University of Florida Official: ‘We All’ Contribute to ‘Rape Culture’

An official at the University of Florida argued this week that all Americans contribute to “rape culture.”
According to a report from Campus Reform, an official at the University of Florida is making bizarre claims about the root causes of “rape culture.”

On Valentine’s Day, the University of Florida hosted an event entitled “Cupid’s Consent Fair 2019.” The event, which was organized by the university’s Sexual Trauma Interpersonal Violence Education (STRIVE) program, was held to educate students about consent.

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Fucking ridiculous. This goes along the same lines as saying that ALL sex is rape. Even consensual sex for the purpose of reproduction. Liberal education at its finest.

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How much porn is about statutory rape?
Hence rape culture

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I didn't consent to them including me, 'we all', in any of their disgusting delusions. I feel horribly, horribly raped, and I want to sue them until they have cancer.

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Isn’t this just victim blaming?

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Wait, so is rape is in the schools “culture” does that mean denying my ability to rape is racist?

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