'Heartbeat' bills gaining momentum in several states, including Kentucky and Mississippi

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has vowed to sign a "heartbeat" abortion bill that was passed by state legislators last Wednesday. Kentucky passed a similar bill a day later. And Texas state lawmakers are also pushing to advance a similar bill in the coming weeks or months.

As both sides of the abortion debate are preparing for the possibility – however remote – of Roe v. Wade being overturned, at least 10 states are currently considering or have passed "heartbeat bills," which prohibit an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks of gestation or as late as 12 weeks.


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Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians believed that the heart was the seat of the human soul and where the mind resided. The brain, so it was believed, was nothing particularly valuable. Of course, because of science, this was eventually determined to be incorrect. The heart is just a bundle of muscle that pumps the blood, and there is no organ more important than the brain; it is, in fact, the only thing that separates a human being from other animals.

So nothing could exemplify more than hilariously depressing anti-science idiocy of Americans, then when they characterize the heart and not the brain as being the most important stage in development of a fetus and the sign that it has become alive and human and thus has value. Just like that, 5000 years of scientific progress has been thrown out the window. Good job, guys!

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There are a multitude of people alive today with artificial hearts that might like to have a word with you. Find me one of them with a mechanical brain, and I'll concede the argument.

so you're saying that a human without a brain is an animal?

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so because something is too complicated to synthesize, it is therefore important? well, the thermodynamics of the farts coming out of my ass are a wonder of the modern world then


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Clearly he was saying the differentiator between humans and animals is the complexity of our thinking, whereas the heart is a standard organ that adds nothing of note to our seperation from other species. Why not say its a life when the baby has a penis or vagina or lungs? Either way its another attempt to create headlines by politicians who refuse to address the underlying causes of unplanned pregnancy and the need for abortion. Its also an example where right thinkers claim to want less government when it suits them, but clearly are the real threat to personal freedoms unless its involving guns.

This is retarded. Ban abortion altogether because it is a massive health hazard for the mother

Pro Tip :
"persistent vegetative state" is just a phrase. They don't actually turn into a celery stalk.

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I'm being completely serious when I say this actually makes significantly more sense than the heart. The sole purpose of life, after all, is to propagate itself through reproduction. So a life isn't alive unless it has the means to do so, which for humans means functioning genitals.

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You realize that control over a complex muscle like the heart implies some minimum level of brain development, right?

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Yeah, unfortunately, symbolism is important. The "anti-science" belief that human life is worth anything more than inert matter is the only thing keeping the police protecting your retarded ass. Your life revolves around symbolism and arbitrary valuations, and it always will.

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A hand full of heart muscle cells can start beating in a petri dish. You gonna call that human life, too?

Brainwaves start at 5-6 weeks, so maybe you're right ;)

Nobody believes in the police around here. I don't know who the fuck you think you're talking to, but it's not me. Human life is worth something to other humans. Brain-dead babies aren't worth anything to anyone.

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mandatory abortion for all unmarried couples

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