median score is at:

69 - 64 = 5
5 / 2 = 2.5
64 + 2.5 = 66.5

This time when calculating for median, our average is even lower past the center point, again showing that the average does not mean 50% above and 50% below.

This website for 4th graders will assist you. First result in Google.

Thank you for this post, not him but it's been a long while I haven't seen this. On top of that reading it in another language than my own was a refreshing experience

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