US ISIS bride Hoda Muthana says she’s ‘thankful for America’s freedoms’ and begs to come home-

→Hoda Muthana, holding her toddler, says she regrets aligning herself with the terrorist organization

In an interview with ABC News, while holding her 18-month-old son, Muthana said she "definitely" regretted leaving her home in Hoover, Alabama, after becoming radicalised online.

She said: "It’s not Islamic, at all – anyone who says so, I will fight against it.

"I’m just a normal human being who has been manipulated once and hopefully never again."

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Wow its almost like there are actual repercussions for being treasonous towards your home country, who knew

Her mans aint taken cares of her?

It's almost as if she wants to go back because he dumped her with her kid. No, wait she found that she's a patriot who loves America!

Hmmm. Another traitorous ISIS bride that wants back into a western country after getting knocked up with a future suicide bomber child so she can raise it inside the country's boarders so it wouldn't even have to worry about getting into the country before it kills a bunch of people. Nothing suspicious about this event that keeps happening.

Traitors are kill on sight.

America isn't her home. Somalia or wherever the fuck she's from. She's not an Alabaman mother and what she did was not just a simple mistake. Go fuck off right back to Somalia.

Baby mama drama ISIS edition.

One way ticket to gitmo.

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Keep her out.

Where have all the good men gone?
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Where have all the good countries gone?
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ISIS isnt islamic for sure, but don't forget u americucks that God still hates fags and America. ur freedumbs and willingness to fight in Zionist wars and allow Zionist politicians literally caused this migration mess.

I like happy endings

LOL this is exactly the geopolitical version of

Which happened ten times just today I guess.

At least she is smarter than the british one, the one who said that didn't regret joining the Islamic State and stuff

To be fair, Britain is far more likely to let her back in anyway.

She should be used as an example. UK is a nice place, I hear. Those words about spilling blood, running “all over them,” and “kill them all” did not come out of the mouth of a young babe who just landed in a war zone. It was after her 1st husband’s death.

If not for the creation of America, our lives would be short and miserable. 1776 gave us the ability to rise up out of peasantville if we had the inclination. The fact America is changing is due to hateful immigrants who have arrived only to attempt to return the USA back to its former state - authoritarianism under a brutal royal family and taxation without representation.

Her family and her race/religion failed this young woman, not America.

How can you kill anyone when you sit indoors jacking off to cartoon child pornography all day?

More like welcome her traitor ass with open arms.

Wrong, the UK revoked her 'British Citizenship' 2 days ago saying how she's Bangladeshi, once revoked citizenship has NEVER been granted again.

Drones nigga, drones

Aren't we all. Later bitch.

She's the same as commies: Soulless vermin. There's nothing these wretched cunts won't betray. Leftists make the whole species look irredeemable.

Because nothing says "fuck you" like poison gas at 27 times the boiling point of water.

This is a perfect example of women being incapable of loyalty. Cunt betrays her own country, then she betrays her own group.

Don't ever expect loyalty from a woman. Their decisions are based on emotions, rather than principle. If your back is turned, and a Chad emotionally stimulates her, then she won't hesitate to cheat on you, as long as he and her friends approve of it.

This cunt did get manipulated. A man would either stick to his beliefs and not join a group, or stick to his beliefs and not leave it. A man certainly wouldn't be low enough to crawl back begging for help after betraying his own country.

She won't be coming back because she has no visa or some shit. Serves her right. Nobody needs disgusting disloyal scum like her anyway. She'll be the sex toy of some arab, only thing she's good for.

there are, i hope burgerkikes realize quite throughly that selling their citizens to jews will have unforeseen consequences.

She needs to be beaten to death by a muslim dude