64-year-old plans to spend 'golden' age at Holiday Inn instead of retirement home

A man on the brink of retirement found an alternative way to live out his "golden" years: by spending them in a Holiday Inn rather than a retirement home.

Spring, Texas, resident Terry Robison, 64, worked out a detailed comparison between the two options, and the mid-priced hotel chain appeared to win out by a landslide.

Robison wrote on Facebook that the average cost of nursing home care is about $188 per day. A long-term stay with a senior discount at the Holiday Inn, on the other hand, is $59.23 per day.


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She has a better system all figured out, smart women, look whom is laughing last😄🍾🛳🛳🛳🛳⚓️⚓️⚓️

Nursing homes are more than just a bed and room. They provide companionship and 24/7 on-staff health care.

Shitskins to rape and abuse the elderly?
Yeah, no wonder she said no thanks.

I thought this was going to be about MY retirement plan:
1. Get hotel room
2. Bring shotgun and bottle of vodka
3. Do the Kurt Cobain thing.

At least you'll be getting some, no one gets laid at inn's

This comes out to nearly 1800 a month. He can rent a 4 bedroom for the same price, or a 1 bedroom for way, way cheaper and pay for a maid and still spend less. What the hell?

Nursing homes are like hospitals and insurance companies. Their business model is to screw you out of every dollar possible.

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Hotel pays utilities.

Hotel pays for water and electricity. Utilities are not that extensive that you spend more.There is no kitchen in a hotel either. Note the 1800 figure is solely for rent, PRE TAX. Any way you put it this is a bad idea.

Beatrice Muller lived aboard the QE2 ocean liner until it got retired. She spent £3500 a month to live in luxury rather than be abused by minimum wage foreigners in a retirement home.

But there are no caretakers there. might as well rent an apartment in a high rise for that price.

this is an old meme, but it used to be a cruise ship which cost less
the difference is you don't have nurses 24/7 at a holiday inn
and when you're old that's what's really important
hot nurses

and a pool and not having to worry about paying maid, maid raises, etc. in house laundry.
and most of all
No nursing home smell.

I take it you've never visited a care home in your whole life? All of the nurses are non-white these days. I guess you must have jungle fever.

but tbh, the boomers helped to facilitate this situation, so fuck 'em.

sorry bro, i'm from Norway
all the nurses are white
and yes they are hot and fit

All while living on a twin bed in one room with no kitchen.

Do you mean Filipina nurses coming by once every few hours to hold a mirror under your nose?

That's retarded, retirement home provide much more services and have care takers. If he don't need any of that, then just live in your own house or apartment. A studio apartment(which is similar to a hotel room, but bigger), cost much less than $59.23 per day.

You only get abused if you are phsically incapeable of reporting the abuse so i wouldnt worry about that.

How fucking unhealthy do you have to be to check yourself into a nursing home at age 64? Also, why not stay in your house instead of spending your entire boomer fortune living potentially decades in a hotel?

Nah you're right elderly care is a joke in the U.S. All the caretakers were fat ngger women where I worked. The residents paid a retarded amount of extra money for food which went from 100% freshly prepared to everything being prepackaged bulk bullshit garbage except for the main course. The only saving grace was most of the old people were WW2 veterans which was sick. Pretty sure literal boomers are entering the homes now which has to be a nightmare.

Nepturd just got free wifi at his assisted living facility.

fuck off ahmed

Hotels with kitchens exist.

could call a hooker at least. can't do that with a nursing home

This is a fact. The reason they exist is for the rich to drain away your savings, so you don't have anything to pass onto your children when you die.

I've seen this happen first hand with boomers throwing their parents in nursing homes because they can't be bothered to take care of their own parents, despite the fact that they are retired and have the money to hire a professional caretaker. Joke is on them when their parents die and their 100k in savings has dwindled down to nothing and they inherit nothing.

They were golems for ZOG and got rewarded by their entitled boomer children dumping them in a place full of shitskins.

nursing homes provide bottom feeding uneducated jamaican white person hating dyke-beasts to beat you and force feed you and they provide other residents to mirror your slow, lonely descent into oblivion. not good value.

