Dems block 'born alive' bill to provide medical care to infants who survive failed abortions

Senate Democrats on Monday blocked a Republican bill that would have threatened prison time for doctors who don't try saving the life of infants born alive during failed abortions, leading conservatives to wonder openly whether Democrats were embracing "infanticide" to appeal to left-wing voters.

All prominent Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls in the Senate voted down the measure, including Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Kamala Harris of California, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. The final vote was 53-44 to end Democratic delaying tactics – seven votes short of the 60 needed.

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Politicians: Cool. We will actually do nothing but propose a law that blatantly is structured to criminalize abortion, is a pure waste of time, we wont acomplish anything, but it includes headline language so Fox will benefit which makes my low IQ voters cum in their adult diapers.


Life begins at conception, stay made roastie.

Why do the Democrats want to block off the vagina border to immigrants?

The democratic thought process begins and ends with figuring out how many people you can kill with one action


85? more like a failed '86'

Of course they would.

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I wonder when the excuse will finally be "we want the right to kill our kid?" I wish they'd just be honest and stop making excuses like "mental health of the mother"

So you're saying you'd prefer a child to be born to abusive parents or drug addicts who don't even want the child and will give it a terrible life, rather than getting a better chance later on?

Shit like this is why there's a pro life movement.

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artificial uterus. *ECMO specialist here . (((they)) block further research because muh ethics. the demonrats and republikucks on K street do not care about reproductive rights. abortion is a magical word to fill their pockets full of shekels. it's not pro-choice or pro-life it is killing babies or government ruling our bodies.

Found the failed abortion

That is a good excuse for fighting abortion

No, life begins before that. Your sperm are alive. Every time you masturbate you're killing millions of people.

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If somebody gets an abortion and that abortion fails then in my opinion, the doctor should decide if the child is healthy enough to live and then the parents either accept that or leave angry and the child (if they survived) can go to an orphanage.

All failed abortions are worthy of death. No exceptions.

This bill already passed in 2002 and became law. New GOP law makers keep introducing anyways to het street cred. It's been introduced 9 times in the past 4 years and not once made it to the president. The GOP has Senate control and even they couldn't be bothered to show up and atleast pass it on to the house.

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Both niggers don't have any duty to raise a child, the whore just have to wait the full 9 months, or even less, and leave the child for someone who wants to adopt it. Since there's a huge waiting list for the adoptive parents, the child won't get abandoned, there's enough demand for it. There's not even racial bottlenecks for the child to be adopted, the age is what matters the most.

If the reasons were eugenics, then the whore should be sterilized instead. But they are not (and it should be mandatory for anyone who willingly aborted).

Honestly, if you disagree with this, you are simply showing your ignorance and dishonesty about the subject. Abortions are made out of convenience and vanity by subhumans. It's a thing in politics and there are laws allowing it because it could be capitalized by progressives, who just want to modify everything and destroy stronger institutions (like the Family and the respect for Life) so they can earn more money and power in politics and keep going with their "social engineering".

Don't be an useful idiot. Or at least be more honest about your ill intentions. Lying is wrong and degenerates society.

Shut up nerd no one will ever care about ur shitty opinion.

So, what you're saying is you want more orphans. Your attempt at making a point would only make sense in a world where we don't already have orphanages with too many kids that nobody fucking wants.

Learn to read.

All these people did was confirm that ALL of them and their families deserve the rope. Every single one of these people are useless fucking wastes of skin and need to be chipper-ed right after watching their entire families go through it.
Will it happen NO. The entire country of the USA loves to murder babies just like the Catholics love raping them. Killing is just too good for them


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This is so true

So a fetus cant survive until maybe in month 5.5 to 7 where it is an extreme premie. I have a friend with a premie and 1-2 months in the NICU basically living there, hundred of thousands of dollars, and a lifetime of health issues are to be expected. If I went to have an abortion and my doctor was like “lol jk, you having a babee” Id walk the fuck out and you the tax payer would be on the hook for all of that…so if filling up the NICU with abandoned failed abortion babies who will likely never be adopted at a cost of billions of dollars is the aim, by all means start a campaign. I dont think we should do convenience late term abortions by the way, but a lot of 2nd trimester abortions have to do with other issues.

If ethics, morality or democracy were really to be followed, as it is said to be, you'd be sterilized and imprisoned for years in a work camp, paying for the medical costs of the innocent bearer of your shitty DNA.

Bear in mind, wherever you live, your kind is barely tolerated. If that wasn't for the jewcracy we live in, your kind would be purged from society. You are the cancer that is killing mankind.

Im from the United States, but Im glad we have North Korean members here. Welcome friend.

Psychopathic women don't want to be responsible for the life in their wombs, would rather keep riding the cock carousel than having regards for the sanctity of life. Guys supporting this bill are either jews or cucks.

how much time you spend replying to your own posts?

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Controlling women under the guise that you care about babies. You don't fucking care about babies. If you did then Welfare and family leave and all these other family support issues would be high on your list. No, you just want to use the murder scare word to support your sexism. Admit it. You don't give a fuck about babies. I will. I don't give a shit about other people kids. There are already too many humans. The last thing we need is more unloved assholes like yourselves.

It's funny, these morons actually don't realize that this is there argument in a nut shell

Are you really too retarded to realize that things would be so much worse if all the USA aborted babies were still alive?

Who said that the genetic information inside the fertilized egg is trash?
The fact that you don't want it to express itself into 3D only shows how psychotic you are.
Just because something doesn't feel pain doesn't give you the right to murder it or not consider it human at all.

I sense self-pwnage here.

Let's meet them halfway and only criminalize fully-white abortion.

We dont have orphanages anymore in the US. And there is an overwhelming glut of children in foster care because no, people do not adopt. This backlog is especially children with medical or behavioral issues as will be the case with a premie baby. If grandma wont take on a soft toothed, learning disabled or slow child to raise it will be taken in by a foster family and moved around in that way until either adopted or into its teen years where it might be taken in by a charter school dedicated to parentless teens, an assisted living home if it has disabilities, or some other organization.

People who are anti abortion should give mouth to mouth to save all sperms, no exceptions.

I know, right? The fact that these people value the life of babies over the convenience of college-aged women is a real Yikes!

Yeah because being able to care for the malformed, unwanted mess of a child you people have a hard on for creating is "convenient"

Congrats, you just justified the future abortion of the white race that is increasingly seeing hardships because their countries have turned against them.

thank fucking god. Less humans.

My terrible eyesight thought the picture was a clownfish and some kind of 'finding nemo' meme.

Already past your shelf life best-by date I see.

How about NO. If anything we need to start sterilizing people, starting with anyone who has received welfare or was born with a genetic defect.

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Good. We can start with you.

Man, newplus really is a shithole. Only ONE of you faggots got the right answer

Congratulations; and remember, ALL societies practice Eugenics, you can either breed more supermen, or you can breed low-IQ welfare babies. Also, christfaggots need to abort themselves ASAP.

If we could practice Eugenics most religious people would be first to go