#YouTubeWakeUp: Who Cares About the Child Exploitation Crisis on YouTube?

Regular readers of The Goldwater recall us covering (for years now) YouTube's complicity in child exploitation. A recent viral video exposing this, however, has finally made this problem too large for even Youtube to ignore. Some of their advertisers now find themselves embroiled in quite a mess. When we covered the convicted rapist and pedophile who ran the SevenAwesomeKids network of channels, we detailed how some models were earning $20,000 per month - envelope-pushing, borderline softcore child pornography is big business at YouTube. Several million users subscribe to the channels in the SSG network.


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Yeah, keep using that word in order to deflect from the fact of the matter, which is that women are whores at any age, and they like getting paid to feel sexy. Doubly so if they never have to suck a cock to do it.

They're not being exploited their doing it by their own free will and is completely harmless

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They're earning money? And having fun? I don't see the problem moralfag.

The problem is you pedos need to have tires thrown around your neck and be burned alive like they do to nigger fags in Africa.

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Found the pedophile. You're a faggot and faggots deserve to be thrown off a cliff.

Wait, are we talking about mean people really exploiting kids on purpose, or are these just kids doing gym and stuff innocently and twisted perverts finding it sexy ?
I mean, if it's the second option, the problem is the perverts's twisted view of innocent things, like kids playing on the beach or practicing gym, we should not end up forcing all little girls to cover themselve like muslims just because some twisted perverts may watch them and find it sexy.

Great point. cant even play with your kids now days without someone or organization, Calling it CP because that is their agenda.
Leave kids alone.

i'm glad one man managed to fuck over so many youtubers, I love seeing them all seeth as their ad revenue plummets.

You moralist are beyond stupid little girls like being sexy and they wouldn't mind a Pedo enjoying her with this kind of moralfagging you ruin it both for the little girls who just want to make videos and Pedo who just wanted to enjoy these little cuties

For people like you there is a special place in Hell

You are the one twisted here with your bigorty

Blame the moralfags for ruining it for everyone

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You are having a mental health crisis

Fascist like you we should actually get rid off.


Man, look at the desperate edgelord, trying so hard to prove how much of an ITG he is.

Read the comments. The kids are often given suspicious video making suggestions. Icepop, banana in 1 bite, ice bucket, morning routine, certain stretches, certain outfits,certain dances like twerking etc.
Its not usually extremely blatant but obvious what theyre after. Often times the girls innocence makes her put out something she doesnt understand, then it goes viral and gets shared.
The girls are often privately contacted with money offers and requests. "lol you want me to moon you and fart for $50? OK"

If jewtube can make algorithms to autoban "conspiracy" videos like the maga nigerian hatecrime bullying, youd think theyd be on top of child exploitation.

Im going to go “research” these

Go ahead, its rarely sexual. Its kinda gross. The kids dont know why people want it so its no more sexy than naturalist pics.
Most would only appeal to sick people. You'll see what i mean.

it's roasties and whores who are envious that men like to look at young girls instead of old bitches


If the girl is into it, fine. But its mostly girls being taken advantage of. Theres a moral difference between a guy jacking off while watching a kid shaking her ass for guys, and tricking a girl into posting dance practice videos thinking its for other dancers her age, but instead its guys jacking off to her in a leotard

Frankly, this moralfag bullshit is retarded, and someone should probably kill the goldwater's staff for taking part in it.

I bet he still fapped

Whatever you say, Dan Schneider

I, too, like looking at 6-month-old girls
That right there is prime pussy


The Goldwater has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to uncovering commie pedos

eep up the good fight Goldwater!


It is, yes.

I'm sensing absolute bullshit from this "crisis."

People won't let me have sex with horses and cows, so I hope they all get fucked.

And this YouTube stuff is definitely child exploitation. Children should not be allowed to go outside or be on camera at all. People should not be allowed to look at children or talk about them and any child caught being seen or heard should be fucked in the ass because that will teach them the horrors of children in plain sight

I tend towards the "love is love" side, but…
Oh. This is fake.

Nobody's putting a gun to their heads.
The only innocent one here is you, friendo.

The Media completely ignored the Hollywood Pedofilia cases

Crazy thought: it might be easier to get people to pay attention to literal rape, coercion, and human trafficking if people stop conflating it with shit like this retarded JewTube thing.

The first half was real. The second half is how I feel the future should be

They don't know the people exploiting them are doing it for sexual gratification, because most of them don't even know of the world in a sexual nature. That's innocence to the sexual world, retard.
You're the kind of faggot even imageboards hate.

telling a kid to do things like that and lie about the reason is no different than a doctor telling a kid to take off their clothes and shut their eyes while the doctor stands there and jerks off.
you think the kid isnt innocent in that situation?

Do you guys really think that kids are asexual?

No they aren’t get over it!

literally nobody is arguing that you degenerate subhuman.

Then you haven’t seen humanity you idiot

Yes, they do. They literally ask people to give them sexual shit to do. I don't even have a fucking smartphone and I'm aware of the shit that your "innocent" children get up to with them.

Depraved barbarians exist!
Stop aspiring for higher virtues!
It's futile!
Become a depraved barbarian instead!

moralfags go home

At least someone aware of how things are going

Humanity is already barbaric in everything but honesty

"Higher." More like a dystopic shithole where you destroy fucking everything and micromanage everyone, amirite?

The real crisis is the propogation of contagious cybernetics that make people crave YouTube stardom like zombies crave brains.

what a bunch of sickos

about time
autism tube has had its run

Having kids should be illegal for 90% of the population.