Scientists activate tooth regeneration in mice

umans have two sets of teeth, the second of which is meant to replace our temporary deciduous teeth or “baby teeth.” Other animals, such as reptiles or fish, can regenerate teeth indefinitely during their lifetime. Mice, however, are born with a single set of teeth.

Looking to understand the evolutionary drivers between different tooth replacement strategies, researchers at the King’s College London studied dental development in mice. They identified a molecular signaling pathway in the rodents’ dental lamina, the area that forms the teeth and using genetic techniques managed to regenerate a new set of teeth.

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Real news, real science.

i wonder if it hurts

It would be nice if they could figure out how to regenerate my foreskin. Millions of guys mutilated at birth, maybe put that tech to some actual use.

This might be nice if I were a bit younger (I'm 38). But my libido is slowing down, so now I'd rather have new teeth.

I’d rather grow another set of arms so I can shitpost twice as much.

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if your libido is slowing down at 38, you are doing something wrong.
change your lifestyle, exercise and diet and fix it. there is no reason that you should have a significant reduction in libido until you are around 60, and even then it shouldn't be dead.

share this far and wide. They are working toward regenerating human Foreskin.

in the future the mice will have perfect smiles but humans won't

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usually when medicine works on mice it works on humans
…or so they say.

they already can regrow teeth in your jaw. at first they would regrow them in lab mice and then transplant them into the jaw but now they can just skip all that, and just grow it in your jaw. this could work in humans tho yeah.

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Most likely the same annoying constant pain any dental issues causes till it's fixed. I doubt it would be any worse than you would have already bared so why not put up with it?

The number one predictor is whether the mother is White tbh.


To be fair, some white women also did not have their sons circumcised. But they were in the minority. But generally speaking, white women are completely fucking retarded when it comes to this issue.

I thought the teeth on mice already regenerate like all rodents, hence why they need to continuously chew on things to file them down again.

Apparently their long front teeth (incisors) do continue to grow all throughout their lives. But none of the others do.

how many do humans have?

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Really makes you think


theres some off grid hippy on youtube that grew it back with exercises, cant remember the channel name he has vids on how to do it

This doesn't happen to whites outside of America.

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