Are the super-rich ruining Burning Man?

For many, Burning Man conjures up images of dust-covered attendees, known as "burners", dancing in the desert cut off from society.

The annual arts and cultural gathering in the Black Rock desert in Nevada prides itself on "radical inclusion", "self-reliance" and providing a space for counter-cultural expression.

However, grumblings of discontent have been growing in the burner community for a number of years.

The increase in so-called "turnkey" or "plug-and-play" camps offering luxury and glamour for the super-rich or Insta-famous has become a source of tension at Black Rock City.

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Hopefully they burn a super rich person

my fam and me ate a debutante at burning man

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The death squads or on their way, please do not resist.

Church gatherings and beer-packed friend get-togethers don't count.

When I was a teen, I probably would have loved Burning Man. Now I don't know if I could last five minutes.

i don't give a fuck about any of it unless it maybe leads to some good free decent music

I wouldnt want to live in a world without vices. You think life is violent now? Let the freaks get high and fuck in the desert. It means they can burn off whatever is in them and not holster it in public until they snap and stab a stranger on a bus.

I think its fine. BMorg is getting a rod up their ass when they know that YOU GOTTA HAVE MONEY to camp there, alone, in a fucking desert on a dry lake bed. Whats wrong with throwin money at the body solution? They shoulda banned RVs then. I think another point about the event is seeing what equipment and implementations works out there. Rust isnt an issue. Against high heat, high winds, silica dust, we find out what works best. The desert and the snow kills the cheap.

You have absolutely no idea what actually goes on over there do you?

Obviously. A better question is, what isn't ruined by the super rich?

It can't be ruined by the rich. Its not like the poor don't ruin it also, meth freaks, tent parachutes, drunk drivers, garbage. Either they give a shit about the event or they don't, those idiots are in all economic strata.

Does any one really give a shit? Also is it really the super-rich or relative to the average burnout? Because a middle-class family is super rich to a shithead who lives off selling his seed.

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No one said anything about people who merely earn a lot of money. They said the super rich. And many of the worlds problems are caused by those assholes.

Goddamnit, the super-rich should be funding "Running Man"……not gay ass burning man.

confirmed retarded. burners are like rich libertarian hedonists


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It's okay. You can say "Jews" here. Nobody's going to call you an anti-semite or try to ruin your career.

The Long Walk was the better read, tbh.

It's called decemodification. It's one of the 10 principles of burning man. They don't want their culture to be about drugs and sex and partying.

An user of fine taste I see. While it was a great read, I don't think it would be entertaining enough for the the super-rich to fund such an effort.