Forty years after his death, John Wayne’s views on race and homosexuality have suddenly sparked a firestorm of tweets from users who believe his comments are somehow representative of America as a whole in the Trump era.

After a viral tweet began to circulate over the weekend, highlighting portions of a famous 1971 Playboy interview, the phrase “John Wayne” was trending on the platform by Tuesday evening as users found their feeds flooded with both outrage and confusion at the new-found relevancy of the interview.

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Okay what the hell Jim/Codemonkey? I have to say it is kind of bullshit that you flood the front page with newsplus posts during a certain window of time. I would honestly like to hear your reasoning for such underhanded behavior. As I have said before, if newsplus reporters would simply take a page from the Zig Forums handbook, such measures would be unnecessary.

48 year old news. Nice job!

Whoops! Bumping this awesome half century old news!

Yeah totally not an attempt at switching the news cycle from that gay nigger jew staging a false attack on himself or anything.

what a guy

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What did he say? Im not clicking link

Rest assured he said what we all are thinking.

Based Wayne.

Calm down Schlomo. I saw a link to this on Twatter today, was too busy to watch it though. I suspect that people actually had something of value to say back then, instead of the horseshit we're fed now days

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He's been dead for 40 years, are snowflakes that desperate for something to be offended by?

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I'm not going to calm down Hymie until you and your people are truly holocausted. Fuck you.
But you do post a fun redpill video, so why stop the enemy while he digs himself in deeper?

Somebody photoshop that into a MAGA hat he is wearing!!!!

Wait a minute Muhammad Ali didn't have straight hair. God damn Malachai you are a next level Jew.
Here's the real shit:

Man I love John Wayne

Ask reddit (ie: go home)

It's not too hard to get a reasonable idea of what he said. He'd probably fit in relatively well here - except, of course, that he'd be convinced that every user here was a worthless waste of space who should be horsewhipped until he got up and did something worthwhile with his life. not saying he's wrong there, but it would make it harder for him to fit in on any board I've seen so far

He's an American icon. Of course they will jump on it in an ecstatic feeding frenzy of outrage.

These twitter people would absolutely freak out if they heard the infamous Michael Parkinson interview with Mohammed Ali.
Ali was totally against race mixing and was very open and clear about his reasons.
This was a long time ago but judging him by todays standards he should be jailed for racism.

Speaking of John Wayne, look what happened last night at John Wayne Airport. Coincidence?

what a way to go. must of took his head off?

Fuck that, John Wayne deserves more respect than that.

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Could be improved, shame it's shitty.

dubs confirm

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Inculcated, that's an interesting choice of an obscure word. Was The Duke hip to the protocols?

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Just so long as people today don't get the idea that it's okay to hold those beliefs, now. That was kind of the point.

the demented presenter and the sheep audience ruin it.

predictive programming, they do things in concentrated circles of advertising so that people are emotionally programmed by it.
either that, or a schizophrenic saw the accident at the airport and was sparked off by it, then spent 12 hours through the night looking at their collection of playboys from 1960 to 2000 to find something that offends them, then typed up their rant.
the fact is, if they saw or heard anyone from any point in history apart from now speaking about race, they would have a consistent answer. the fact is that media and government have conditioned people with fear to try to turn them against their natural instincts. only the seriously mentally ill would see no difference between races.

jews have low sloping arab foreheads and weak, receeding chins. only the nose is accurate

Bro cool it with the racist remarks.

It's not, education is just worse nowadays. Perhaps intentionally so.

And isn't the timing of this bullshit Interesting? Juuust perfect to distract people from the Smollett hoax. Just saying.

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This is why millennials need to be exterminated for good.

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Exactly this, they need to bury false-flag gay/MAGA-kid uprising.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Please someone make it happen, I will save it.

Just reinforcing that the normalfag of the past would be the ultimate Chad of today. Back in his days tradionalism was the norm, God was on his heaven and all was right with the world.

You think anyone are here because lazy? Not that it would have something to do with completely pozzed institutions which double down on aids, niggers and muhamMADs. If he was alive today he would be out of his job probably forever, JUSTed or Weinsteined in a heartbeat. So please stop being condescending towards adoption of traditional values as if they were a shining golden icon shared by all our beloved leaders and their institutions. You just can't be traditional and have common sense today, because it is considered offensive. Look at MAGA-kid incident.

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This soyboy who posted this on twatter isn't even 1/100 of a man that Wayne was. Muh bigotry!!

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His views are representative of anyone sane who has ever lived.

shop 'his' face into john wayne posters and spread them. people will find him utterly ridiculous

i don't even know why lefties would oppose Trump anymore, other than he says he wants a border wall

If you ever questioned brainwashing by mass media, take a good look around you

Because he's an insane retard that doesn't know anything about governance, breaks everything he touches, and is filling the government with rich cronies. I don't know why anyone would support him unless they really believe that he's going to chase out the Jews or the brown people or something.