FDA confirms injecting ‘young blood’ to prevent aging is stupid and pointless

We’d all love to find the fountain of youth but such a thing just doesn’t seem to exist. We’re born, we grow old (if we’re lucky), and then we die, and that’s just the way it is. Despite that undeniable fact, some very wealthy folks are doing their best to outsmart mother nature by filling their bodies with the blood of people who are much younger than them.

No, this isn’t the plot to a bad science fiction movie. This is actually happening, and there are startups out there that will harvest blood from young donors and then offer plasma infusions to older individuals who mistakenly believe it will somehow keep them healthy. Well, the FDA finally caught wind of this nonsense and is now warning that it’s nothing more than a scam.


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I mean who would buy cancer drugs right?

sure, i believe them

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That's not what they said. They even put the quote in the article how fucking much of a retard do you have to be to say such dumb shit?

When did the FDA actually tell the truth about anything, or protect the American public from harm?

Think about stance at distance - CYA. No culpability here.

Did they condemn it, or go after shut down PP, or other groups in the young blood cult?

The FDA is a greater enemy than perhaps even China. Give them no quarter.

FDA confirms goyim blood stocks are at all time low !

But it works. So do does this ^

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This has been proven to work in mice. Read the fucking FDA statement you god damned retards. Dont get blood from random sources, dont use untrained people to administer this. Essentially, dont fucking go to mexico and buy child blood. The didnt say it doesnt work, they are saying not to be retarded. I fucking hate this website. All of you are completely stupid and take headlines as facts.

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According to that image, lizards shouldn't exist either.

Holy shit, you ass clowns are fucking retarded. Now I remember why I shouldn't come here anymore.

Boomers are truly scum. They obsess about their health, their status, their wealth and so forth but they never try to give back to the world or build a better future. For them "its all about me" is the motto and if the world burns after they die "fuck it I got mine".

Now that they are collectively standing at deaths door they are plundering the last bits of wealth that they can in a last desperate stand to keep the ride going for just a bit longer. Fuck them, they sold out this country, shipped everything over to foreigners and now they have the gall to wonder why their wonder drugs and over processed food are killing them.

Remember goyim always listen and do to what the (((FDA))) say.

It actually does work but the effects are temporary unless you continue infusions also the effects are fairly minor. Calling it a scam is too much but it's kind of a waste of funds that could be spent on cocaine.


yes don't worry about mercury. just break open old thermometers and drink them

"Don't do it, goyim! We need it all for ourselves!"

So then why don't you go out and get some blood from young mice? After all, PEOPLE AND MICE ARE THE SAME THING!

I trust the FDA. Afterall, they claimed aspartame was absolutely fine from the 1960s onwards, while stating that stevia was poison and couldn't be labelled as a 'food'.
Yet 50 years later, aspartame is being linked with parkinsons, dementia and cancer, and all the major brands within the same year start using stevia as a substitute.
What a coincidence.
Trials done on mice show the transfusions are effective at cellular regeneration, the elite have been doing it for decades, including with various regular organ transplantations, they just don't like it being public until they've had their bribes.

Know any diabetics? Insulin came from dog trials. Almost every single medical breakthrough in the last century has come from animal trials. Vaccinations themselves came from COWS. You can kill yourself now, fucking brainlet retard cunt.

>FDA (((confirms))) injecting ‘young blood’ to prevent aging is stupid and pointless
>(((T-the goyim know!)))

And all of those were later tested in humans to confirm that they actually work, which this has not been.

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Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C₉H₉NO₃ produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. Only works if the blood has adrenaline in it.

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