Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, warns Emmanuel Macron

France is to recognise anti-Zionism, the denial of the state of Israel, as a form of anti-Semitism in response to a surge in acts against Jews not seen “since the Second World War”.

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, also promised new legislation in May to fight hate speech on the Internet, which could see platforms such as Facebook and Twitter fined for every minute they fail to take down racist or violent content.

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Zion Macron

Gas the kikes and the french

Jews deserve to have an independent state that supports the Jewish people. Jews have suffered many hardships over centuries of prejudice and have had attempted genocide of their people. A Jewish state protects these oppressed people and allows them to defend their existence

he won't say the attacks come from muslims though. he loves them so much, getting assbanged by muslim niggers is his favorite pasttime.

Muslims are historically disenfranchised minority. Pointing out their wrongdoing won't allow them to integrate and be accepted into their host society. The blame should be on the french people for not having the protections in place to stop hate speech and other hate crimes.

Really nigger?


i rather the french use a guillotine to decapitate macron, the self proclaimed putain des juifs

The french are non white.

We need to kill him

no liberte?


Holy fucking shit he's not even trying to hide the fact he's ZOG.

Death to France. Fuck it, carpet bomb it…. Frogs better duck.

jews are not semites though.

Throughout history they got pogrom'd by almost every culture they settled in. They never learned. They always cried.

And when the plebs rise up to kill the 1%, it will be called another Shoa, because it just so happens most of them are Jews.

Post your nose.

In accordance with Macron's logic, anti-National Socialist Germanism is anti Germanism and therefore immoral.

Macron is currently useful because he perfectly represents Jewish globalism and its Jewish supremacist nature, and in that is a lighting rod to demonstrate to the world how much the populace hates it.

There is no better gift than to have an obviously massively unpopular head of state shill for the Jews using illogical and classically unpopular logic. Keep it up, Jew-puppet. Great stuff.

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.
Why is it that when a J is called a J, he is offended but when a Catholic, a Muslim, a Christian, or Athiest is called such, they are not offended? Does the J find himself offensive?
Why is it what all across the world graffiti can be found in areas that are not J areas but none is found in the J areas? Who is doing it? Surely the Muslims are not desecrating their own neighborhoods??
Who really desecrated the graves to get a new ruling brought into play?
Officially recognising ZOGs as Js?? A slip of the lip?
The French have been protesting in the streets day and night for 13 weeks solid. They have had hands blown off by police, eyes shot out with rubber bullets and still they stand unarmed against their dictator in protest of their treatment. The French are being shafted just as much as the rest. Be respectful of your brothers.

First we should really gas the country that has the most kikes in of the whole world, even more than israel itself.
That'd really tackle the problem, don't you agree.

Question everyone and everything and you will know who you can't question.

I think now is the correct time to start calling Zionists and Jewish people "Jewish supremacists", and "Anti-European" and "Anti-Caucasian" Since they are allowed to disagree with and criticise everyone else, but label everyone who disagrees with or criticises them as people who are guilty of the crime of hate. Jewish Zionists very clearly and obviously hate with a capital H - HATE everyone who disagrees with them, offer any criticism, or anyone who is different than them. They commit hate crimes against the rest of the world every single day, and the proof is in how they treat and threaten their oponents in any conversation. They judge and demonize everyone else in the world very unjustly but they percieve themselves as false kings- no, FALSE GODS, immune to all voices and the souls behind them. Jewish people time and time again criminalize not only all others opinions, but they criminalize all the worlds souls. They make it a crime for anyone to simply exist and be free and speak freely with their true voice. Shame on them for not practicing what they preach!

screencap this

Hitchens' Razor

How will boomers ever recover

All time periods before the last 70 years would like a word with you.

The Zionists want control never forget that.
The reason they are talking about shutting it down is more than looking to maintain control.
They Are playing every single game right now to retain control and YOU YELLOW VESTS HAVE THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE AND THEY DO NOW
Infuse Goyim Blood into their bones.
Press on my Brothers.
I hate Kikes and expose them here in USA. Fight on my french brothers.
Infuse their bones with Goyim Blood.

Anti-Macronism is anti-Semitism, warns Zionist.

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fuck off, yid-supremacist

Macron likes to undermine the self-interested ethnic nationalism of his own nation,

and support the self-interested ethnic nationalism of another nation.

A rational conclusion is that he is not a valid leader his own nation, but instead a foreign agent.

I'm not making the original claim.
The one(s) claiming jews are semites did. But here;
A semite is a descendant of Shem.
Shem is an arab holy figure
Though jews like to claim him as their own as well. It's dirty shit.

jews are Pharisees from the orient but without a state of their own. They're a stateless parasite.

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It's 6th million shoah again

This, I live in Afrance and trust me, this is the only solution.

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How has this zogboot licker not been sniped yet?

They've been a dominant force many times throughout history.. They lose prominence just as many times because their "neighbors", which are really just their closest targets they're trying to destroy, corrupt, and pervert, eventually lose it and everyone bands together to murder the fuck out of them. And I do mean murder the fuck out of them.
The Crusades were very lenient in how they treated Muslims compared to what other kingdoms and empires have done to them.

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Ayyy lmao.

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i am appalled at the level of fascism in this post. ethnocentrism has no place in today's globe. behave yourself!

americans just exist to pave the way for unrestrained jewish dominance

frenchie detected

don't be racist. muslims and jews are the most persecuted minorities since the beginning of time. check your privilege, forest dweller.

Hahahahaha i needed that

The zio conspiracy in one line:

Trannification is a deepstate process targeting democratic groups like Freemasons and religious and family-loving groups like Christian churches to corrupt and distort them, to use them as deniable garbage for black ops which are blamed on Freemasons, Freedom tards and true Christians. Done by Occultists. All occultists end up working for the deepstate.

They target those who oppose communism. If you oppose it they will get to you and you won't know it until it's too late. Hypno.

Macron is a cuck, he loves to watch his people getting f*

France should recognize criticism of the US and UK as Protestant-phobia by Catholics and criminalize it.

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Literally the most snackbars in all of europe by %, is like this midget faggot wants to lose the elections

Christians have only themselves to blame for giving Jews unlimited power just because Christians think a dead 2000 year old prophet will come back to life and the modern jewish state is part of that twisted prophecy.

Wake up Christians, quit worrying about the next world, worry about this one. The Christian death cult must reform.

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Macaroni can't handle the bantz

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antisemitism is pro-zionism.

What a fascist xenophobic problematic shitlord you are. Everyone knows race is just a social construct, and that we should destroy all borders and usher in the utopian age of Communism. You think Jews are special and better than everyone else? You think they should have their own nation, where every non-Jew is excluded? I believe there was someone else who had similar ideas for the German people. And the entire world came together to shut down his shit.

Only the most retarded of Christians could believe Jews are anything but the enemy of Christianity. They killed Jesus. And they spit on his grave.

Zionist Christians just aren't honest with themselves. How can they call themselves Christians, if they truly believe that Jews are God's chosen people? Why don't they convert to Judaism if they believe they are the chosen people?

What about anti-bolshevism?

this is just like when David Cameron said he was gonna gas all 'conspiracy theorists'

you're either saying it because you're a despot confident in the control you have or the allyship you've forged or you're literally say "come at me", because you want conflict

Sure thing, they do!

They can have it after they give the other half of their land, that they stole, back to the Arabs.

To bad Macron doesn't work as hard for his own people, the gilets jaunes for instance, as he does for Israelis and the state of Israel…..