This but really it depends on the nursing home. The only companionship you'll really get are animals.
Also, nursing home != retirement home. Nursing homes are for elders who CANNOT take care of themselves, while retirement are for elders to get some care.

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This. A retirement home is like a condo except with a lower age-limit and they have nurses on call in case anyone has a medical emergency. A nursing home is basically a hospital where people spend their last few months waiting to die.

Yeah, with Medical Bills to boot…

Who needs to spend their golden years wasting their money in a place where they're better off dead with people they don't like when they can get a cheap motel in the Caribbean and die sunbathing in their sleep with a smile on their face?

I'm sure your brain stopped at this point…

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Jokes even MORE on them when they reach that age and the economic situation THEY CREATED has made their own children penniless, so they can't even send them to a nursing home of any kind.

Water electricity and all appliances that break down. Not to mention internet and if he can swing it, free breakfast for the rest of his days

found the salad tosser with aids

feels good man
long live gapitalsim

Well no shit.
It's almost as if a nursing home has higher trained staff and caregivers (some of which who have received a plethora of trained medical skills) versus an expensive box with no active care.

The person essentially just "soft signed" a DNR, or "Do Not Resuscitate".

I know how I'm gonna "retire" now

Yeah, pay $200 a day to be cared for by angry negro women who steal your jewelry and beat you up if you dare ask for something.

Abusive niggers isn't exactly a good first choice in caring for old white folks user.

You forgot the part where your wife is the one that shoots you and gets all of your money.
He didnt kill himself, but you should.

But in a nursing home you get HEALTH CARE.
No one is looking after your health in a fucking Holiday Inn.
This is apples and oranges.

64 is about 20 years early for a fucking nursing home lol
I'm guessing this artile was written by Holiday Inn and this "man" doesn't even exist.

my retirement plan is to take a year or so and plan a bank heist on an isolated rural bank. If im succesful i flee to (what i assume will be available) cuba or whatever and live like a king. if i fail ill be old, with no priors, and some cash in reserve from working for a decent lawyer to get white collar resort prison.

either way i have a bed and 3 squares

Less chance of dying from neglect at a Holiday Inn.

whatever happened to families caring for their own?
now we just dump our elderly into nursing homes, never to visit

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These elderly are the same generation that began the divorce boom, open sex / free love, 'career women' breaking down the mutual/dualistic relationship between man and wife, the end segregation and thus promoting miscegenation and the breakdown of family and close kin. These retards voted for and even took part in all of this. They can't act surprised now that their families are all shattered and irrelevant when they voted for the breakdown of the family at every opportunity.

But in general, yeah, the elderly should be kept at home with younger family.

That acts contrary to the yank concept of "kicking children out of the house". I suspect the children easily become bitter and even vengefull towards their parents. just makes me remember how a lot of yanks laugh at europeans who live in the same huse as parents. I guess the multicultural program of family unit destruction comes back for one final last swing at the yank behind when they are close to their demise.


no one can afford to retire at 64 nowadays

I'm a caretaker, been so for decades. Old people are fucking crazy, and mean.
You really need a good temperament and a shitload of patience to care for an elderly parent.

But…Nursing homes provide the opportunity to die of communicable disease and get raped by staff. Its a life stage!

You know, until you have a stroke, shit yourself and you spend the last 2 days of your life paralyzed on the floor, stewing in your own bodily waste, waiting to die in painful agony with no one to help you.

It's like you niggers think you're going to be teenagers forever and that you're always going to be as healthy and free from worry.
You realize that a scrape that would be gone in a day in your 20s can take weeks to heal in your 40s, right?
Imagine that but with pulling a muscle or dislocating a joint or having one of many possible major organ malfunctions all of which can just happen to you once you get old enough.

I swear, the average IQ of this site drops by 10 points every day.

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Most people don't want to spend 20 years of their life wiping their dad's ass.

Old people used to just let themselves expire when they got that fucking old.

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