1TB microSD cards will boost the storage of your device, if you can afford it

If, for some reason, you need absolutely loads of storage on your smartphone or tablet, then you’ll be pleased to know that two microSD cards have been announced at MWC 2019 with 1TB of storage – making them the highest capacity microSD cards in the world.

Micron’s c200 1TB microSDXC UHS-I card comes with a 96-layer 3D quad-level cell (QLC) and NAND technology to bring such a large capacity to a small memory card. According to Micron, this card has been designed specifically for high-performance mobile applications, and is certified for the A2 App Performance Class specification.

This means it will perform better at running applications and games that are installed on card. It has read speeds of 100MB/s and write speeds of 95MB/s. It will be available in the second quarter of 2019, but we don’t currently have an exact release date or price for the memory card.

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Welp, this is gonna cost a fortune. Probably worth 500.

Literally useless. Let me just by this $140 fucking SD card reader and permanently occupy a USB slot on my computer with it so I can move this tiny, brittle, rare storage medium around.

Imagine how much CP you could keep on one of these.

How the fuck is this possible

It's glorious Nippon silicon, folded 96 times!

About 1TB worth, user…

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Why have 1TB SD card when you can have 96 genders ?

$449, but that's for the SanDisk one.
The Macron says it has better read/write ratio

Nope. If I lost 1tb of data I'd be one disgruntled person

Smartphones are already obsolete. Handheld computers and ubiquitous wifi are the future.


I'd take anything over SanDisk any day of the week.

I first thought they were a Chinese Company by how much spyware they have on their hardware.

My ARM board can already take any kind of HDD, even 3.5-inch desktop ones. I still need a micro SD for the u-boot firmware, but that can be any size. I'm using a 10-year old class 2 uSD for that now, better than throwing it away…

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You can store hundreds of terrabytes in a small computer or a gallon of water with gold and crystal particles suspended by sound.

Old news

You don't need most of this new technology guys. It's to support and industry that's trying to suck your soul out of your body and then control it. They're pretty good at the body part as of now but just you watch.

Yes, a bucket of water can potentially be a better source of memory.


With that price, I'm better off sticking to Big Bulky Brother HyperX or Fat Cousin WD/Seagate with a USB 3.0 Cable (those go for like 100-150$ if you know where to look).

They're bigger, but still beyond reliable.

Besides, SanDisk is a very biased botnet, they're just Chinese Spyware made in the US.

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Was interested until I read;

"These are the best cloud storage of 2019, great to save your files online."

Im speechless.

1TB, Thats a lot of selfies.

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So, all of it.

God, give me the strength to finally swallow this tedpill.

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