Facebook moderators have PTSD-like symptoms from horrifying and violent images, fringe content

Facebook's low-paid army of content moderators, who are often subjected to poor working conditions, suffer PTSD-like symptoms as they are exposed on a daily basis to some of the vilest and fringe content posted to the social network, according to a scathing new investigative report by The Verge.

The tech publication starts off describing how Chloe, a content moderator at Phoenix, Ariz.-based Cognizant – where 1,000 people work to make very fast decisions under intense pressure about whether content that's been flagged is in violation of Facebook's rules – on that day has to moderate posts in front of her fellow soon-to-be-moderators as she's being trained.

"The video depicts a man being murdered. Someone is stabbing him, dozens of times, while he screams and begs for his life. Chloe’s job is to tell the room whether this post should be removed. She knows that section 13 of the Facebook community standards prohibits videos that depict the murder of one or more people. When Chloe explains this to the class, she hears her voice shaking," The Verge reports, adding that she later leaves the room and cries so hard she can barely breathe.

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I was a mod a few years back on one of the top ten boards. I walked away from the job because I could handle gore and porn and diverse opinions, but not the foul spam coming from the cp websites on an almost hourly basis. My kids were only a little older than the children being posted in the thread images and one day I just couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to kill those fucks but the best I could do was ban them and wait for them to come back with a new ip.

Anyone know what video they be talkin bout?

Fake story was paid for bundled in with the OP?

The worst shock content i ever seen was the one with mexican cartel members skinning the man alive and cutting him apart, while he's still alive and suffering.

And then those people illegaly cross american border.

fuck. I want one of these jobs

I'd be fucked up too if I was kiked enough to work for kikebook.

LOL, they can all quit and just learn to code, amirite?

No one's paying for shit here. Do you realize how few users we have?

facebook moderating… it will fuck you up worse the john rambo.

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So they get paid to browse /b/?f

what kind of faggot gets PTSD from looking at an image?

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You are such a bastard. You literally think murder is preferable to the rape of children. Think for a second. Children that are raped can live a life and have a CHANCE to live their life. People that are murdered will NEVER have any more chances at anything. (((They))) don't actually care about the children. They just want an unbeatable excuse to take every freedom you have, cuck

I never understand the kind of crazy that goes through the heads of people that think rape or statutory rape is worse than murder. I have never died, but I'd like to think dying and losing everything is the worst thing about life.

These studies were skewed due to the fact that those moderators were hoping to soft peddle a raose out of the deal.

These studies were skewed due to the fact that those moderators were hoping to soft peddle a raise out of the deal.

Of course Rape is worse than murder. Those who are raped have to live with what happened, they think about it everyday, they wonder whether it is their fault. You Pedos disgust me. Keep going on about how its not as bad as murder to justify your own kink/behavior. Non of you deserve to live.

The worst shock content i ever seen was the one with the American doctors skinning baby's penises while they're still alive and suffering.

And then we're supposed to trust these people to take care of our parents when they get older.

Don't even bother. These types think that just people that LOOK at CP should be murdered. Oh, but only if they like it, of course. If they're disgusted, it means they're totally okay!

No one in a right mind just 'looks' at CP. If you view it, idc what the circumstances, you deserve death.

So that includes all the people OP was talking about, a shitton of cops, many of the kids themselves (especially those producing it of themselves) and likely YOU if you've been on this site for any significant length of time.

The average person is really weak when it comes to these kind of things,you never hear about the moderation because they have to sign some non disclosure shit.

They're also the type who KEEP looking at it, over and over - but, they'll tell you how disgusted they were!
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just saying, I don't begrudge the people of the Philippines the right to opportunities and fufillment in life but at the same time I can't pretend they do this even though they know what they're serving